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Chapter 3452: The Witty Grandmaster Xiao (1)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Grandmaster Xiao put away the badge of the Spiritual Armament Master and sighed: “Young Master Lis talent is not just what you see on the surface, he is indeed an amazing person! Its just that his temper is a little eccentric, sometimes even this old man have been played around by him, and I dont know how to respect the old and the wise! In short, please bear with me!”

The people of the Black Tortoise Clan waved their hands again and again, saying that they were not in the way.

“Real geniuses have a bit of temper.

This is really normal!”

“Isnt it Its just that I didnt get to meet Young Master Li in the end, so Im still a little disappointed…”

“A genius like Young Master Li, who has achieved such achievements in armament refining at a young age, will definitely be a top Sky Gem Grandmaster again in a few decades!”


Grandmaster Xiao nodded and said, “In terms of achievement in spirit art, he will definitely be above the old man in the future! Its this kid who really makes people worry! Its unreliable, completely unreliable!”

Huang Yueli was so sweaty that she didnt even dare to say a word.

Grandmaster Xiao is so resentful to her, so persistently and desperately complaining about her!

Although, she is indeed a little bit unreliable…

Well, she is very unreliable, and she has pushed Grandmaster Xiao out of the tank several times, but, isnt she a last resort…

Fortunately, although Grandmaster Xiao has a lot of resentment, he is still very responsible.

After a few chats, and after confirming that the designer of the map would not appear, Xuan Zifan quickly entered a state of negotiation.

He took the initiative to take out a sample contract drafted by the Black Tortoise Clan and handed it to Grandmaster Xiao.

“This is the cooperation condition proposed by our Black Tortoise Clan.

Grandmaster Xiao, please take a look first.”

Huang Yueli had not seen it either, and Xuan Qingling also handed her a copy.

Huang Yueli skimmed over it roughly and found that the terms were quite reasonable.

After deducting the cost of the jade quartz obtained from the sale of these improved Spirit Armaments, the profit was divided into ten shares.

When Xuan Zifan saw that Grandmaster Xiao had almost seen it, he explained: “How the 60% of the money is distributed between Young Master Li and Grandmaster Xiao is none of our Black Tortoise Clans business.

Of the 40% of our Black Tortoise Clans profits, we will take out one-fifth to Young Miss Li, as a reward for Young Miss Li winning this business for us.”

As he said that, he looked at Huang Yueli, “Young Miss Li, I also know that this income is a little less for you.

Without you, our Black Tortoise Clan would not have been able to get this deal! To manufacture so many Spirit Armaments, we also have to use a lot of family resources, and many relationships in the clan must be settled, please forgive me.”

When Huang Yueli heard this, she was quite satisfied.

She didnt plan to split the money from the Black Tortoise Clan.

After all, this business was originally hers, she gave it to herself, dont get it too easily!

However, the Black Tortoise Clan was very knowledgeable, and they even offered her money.

One-fifth of the profit is actually not low, because she doesnt have to do anything, just take the money! Its just a competition.

Compared with the large amount of work that Black Tortoise Clan need to complete to produce Spirit Armaments, it can be said that it is not worth mentioning.

Moreover, Xuan Zifan did not have the air of a Dao Profound Realm, and he spoke very politely, she really had nothing to object to.

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