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“Time is needed to learn a new illustration, but the few of us can help to train a batch of Spiritual Armament Masters!”

To help Huang Yueli gain this deal, Grandmaster Xiao didnt even mind taking on such an arduous task.

Huang Yueli was extremely touched to hear that.

Grandmaster Xiao really treated her very well.

Previously, he gave her a valuable Sky Devil Blood Ring.

Now, he was helping her in such a manner.

If there was a chance, she would definitely repay him properly…

Hearing those Sky Gem Grandmasters words, Mu Mingjiangs last trace of hesitation vanished.

He nodded and looked at Huang Yueli.

“Since this is the case, may I request Young Master Li to refine the remaining two Spirit Armaments according to the agreement.

If theres no problem, we shall have a proper discussion on the final price of this transaction!”

Huang Yueli knew that Mu Mingjiang was prepared to purchase her Spirit Armaments at a high price, and she was delighted.

She was now in extreme need of money!

With the money from the allied armies, she could purchase even more materials and research further into the art of Spirit Armaments, and fight to become the most incredible Sky Gem Grandmaster as soon as possible.

In that way, she would be able to refine an unmatched top tier Holy Armament for her husband!

With this in mind, Huang Yuelis lips curled into a smile.

Without saying anything, she immediately walked back to the armament refining place, lit up the fire, and started to refine the remaining two Spirit Armaments.

It was evening time now.

As the Grandmasters were of a certain age, they would usually be tired at this time.

But there wasnt any fatigue on their faces.

All of them were bursting with life as they stared at Huang Yueli with bright eyes, admiring her smooth refining techniques.

Mu Mingjiang merely watched for a while and left shortly after.

There was no doubt over Huang Yuelis Spirit Armament refining standard now.

To him, the matter of utmost importance was to report the new information to his higher-ups and wait for their instructions on how to handle this matter!

After all, the illustrations that Huang Yueli was going to supply them were much more than what they had previously expected!

Cutting down on 30% of materials meant savings of tens of millions of jade quartz in military expenses every year!

If he wanted to purchase these illustrations, the amount of money that he had on hand was definitely far from enough.

Two hours later, Huang Yueli completed the refinement of the remaining two Spirit Armaments.

This speed had been intentionally slowed down because she wanted to fully exhibit every single step that an ordinary Spiritual Armament Master had to execute during refinement.

The results of the assessments came out quickly.

“The armors defensive power had increased approximately 40%! Boots speed had also increased by 30%! These Spirit Armaments have basically reached premium quality mid grade Spirit Armaments power, yet the requirement for the wearers cultivation is lowered by so much…”

The Sky Gem Grandmasters sighed and started on another round of scrambling.

Huang Yueli didnt bother about these few old grandpas and turned to look at Mu Mingjiang.

“Divine General, since my Spirit Armaments have undergone assessment, should we sit down and discuss the pricing”

Mu Mingjiang nodded and said, “Young Master Li, please follow me!”

He led Huang Yueli into the same conference room where they met.

But this time, Mu Mingjiang was no longer bearing that arrogant look in the afternoon.

Instead, he was extremely courteous.

He got the serving maids to serve the best quality tea to Huang Yueli before speaking, “Young Master Li…”

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