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Chapter 3376: I Will Only Marry Her (4)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Li Yuntao didnt take his words to heart and heaved a long sigh as he persuaded, “Young Lord, please dont say these in the moment of anger.

Where would we be able to find another god grade innate talent lady in the entire God Realm to match you But there are plenty of heaven grade innate talent young ladies in various God Clans.

Although it might be a grievance for Young Lord, at least it is much better than you marrying a Lower Realm woman, right”

Li Yunhai also took sides with his elder brother.

He also chipped in to persuade, “Young Lord, marriage is not childs play.

Not anyone can take up the position of Cloudy Qilin Clans Young Madam.

Ill tell you the truth.

Clan Leader specially told us to bring Young Miss Leyun to Medial Arch City this time so that she could get closer to you.”

“Li Leyun” Li Moyings brows creased abruptly, and his mood instantly worsened.

“What is she doing here”


Although Li Moying had never looked at another woman other than Huang Yueli, that didnt mean that he was silly.

Li Leyun was evidently interested in him, and he had already noticed that long ago.

Especially when she looked at him, Li Leyuns gaze always made him feel extremely uncomfortable.

If it wasnt on account of Clan Leaders face, he would have thrown her out long ago.

He would never be able to stand her wandering about in front of him.

He had gotten rid of Li Leyun after finally leaving Amethyst Paramount Palace, so what was she doing here in Medial Arch City again

Li Yuntao didnt notice his displeasure and said with a smile, “Young Lord, Young Miss Leyun might not be comparable to you, but she is one of the top rated genius practitioners in God Realm.

Moreover, shes beautiful and is the Clan Leaders niece.

She bears a noble status, so she just barely makes the cut to match you.

All the Elders in the clan have agreed for her to be your fiancée.”

“Isnt that so Young Lord is really blessed!” Li Yunhai also spoke up for Li Leyun.

“Young Miss Leyun is one of God Realms Four Great Beauties and plenty of the other God Clans geniuses tried to woo her.

However, she only has eyes for Young Lord, you alone! If Young Lord marries her, you will have a blissful life in the future!”

The two of them sang along with each other, praising Li Leyun to the skies.

To tell the truth, not everyone within Cloudy Qilin Clan agreed to Li Leyun to become their Young Madam.

There was still a portion of people who supported Li Zijun.

But now that Li Moying wanted to marry a Lower Realm woman…

This caused both Divine Generals to be on guard.

No matter what, Li Leyun was still better than a Lower Realm woman, right They had to take this opportunity to let her nurture her relationship with Young Lord while she was here in Medial Arch City!

While both Divine Generals were counting their chickens, Li Moyings expression had turned icy cold.

“What a joke! Im already married and I have a wife.

How can I still have a fiancée Thats simply unheard of! You can forget about me listening to the clans arranged married.

Also, get Li Leyun away from me! I will not meet her!”

Li Moying said coldly.

Both Divine Generals frowned upon hearing that.

Li Moying was usually considered polite to his seniors and this was the first time he acted in such an utterly discomfited manner.

Li Yunhai was rather dissatisfied and he spoke in a harsh tone.

“Young Lord, this is not me and my brothers decision, but the entire clans common decision! Your wife can only be a noble god clan aristocratic young lady.

If you dont like Li Leyun, we can also bring Li Zijun over next time…”

Although both young ladies were the clans top class talented ladies, they were nurtured using the clans resources.

But if it was Li Moying, there wouldnt be any problem if he wanted them both.

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