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Chapter 2995 Empyrean Fox Continent, Blessed City (3)

In the God Realm, ones birth might be important.

But ones strength and ability mattered even more!

Spiritual Alchemists and Spiritual Armament Masters were occupations that God Realm admired very much.

These two people with these statuses made the Empyrean Fox Clan practitioners unable to say words of rejection.

“Since that is so, let them tag along then! Have the resources for the teleportation been prepared Quick, dont waste time.

We have already been delayed in Flame Square City for so many days!”

“Yes, yes, the teleportation is almost about to start.

Masters, will you please sit near the array eye, in case you are injured by the impact when the array activates! During the process of teleportation, everyone, please do not attempt to stand up.

The resistance in the void space is very huge and once it has surpassed the arrays boundary, you might be thrown out.

By then, its possible to be swept into the spaces storm which is life-threatening! Even if you manage to stay alive, theres no way to arrive at the destination properly.

Moreover, no one knows where you might land! So, please be very careful!” The team leader warned repeatedly.

The Empyrean Fox practitioners were rather impatient and snorted coldly, “Do we even need your reminder Its not the first time were using the teleportation array! Quick, make haste!”

The team leader nodded his head and bowed as he backed out.

Apparently, he didnt dare offend these high and mighty god clan practitioners.

Huang Yueli was listening and felt that she had gained more knowledge.

The things that the team leader said were not written in the books which she had read.

These warnings to her were rather useful.

After the team leader left, the remaining five people also sat down just like Huang Yueli.

But the Empyrean Fox Clans practitioners didnt want to mingle with humans, so they especially sat opposite Huang Yueli.

On the contrary, the frivolous-looking handsome man walked directly towards Huang Yueli and sat next to her.

Huang Yueli felt that he was a little too close for comfort and couldnt help but nudge to the side.

But, she didnt think too much about it.

She assumed that the other party thought that she was also from the human race, so he wanted to get on closer terms with her.

But not too long later, after the exterior array patterns had been activated, the entire teleportation array started to vibrate violently!

A huge light sphere enveloped the six of them and the bursts of energy waves scuttered towards them from the outside.

All the surrounding Heaven and Earth Profound Qi gathered towards the direction of the teleportation array!

The light sphere was turning brighter and brighter and even more eye-piercing!

Finally, after a wave of explosive sounds, a light pillar shot into the sky from the teleportation arrays position!

This enormous, powerful energy that had gathered through the array instantly exploded and tore the void space apart!

Huang Yueli and the others were also pushed into the void space along with the light pillar.

In this instance, the explosion of the energy caused the ground to shake.

The magnitude of it was too huge and even Huang Yueli felt dizzy from it.

She hurriedly sat cross-legged, shut her eyes, and silently worked up the “Nine Phoenix Transformations” cultivation method.

The disorderly Profound Energy within her body was slowly being directed into the correct path, and Huang Yuelis pale complexion turned normal.

She slowly opened her eyes to discover that the six of them were already in a void space.

The surroundings were pitch-black, and the sparkling stars were shining brightly, like diamonds on black velvet, which gave off a vague kind of beauty.

They were enveloped in the light ball, and it portrayed various kinds of array patterns.

Huang Yueli took a look and discovered that the majority of these array patterns were mostly defensive and speed arrays.

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