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Chapter 300: “Trepidation (3)”

Li Moying did not answer him directly, his cold gaze was on the Crown Prince who had unconcealed malice and hatred written all over his face.

“Imperial Brother, that year, didn’t you say: ‘It’s only a piece of trash, with such strength he can’t even be considered a person.

Even if he’s beaten to death, serves him right! Even Imperial Father wouldn’t stand up for him!’ Do you still remember”

A trace of fear flashed by the Crown Prince’s eyes as he uttered, “Wh..What do you want”

The moment he opened his mouth, a gush of blood rushed out along with two teeth, but he could only stay in his miserable position as he was shaking with trepidation.

While reminiscing wistfully about that year’s matter, Li Moying had even mentioned, ‘Trash’ and ‘Even if he’s beaten to death, serves him right’.

Don’t tell him that he was going to kill him now

“Killing you will only dirty my hands!”

Li Moying scoffed, “This Lord only wants to remind Imperial Brother, this Lord’s woman, no one can even think of her! And no one is to even touch a strand of hair on her! Everybody should remember this warning! If there’s a next time, that person would not be so lucky to go unscathed as my Imperial Brother!”

His domineering gaze swept by all the other princes.

All the other princes were so scared that they lowered their heads in submission.

In fact, when Huang Yueli had revealed her talent, a provoking thought had flashed by their scheming minds.

Perhaps they should take this chance and ruin the Crown Prince’s engagement!

And when Li Moying had confronted the Crown Prince initially, they were very joyous in their hearts, thinking that something might have gone wrong in the head of their second brother, that waste would shoulder the wrath of the consequence but they might be able to benefit from that matter!

But looking at the situation now, they finally understood, what a joke that thought was!

And the more the Third Prince thought about how he had been treating Li Moying all these years, with all the contemptuous words and various degrading names he’d been calling him, he couldn’t stop trembling.

Li Moying turned to look at the emperor once more.

“Since Imperial Father had mentioned that Master Bai has promised to pair his daughter with the most powerful prince, I don’t think anyone would object to the marriage between Li’er and I.

At that time, we would need to trouble Imperial Father to marry us!”

Without waiting for the Emperor’s reply, Li Moying turned around and wrapped his arms around Huang Yueli’s slim waist and led her out.

The Golden Scaled Guards that were guarding the doors all lowered their head, not daring to move an inch, allowing them to leave.

Only after they left did they dare to wipe the cold sweat that trickled down their forehead.

The Emperor stared thoughtfully at Li Moying’s back and looked at the Crown Prince once again, as if meeting this two sons of his for the first time.

The Empress threw herself on the Crown Prince and burst into tears.


Li Moying led Huang Yueli out and was walking in the direction towards the main palace doors.

Huang Yueli was very reluctant to leave with him, she had been dragging her feet, even though he had held her close, never once had she stopped struggling.

Li Moying was not willing to hurt her but he also was weary of her desire to escape, so he bent over and scooped her up.


[Let go of me!!!]

Huang Yueli was unable to undo her mute acupuncture point and was also powerless against him so she could only depend on her pair of slim legs to protest.

Li Moying tightened his hold on her, and under her intense murderous gaze, he held her closer and placed a quick peck on that adorable flushed cheek that was closest to him.

With a satisfied look, he laughed lightly and continued walking.

A black horse carriage was awaiting them outside the palace gates.

Li Moying bought her in and released her mute point.

Huang Yueli flared up and roared at him, “Li Moying! Are you seeking death What the hell did you do! Why did you blow up our relationship to such a degree Why must you insist on getting engaged with me Do you know what are you doing!”


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