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Chapter 3483: Kill Them (6)Translator: Misty Cloud Translations  Editor: Misty Cloud Translations

Huang Sanbai no longer beat around the bush and spoke directly as he analyzed: “According to what the the waiter said, there are only six people travelling with Li Moying this time.

Except for his wife who is disguised, the other four should be his guards.

I have seen all of them before, they should all be at the Heart Profound Realm , and his wife should be at the middle stage of the Heart Profound Realm.”

“With this kind of cultivation, even if we add up to six of us, they are still not a match for any of us.” Huang Fuzhao sneered and said, “It seems that it is not difficult to kill them, the main thing is to find them!”

Huang Shuangyu also nodded in agreement.

Huang Sanbai sneered in his heart.

People who have never met Li Moying can easily have such a wrong judgment, thinking how much combat power can a cultivator in the Heart Profound Realm have It was not enough for a Dao Profound Realm cultivator to waste his energy on!


Only when they actually fight each other will they know what kind of abnormal existence a god-level genius was!

However, Huang Sanbai already had a preliminary plan in mind at this time, so he didnt bother to correct their thinking, but instead said: “Thats right, so lets mainly arrange a plan to find someone.”

Huang Shuangyu nodded and said, “Third Brother, you can arrange it!”

Huang Sanbai glanced at Huang Fuzhao, seeing that he had no objection, he was secretly happy.

However, he didnt show it at all, and he still looked calm and unhurried, “In this case, this old man will be straightforward.

Now we dont know what Li Moying is here for.

He may be looking for jade quartz mines.

It is also possible to come to find someone nearby, but anyway, after he finishes what he wants to do, there is a high possibility that he will return to Forest Shade Town, because this is the only place in the vicinity that he can park his flying ship.”

After hearing this, the two elders nodded together, “Thats right, what you said makes sense!”

Huang Sanbai said again: “So, among the three of us, there must be someone who stays in Forest Shade Town…”

Having said that, he paused for a moment, showing a bit of embarrassment, “This… this old man thinks that this town is a bit strange, maybe he can find out some news and help us find someone, so Ill be lazy and stay In the town, I am responsible for collecting information and waiting for people, Ill have to trouble Second Sister and Elder Zhao to find people outside Forest Shade Town.”

Huang Shuangyu and Huang Fuzhao looked at each other and frowned slightly, but after a short thought, they both nodded in agreement.

“Alright, its no problem for us to go out and find someone!”

There must be someone to keep in the town.

Huang Sanbai is better at dealing with outsiders than them, so it is understandable to stay here.

The three of them discussed for a while, and after confirming some other details did they finally found an inn to rest in.

As soon as Huang Shuangyu and Huang Fuzhao entered the inn, they went back to their room to cultivate.

They never expected that Huang Sanbai would sneak out after staying in his room for a while.

He once again found the waiter who was let go by him just now.

The waiter was a little nervous when he saw someone looking for him, but he was relieved when he saw that it was Huang Sanbai.

“So, it turned out to be you, Master… just now, thank you for saving my life…”

In fact, the waiter had also noticed Huang Fuzhaos killing intent, and even heard the conversation between Huang Sanbai and Huang Fuzhao, knowing that he was about to be silenced!

Huang Sanbai sneered secretly.

Just now, he said it so loudly on purpose, just to let the waiter hear it.

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