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Mo Yi couldn't believe what he was asking.

Huang Yueli really nodded her head to his question.

"That's right, even though it's too late to take the medication, but having it is better than not.

There should at least have some effect.

Even if it's just a little bit of use, it is still better than just waiting here watching!"

Because of her relationship with Mu Chengying in her past life, she had some dealings with Liu Buyan so she gained some knowledge while listening to him talk about aspects of medication.

As a precaution, some pills were to be taken before the symptoms appear.

But it was also effective if the symptoms had already occurred, but in terms of control….

the effect would not as effective as if it was taken before.

So it would be better if Li Moying took the pills, rather than not.

This was the only thing they could do at this current stage.

"But…." Luo Jiyun hesitated for a while, "Sister-in-law, even if he were to take the pills, we are not certain how much effect it would have.

What if he took the pills and it still didn't work"

"It's still better than not taking it right"

"Right, you're absolutely right.

But the problem now is very obvious.

Senior Brother has already become in this state, who has any idea to go near him Anyone who dares to go near him will lost their live! And even if we manage to give him the medication, do you think he will listen and take it"

Huang Yueli pursed her lips.

This was indeed a problem.

Li Moying had lost his senses so naturally he would not coordinate with them and take the medication on his own accord.

If it was the normal soul detachment symptoms, it would be much easier.

Just tie him up and force him to take it would be highly passable.

But he became a bloodthirsty demon.

This power and the thirst for blood...

Who would dare go near him

Huang Yueli momentarily turned silent, stretched out her hands and stretched towards Mo Yi.

"Give it to me, I'll deliver the medication to him!"

Mo Yi, Mo Er, Mo San and Luo Jiyun were completed stunned.

After a long time, Luo Jiyun retorted, "Sis…Sister-in-law, are you joking You're going to deliver the medication"

"Thi… Third Miss, please don't be rash! Master's current power is at the peak of ninth degree realm! With your current power…..cough cough, estimate that you have yet to reach within ten meters and he will send you flying with a palm strike….."

"Yes, Third Miss.

There are opportunities to deliver the medication to Master.

The few of us will risk our lives and proceed with care.

The problem is even if we reach him, we won't be able to make him swallow it…."

"Third Miss, please listen to us.

Don't risk in vain.

Otherwise when Master awakes and finds out that something has happened to you, it will be a double attack, a new injury on top of his existing injury…."

Huang Yueli heard their advices but her expression remained extremely calm.

"Stop, I understood your meanings.

But I cannot just sit here and watch him doing harm to his own body! And since you are not able to go near him or send the medication to him, there is a possibility that I might be able to."

When Luo Jiyun and the rest heard these words, they almost wanted to kneel down in from of this grandaunt.

"Sister-in-law, please don't joke around with us! When Senior Brother acts up, he doesn't recognise anyone at all.

I'm not talking nonsense, he even struck Master and the moves he struck are not lenient!"

"Yes, Third Miss.

When Master was sober, he couldn't bear for any part of you to be hurt.

But now he's delusional! Please don't take things too hard….." Mo Yi persuaded patiently.


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