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When I came over today, I heard that the enrolment period had past but I travelled a long distance from South Yue Kingdom and you can\'t expect me to go back like this! I hope Mister Examiner would give me a chance, please.

When the examiner heard what she said, he went into a blank.

The young lass in front was asking for an exception to join the examinations which wasn\'t surprising at all.

But when he asked where she came from, it was with the intention to sound her out to see if her family had some relationship with Celestial Light Academy, so that he could use it to her advantage and find a reason to give her a chance.

The result, who knew…..

She actually said she came from South Yue Kingdom

Where on earth is that ghost town, he had never been there before!

His impression of that place was one of the ten small countries around Dark Moon Forest, so small that it couldn\'t be any smaller….

In this case, should be give this lass a chance


Just as the examiner was hesitating.

On the stage, Tang Jinhua suddenly yelled out in surprise, South Yue Kingdom, and her surname is Bai! This… this young lass couldn\'t b….

couldn\'t be….

Vice Principal Ling asked curiously, Master Tang, why are you so excited Don\'t tell me you know this lass

To be able to sit on the stage to observe the examination grounds were all upper management of Celestial Light Academy.

And among those present, only Tang Jinhua was a fifth stage realm practitioner.

But Tang Jinhua was an Armament Master with rather good potential so his status was naturally much higher than similar levelled practitioners.

Tang Jinhua said, Vice Principal Ling, didn\'t I mention this yesterday The reason why I want to observe the assessment is because a friend\'s niece is one of the examinees.

To tell you the truth, she is the famous Bai Liu Feng\'s niece!

What Bai Liu Feng\'s niece

Those present started to cry out in alarm as their eyes revealed several glints of shock.

When Bai Liu Feng was in the academy that year, his reputation was so resounding that only those who had experienced it personally knew about it.

To be honest, his potential at that time had long surpassed many Celestial Light Sect\'s direct disciples and many records which were still preserved at Celestial Light Academy were created by Bai Liu Feng.

After he had rejected Celestial Light Sect Master\'s offer to be his disciple, he left Celestial Light Academy and his power advanced by leaps and bounds, which made everyone unable to believe that he came from a small country around the border.

Vice Principal Ling hurriedly asked, How is the potential for Bai Liu Feng\'s niece

Tang Jinhua shook his head as he replied, I must disappoint Vice Principal Ling, Bai Liu Feng\'s niece\'s talent is rather common and even if she is able to enter Celestial Light Academy, she would probably be at the bottom of the rung.

When she came to enrol, I had asked about Bai Liu Feng\'s daughter and she said her cousin is fourteen this year…..

Hearing that, everyone\'s gaze turned towards Huang Yueli.

In that case, this lass below also came from South Yue Kingdom, and her surname is also Bai.

How many practitioners bore the surname Bai in that small place, and with such great innate talent to be able to defeat third stage realm practitioners, I guess she must be Bai Liu Feng\'s daughter!

That\'s right, no wonder her mastery of footwork and usage of secret weapon is so exquisite, I\'m guessing it must be passed down from Bai Liu Feng!


Seeing how natural and unrestrained from the way she speaks, that quick wittedness doesn\'t lose out to Bai Liu Feng at all, so she must be her!

Bai Liu Feng is considered as quick witted That fellow was a mischievous chimp! Sinister and crafty, not a good person!

Ha ha ha, Master Cheng, I know that Bai Liu Feng had burnt your beard that year so you still nurse hatred towards him till today.

How long ago was that already!-

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