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It was after Huang Yueli popped the question did she realised how much she longed to know about Mu Chengying\'s current situation.

Before this, she was situated at a small place like South Yue Kingdom and had no way nor channel to find out about Mu Chengying\'s news.

So at that moment, her inner heart was still at peace, suppressing the imperative feeling.

As she was a rational person, she knew it wouldn\'t help even if she was anxious so the only thing she could do was to take one step at a time to gradually become stronger and think of ways to achieve her goal.

However, now that Mu Chengying\'s best buddy was just right beside her, Huang Yueli could no longer contain the impulse within her.

The minute the words came out of her mouth, her heart started pounded madly.

It had been two months since she was reincarnated into this body and she could finally find out Mu Chengying\'s situation!

But after waiting for several moments, she didn\'t get a reply from Liu Buyan.

Huang Yueli subconsciously frowned as puzzlement got her wondering what that wily man could be thinking about

After a while more, there was still no sound from outside of the screen.

She could no longer keep it in and questioned, Hey, Uncle, are you still there

…..Here. Liu Buyan answered in a low tone.

I asked you something earlier, why didn\'t you answer me

What did you ask me I didn\'t hear you clearly.

Liu Buyan\'s tone sounded weird.

If it had been normal times, Huang Yueli would have long realised something was not right.

But today, she was just too anxious to find out about Mu Chengying\'s situation so she had overlooked this point.

Uncle, you must be getting old, you actually are hearing impaired! I was asking you, do you know what\'s happening in Blue Profound Sect and what is Murong Sect Master doing nowadays I heard that he had reached the peak of nine degree realm many years ago and had been searching for the pathway to God Realm, so has he successfully broken through to God Realm And has he married anyone, does he have anyone beside...

The minute Huang Yueli opened her mouth, she realised that the number of things she wanted to know were simply too many.

It had been fourteen long years since they had been apart!

Fourteen years was enough for a baby to become a beautiful young lady.

It wouldn\'t be surprising if anything were to happen in this period of time.

Hence the more Huang Yueli asked, the more unstoppable she became.

However, just as she was talking without respite, suddenly…..

Enough! Shut up!

Liu Buyan\'s tone brimmed with anger as though a jolt of lightning had exploded beside her ear!

You\'re not allowed to mention Mu Chengying, this name! The voice was fuming with rage between gritted teeth was able to make Huang Yueli feel the deep grudge Liu Buyan had within!

Huang Yueli was dumbstrucked momentarily, But, isn\'t Mu Chengying...

Shut up! I\'m asking you to shut your mouth!

With a Whoosh, Liu Buyan actually pushed the screen between the both of them flat onto the ground as he walked in utterly discomfited!

Huang Yueli hurriedly pushed her body downwards a little more, allowing only her neck to surface above while the rest of her body was submerged in the water below.

Luckily the bathtub was high and could basically cover her entirely.

Liu Buyan took large strides towards her and the usually composed smiling handsome face was now flushed red as the corners of his eyes were raised, the rage could be visibly seen!

Young lass, I\'ve been very tolerant with you! On account of your young age and you look like….

All the tricks and unkind words that you had done and talked, I\'ve already not haggled with you on it and even curing you! But this does not mean that you can easily step on my bottom line!-

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