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Chapter 324: “Murong Ni’s Provocation (2)”

Murong Ni looked at her disdainfully and said, “But of course, it’s only right.

Although my cultivation cannot be compared to Senior Brother, however I have already entered the fourth degree realm! When I was your age, I was already in the third degree of the Spirit Profound Realm! Unlike you, who up till now, it looks like you haven’t even broken through the Defensive Profound Realm

Huang Yueli did not deny anything and simply smiled.

“Yes, I am currently still at the Qi Profound Realm.

Your vision… is quite accurate.”

Murong Ni said that she had not seen the world, however, in actual fact, she felt that it was Murong Ni herself who had not seen the world.

Most probably, she had grown up protected in the sect since childhood, and hasn’t really gone out to gain experience, therefore she couldn’t understand the hardships of the ordinary people.

If it was another cultivator with more experience, if they saw Huang Yueli, a fourteen year old Qi Profound Realm at the ninth level who was from a small kingdom, they would have long realised that this was a very rare genius!

Murong Ni did not understand her sarcasm and thought that Huang Yueli felt inferior and started to gloat, feeling even more proud of herself.

“Haha, of course my vision is accurate.

Compared to you, my cultivation is much higher by several realms, seeing through your cultivation is an easy task!”

Huang Yueli was silent for a moment.

This Murong Ni was not only ignorant, she was also very stupid! She couldn’t even understand it when others were scolding her!

“But you have to understand that with your cultivation and talent, it is impossible to stay with Senior Brother.

He is a man amongst dragons and he will surely walk on the path of the martial way and stand atop it! Even if you forcefully insist on staying together with him, sooner or later you’ll be thrown away by him! Only a true daughter of the heavens is a worthy match with Senior Brother!”

“A true daughter of the heavens” Huang Yueli sneered, “Miss Murong, are you referring to yourself”

Murong Ni blushed but quickly denied it.


of course it’s not myself! But my Sister Murong Fei! Let me tell you, my sister is an Eighth Grade Talent and at the young age of seventeen, she’s already an expert of the Fifth Degree Realm Third Level! Moreover, she was born noble, she is the daughter of the Patriarch.

She is also beautiful, unlike you who’s like a yellow bean sprout, you can’t even compare to one finger of hers!”

After she said her piece, she quickly glanced to the side and tried to see Huang Yueli’s reaction.

At first, she thought that the “Eighth Grade Talent” would be able to scare that damn girl who hadn’t seen the world but what she only saw was a mild reaction.

Huang Yueli only said out an ‘ooh’.

“An Eighth Grade Talent is not considered too bad, but with such a talent, moreover to be born in a large sect, yet she’s only a mere Fifth Degree Realm Third Level at the age of seventeen… hmmm… she’s not really very diligent.”

“You…you dare to chastise my Sister!”

When Murong Ni heard her comments, she wished she could strike her to death there and then!

“What kind of front are you pretending to put up Do you think it’s that easy to be a Fifth Degree Realm Third Level Haha, well, looking at your cultivation, you can never experience it this life! To be honest, I do quite admire your thick skin.

Have a good look and see what kind of cultivation we are and reflect on your own cultivation level! Following us here is just dragging down our hind legs, we still have to protect you and keep an extra eye out for you.

You are just a freeloader! If I were you, I’d long gone back to your backwater kingdom instead of stirring up more trouble for others!”

Murong Ni finally couldn’t keep calm after she saw that Huang Yueli repeatedly kept playing the fool.

She was on the verge of losing her composure and wanted to force that damn girl to go back!


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