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Thinking about this, Murong Fei\'s fingers winced tightly on the silk handkerchief.

She tried hard to compose her tone to sound natural, That\'s great, with Senior Brother\'s help, I can rest assured! But this matter requires you to make a trip to South Yue Kingdom and the distance is rather far.

Zuo Fangping didn\'t hesitate and immediately responded, No matter.

Junior Sister, just tell me what\'s on your mind!

Murong Fei replied, Help me make a trip to South Yue Kingdom and find a young lady called Yue Li.

She should be a Young Miss of a rich family in the South Yue Kingdom, around fourteen years of age and her cultivation is just so-so, at first degree realm.

She is also the fiancée of the Second Prince of South Yue Kingdom.

Zuo Fangping nodded his head without a doubt.

Very few people knew the fact that Li Moying was from the South Yue Kingdom and most people thought he was an orphan that the Sect Master had picked up.

Only a few prominent characters and people closer to him, such as Luo Jiyun, knew his background.

So Zuo Fangping didn\'t know that fact at all.

He only heard Murong Fei continuing, ….

once you find this little lass, find a chance to kill her!

Zuo Fangping was stumped, This… Junior Sister, why

Murong Fei\'s expression was calm as she replied coldly, Senior Brother Zuo, naturally I would have my own reasons, so you\'re not willing to help me If you\'re not willing, I can find other Senior Brothers to help instead.

Zuo Fangping was originally hesitant but when he heard these words, he immediately flustered.

D…Don\'t, Junior Sister.

Don\'t find anyone else.

This matter is very simple, isn\'t she just a first degree realm lass Senior Brother I will settle this matter quickly and cleanly.

There were many male disciples who wanted to win Murong Fei\'s favour.

After all, who didn\'t hope to become the son-in-law of the Sect Master

Putting aside her status, just based on Murong Fei\'s beauty and innate talent, it was enough to make those talents pour their hearts out for her.

Zuo Fangping was very sure that if he didn\'t take up this task, there would be someone else who would be willing to help Murong Fei.

By then, they would be able to show their faces in front of Murong Fei and win her favour.

Zuo Fangping didn\'t want to give up such a good opportunity to others.

What\'s more, wasn\'t it just killing a person/ As a practitioner, whose hand were not stained The reason for killing wasn\'t that important at all and he was just asking because he was curious about Murong Fei.

Even if there was no answer, it wasn\'t important at all.

Murong Fei gave out a slight smile and replied, Since that\'s the case, I\'ll give me advanced thanks to Senior Brother first.

Zuo Fangping stared at the faint smile as he blankly nodded his head.


South Yue Kingdom.

Valiant Martial Manor.

Huang Yueli had been peacefully cultivating for the past few days and basically she had already refined a large portion of the fire attributed energy within her body and the remaining required quite a bit of time, before she could completely refine all the energy.

So besides cultivating daily, she would also dabble in other work.

Such as refining Profound Weapons, or taking some time out to give pointers regarding cultivation to the people in her manor.

Huang Yueli realised that ever since Mo Yi had arrived, all the people in the manor\'s cultivation had suddenly made tremendous improvements.

For this, Huang Yueli specially observed quite a bit.

The result was she discovered that under Mo Yi\'s hand, he used the spartan training method.

So whoever who were not able to complete the training mission had to face severe punishment.

In this way, no one dared to laze around and were all training diligently, without a single bit of slack.-

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