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After some time, someone gradually came round to their senses.

Their gazes on Huang Yueli seemed like they had just seen a ghost.

“T…T…This… whats going on Young Miss Lan cant even ward off a move from Young Madam Li This… She was sent flying just like that”

“What was that earlier Did Young Madam Li really launch that fire dragon How is this possible Isnt she in Dream Profound Realm mid-phase How is her attack power so high”

“Thats so scary, its simply too terrifying!”

When they recalled the instant when Huang Yueli attacked, that sudden burst of fire attributed energies and that powerful strength filled with impact, many of them turned pale with fright.

Many Heart Profound Realm practitioners present also felt a shiver running down their backs.

Even Jing Shaoyuan was so shocked that he spilled his wine glass on the ground.

“This… This is impossible!”

As it was overly stunning, no one remembered to check on Lan Mengqings situation.

Luckily when Huang Yueli struck earlier, she had mindfully controlled her strength.

Moreover, the competition grounds were surrounded by railings with a certain buffering effect.

Hence Lan Mengqing did not suffer very serious injuries although she flew out.

Lan Mengqing slowly climbed up but as the angle of her fall was rather bad, the beautiful face that she had always been proud off had a few evident scratches.

However, Lan Mengqing had no time to care about her looks because she was terror-stricken right now!

She did not expect Huang Yuelis attack to be so powerful!

As a Dream Profound Realm peak state practitioner, she totally couldnt ward it off at all!

The truth was when that powerful impact came gushing towards her, she totally went into a daze and had no way of fighting off that crushing stance!

Lan Mengqing took a pill from her realm ring, swallowed it, then clenched her teeth and returned to the competition grounds.

Huang Yueli was rather surprised to see her appearing before her once again.

“Young Miss Lan, Im so sorry to have injured you.

But I have already reminded you earlier that my attack power is very strong and that you must guard against it carefully…”

Huang Yueli slowly said, sounding apologetic.

Hearing that, the surrounding guests were suddenly enlightened.

“Shes right! Before she struck, she indeed did mention that her attack was very powerful.

All of us heard it loud and clear.”

However, none of them had imagined that her so-called power was to this extent!

The majority of the Heart Profound Realm early-phase practitioners would find it hard to attain this realm, wasnt it

Lan Mengqings expression was slightly twisted.

The melancholic and aggrieved feelings almost caused her to remain speechless!

From Huang Yuelis words, it seemed as though she was a complete fool.

Huang Yueli had already warned her but she insisted to butt heads with her attack!

But unfortunately, what Huang Yueli said was the truth.

Hence she could not rebuke her at all.

Lan Mengqing remained silent for some time, then forcibly gritted her teeth and hissed, “Thats right.

Young Madam Li had indeed warned me before.

It is indeed carelessness on my part! Following this, I will definitely be more vigilant and carefully guard against…”

Huang Yueli was indeed a little surprised to hear her say that.

“What Youre going to continue competing with me”

Lan Mengqing nodded, “Of course.

Surely you didnt think that this is the end of the competition”

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