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Moreover, he was forcibly awoken by Jing Zhihai and the others while he was still in closed door cultivation.

Hence, he wasnt in peak form.

Adding on to Li Moying and Jun Sihans sudden appearance, Rui Ze was caught off guard.

That was why he suffered a huge disadvantage.

Actually, Li Moying had a feeling that if they had a direct battle, he and Jun Sihan might not be able to gain any advantage in front of Sky Devil Rui Ze.

After all, a Sky Devil mid-phase was equivalent to a god clan Dao Profound Realm mid-phase strength!

With an entire large realms difference, that was not childs play.

Li Moyings cultivation was merely in the Heart Profound Realm early-phase whereas Jun Sihan was in the Heart Profound Realm mid-phase.

Among the god clans younger generation, they were considered first-class top exponents.

But they were still very young and the amount of time spent on cultivation was still too short!

Li Yukun showed a grave expression and said, “Sky Devil Rui Ze had killed many people from the allied armies and isnt easy to deal with.

Moreover, defeating and killing arent the same concept.

If both Young Masters want to defeat Rui Ze, it might not be too difficult.

But if you want to kill a devil whose cultivation is much higher than yours by a whole big realm, that would be troublesome.”

Xia Yunxi nodded in agreement and said, “Thats right.

Sihan, Brother Li, youd better be more cautious!”

Although they agreed to stay and help Li Yukun, Xia Yunxi and Huang Yueli would still place their husbands safety in the first place.

Jun Sihan rubbed her head, gave her a faint smile, and looked at Li Yukun.

“Divine Lieutenant Li, dont worry.

Sky Devil Rui Ze might be powerful, but were pretty confident to deal with him.”

When Li Yukun heard his confident tone, not only did it not put him at ease, he became even more worried.

These two peerless geniuses seemed to be overly confident about their own abilities!

Being confident is a good thing, but how could killing a Sky Devil mid-phase devil be easy Furthermore, it was a battle that surpassed their realms!

This was no different from walking along the edge of a cliff.

If they missed their footing, they would fall into the bottomless pit.

Moreover, they were of noble status.

Even if it was a little scratch, it would cause a huge disturbance in the entire God Realm.

At this moment, Li Yukun suddenly regretted asking them for help.

If these two really got into an accident because they tried to help him, the two ancient god clans rage would tear him to pieces alive!

Li Yukuns face was filled with worries and he said softly, “Young Lord, Young Master Jun, are you really confident of defeating Rui Ze It isnt easy to defeat him!”

Seeing Li Yukuns expression, Huang Yueli also started to become anxious.

“Moying, you… are the both of you really confident”

Li Moyings lips curled and he started to explain calmly.

“Lier, youve just arrived in God Realm so you might not be aware that a devils ability is mainly related to the blood vigor in their bodies.

The more exuberant their blood vigor, the better their condition, and the stronger their battle power! This is also mainly why the demon tribe needs to consume a large number of blood pills when they are advancing.”

“Ah… so they are using blood pills to replenish their blood vigor!” Huang Yueli nodded in understanding.

Li Moying laughed and continued to say, “Sky Devil Rui Ze had been staying in closed door cultivation and the blood pills that he previously consumed were all exhausted while he was replenishing the advancement process.

The blood vigor in him was originally very frail, but in the end, he was interrupted during his advancement! The damages inside his body would definitely be extremely serious!”

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