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Li'er ….Li'er….

Li Moying muttered her name as he looked at the bottomless abyss.

He felt as if his heart had been savagely torn apart.

It was as if, a very long...long time ago, he had also experienced such a heartbreaking pain.

To be parted forever, separated in life and death.

Painfully losing a love that was part of his heart.

Such a feeling was imprinted clearly in the deepest part of his heart.


His whole soul was calling out this name, his pain was excruciating to the point that he could no longer bear it and he had to bend down as he clutched his head tightly.

In front of him, an illusive figure flashed before him, a beautiful lady with a captivating smile.

That image flashed by too fast and he could not remember how that lady looked like exactly.

He could only remember that vague feeling that it was a peerless beauty…

"Senior Brother! Senior Brother! Don't scare me!"

"Master! What happened"

These noisy exclamations drifted into his ears and the illusive figure in front of him disappeared but the excruciating pain in his head still remained.

"Did she fall from here" Li Moying suddenly spoke.

"Huh Umm, yeah, it should be Junior Sister mentioned it just now." Luo Jiyun replied without much thought but when he saw the unusually calm look on Li Moying, his heart suddenly tightened.

Senior Brother was so angry just a moment ago but now…

He had a bad feeling…"Senior Brother, what do you want to do Don't be too hasty, first you need to calm down… the dead can't be resurrected…"

"Shut up!!!" Li Moying bellowed suddenly.

"You're not allowed to curse Little Li'er.

She is so clever, she is most definitely still alive! I need to go down and find her!"

"What!" Luo Jiyun thought that he had heard wrongly for a moment.

However, Li Moying had already stood up and was taking large strides straight to the location where Huang Yueli had fallen off.

"Senior Brother, don't be impulsive! Sister-in-law definitely must be saved but you cannot be too hasty and anxious"

"Yes! Master, Third Miss had fallen off quite some time ago.

There's no need to be in such a hurry, if she is fine, it's highly likely that she had already escaped danger.."

Mo Yi had said this against his own consciousness because he had already determined in his heart that Huang Yueli had already died without a complete corpse.

Falling from such a high place into a bottomless abyss.

Mo Yi had even thought that if it was he himself that had fallen, with his cultivation he would still find it a challenge to survive.

Not to mention a cultivator of the first realm….

However, he did not dare to stimulate Li Moying at all at this moment.

But alas, Li Moying only spat out two words coldly: "Let go."

His voice was imbued with an oppressive pressure and although it wasn't loud, it shocked the eardrums.

Mo Yi took a sudden big step forward and knelt down to block Li Moying, he was just short of one step to grabbing his thigh.

"Master, if you want to save people, you still need to have a concrete plan first.

This area is very close to the restricted zone, we do not know what Magical Beasts are lurking below nor what tier they are.

It is extremely dangerous and you are our eminent and invaluable backbone of our sect! How can you take such a risk…"


However, before he could finish his words, Li Moying flourished his sleeve.

With a sweep of his profound qi, Mo Yi could no longer kneel and was swept to one side.

He was not injured before he could regain his balance, Li Moying had jumped into the abyss!

"Nooooo! Senior Brother!"


Everyone cried out in anguish as they rushed to the edge of the cliff and looked down.

Li Moying's black robes seemed to have melded into the dark abyss and after a while, his figure could no longer be seen.


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