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Huang Yueli suddenly didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Sigh, she had thought Mo Yi was stronger than Luo Jiyun but…..

they were basically Tweedledum and Tweedledee.

Without any choice, she had to spell it out clearly for them to understand.

"I really am an Armament Master.

The first time I met Li Moying, it was to sell off my Profound Weapons in his auction house.

Don't worry about the quality, if my potential was not there, would such a smart person like Li Moying let me be responsible to refine the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror"

Mo Yi looked at her but these thoughts kept sparking around in his mind.

Could it be Or could it not be

If it was in normal times, based on the black-bellied shrewd character of his Master, those Armament Masters whom he looked up to would definitely be very awesome.

But the person he was facing now was Huang Yueli!

Truth had shown that in his Master's rationality, whenever he faced this astute beauty, he was basically not on his normal standard…..

Perhaps Li Moying was just finding an excuse to train alongside with his fiancée, and the real Armament Master was actually someone else

Mo Yi thought about it and said, "Third Miss, did you know, the Profound Lunar Spirit Jade….

Although it is not commonly found and there are very few who are able to refine it, it is after all a fourth tier upper quality Profound Artifact."

"Of course I know about this." Huang Yueli replied.

Mo Yi was speechless.

He had wanted to be more conservative about his words and let Huang Yueli understand the difference in her level in a subtle way but he had not expected her to not understand what he was trying to convey, not knowing if she really did not understand or was just trying to act blur.

Hence he had no choice but to be blunt.

"Third Miss, fourth level Profound Artifacts are not easily refined by anyone.

Even normal fourth rank Armament Masters might not be able to complete the process.

Generally speaking, only fifth rank Armament Masters would be able to refine it successfully.

What's more, Master had prepared the finest materials this round, in the hope to refine the most outstanding top quality Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror….."

This should be clear enough.

What Li Moying needed was a Armament Master who was at least fifth rank and above, and it wasn't a normal fifth rank grade.

After all, their entire Sect had placed high hopes in this round of refinement and spent a huge amount on funds in preparing the best materials.

This was not a laughing matter.

If this refinement was a failure, they would need to start from scratch and look for a suitable Spirit Jade mine vein and recollect all the materials, which would in turn seriously affect Li Moying's condition.

Even if Mo Yi had already affirmed that Huang Yueli was their future Mistress, but on this matter, he was still very prudent and unwilling to relent on it.

Huang Yueli understood his meaning but she insisted, "Mo Yi, I understand what you're trying to say but I am indeed a fifth rank Armament Master.

You know I would never joke on such matters.

If you're not willing to coordinate with me which in turn might delay Li Moying's treatment, are you able to take up this responsibility"


Such a big hat was pinned onto him, Mo Yi was shocked and rendered speechless momentarily.

Huang Yueli continued, "Don't tell me you want me to force Li Moying to wake up and let him tell you these personally"

Speaking of this, she suddenly recalled something and took out a piece of paper from her sleeve.

"Oh, that's right! This is the agreement between Li Moying and myself.

It states there that if I should refine the Profound Lunar Spirit Mirror, he will help me collect the ingredients as repayment….

You can take a look."

The item she took out was the ingredient list that she had listed down for Li Moying, right before arriving at Dark Moon Forest.


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