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Discuss What about Empress questioned in a guarded manner.

Every single time Huang Yueli opened her mouth, the Empress\'s heart would jump!

This wretched lass was full of wretched ideas so every single time she spoke, it would be something bad, as though she was born to obstruct her!

Undeniably, the Empress had learnt her lesson well and became wiser.

As expected, Huang Yueli replied, Of course it would be about….

to discuss on compensation Your Majesty, as you can see, my house had collapsed and naturally it must be rebuilt.

As for the servants in my manor, they were beaten up so badly that some are maimed or seriously injured.

I must naturally pay for their compensation payment.

Besides I was scared stiff by Seventh Princess who almost caused my advancement to fail.

Because of that, I am still suffering from internal injury, so I would need to spend money to pay for my treatment right

When the Empress heard these, she almost fainted on the spot!

She had already been disadvantaged and Li Xue\'er had already became this manner, and now all she could do was to suffer in silence and give way to Huang Yueli.

She had never expected that this lass would not be satisfied with small gains!

Now, she still expect to be compensated!

Empress was angered to the max as she coldly sneered, You want compensation Fat hope! Impossible!

Huang Yueli smiled, Your Majesty, I\'m not asking you for compensation, your words cannot be counted! I\'ll directly negotiate with Seventh Princess! Quickly bring me to her chamber to look for her!

Empress\'s heart thumped hard, and almost instantaneously she understood her motive for coming.

This lass\'s motive was not for any compensation but….

to reveal the fact that Li Xue\'er had lost her chastity!

If she were to bring her to look for Li Xue\'er, Empress Dowager and the rest would naturally follow suit.

However Li Xue\'er was now in the isolation palace, so how was she going to explain this to the Empress Dowager

She hurriedly shook her head, No way….

we can\'t go! Xue\'re had suffered serious injuries and needs to recuperate quietly, you\'re not allowed to go and disturb her!

Huang Yueli\'s expressed grew chiller as she questioned, Your Majesty, what do you mean Firstly you maligned me for harming Seventh Princess and yet you don\'t allow me to confront her! Now Seventh Princess had wrecked my Valiant Martial Manor and you refuse to let me clear things up with her nor compensate me! What is this Am I destined to let other people bully


The Empress was interrogated by her countless queries causing her chest to rage with pain.

Huang Yueli was indeed a demon, who was capable of bullying her! She had been the one who was bullying others and using her gift of the gap, others had no chance to rebut nor redress their injustice!

For that one moment, the Empress really wanted to speak out the entire truth, slapping Huang Yueli viciously on the face!

But after she had calmed down, she chose to give in.

How could she bear to use her daughter\'s reputation as a joke!

So this injustice, even if she couldn\'t take it, she still must!

Alright, consider it as Xue\'er\'s wrongdoing.

Let me, her mother, help her compensate you, how much do you want

Huang Yueli pursed her lips and thought for a moment before she replied, Since Seventh Princess was also injured and seemed quite pitiful, then I\'ll ask for lesser.

Three hundred thousand taels of gold then!


How much did you say The Empress could not believe her ears!

Huang Yueli repeated once again, Three hundred thousand taels of gold.

You… that\'s daylight robbery! Is your manor made of gold Why do you need that much money! She could not suppress her anger any further and blew up!

Even a brand new mansion located in the country\'s best position merely costed ten thousand taels of gold and to construct a new palace within the Royal Palace was merely twenty thousand taels of gold.

Huang Yueli actually asked for…..

three hundred thousand taels-

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