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Huang Yueli\'s eyebrows rose in surprise.

This situation had never happened before.

Previously, whenever she broke through the Flame Spirit Physique\'s shackles and advanced, she was always able to raise to an entire large realm.

The first time she advanced from an ordinary person to first stage realm nine level.

Second time was from first stage nine level entering to second stage realm nine level….

But now, she was not able to advance directly to third stage realm nine level but had stopped at third stage realm third level…..

She attempted to initiate > cultivation method to absorb the fire attributed Profound Energy from Heaven and Earth but all the surrounding Profound Energy had already been drawn totally by her.

So at that moment, only sparse energy was collected.

Besides that, she felt that her body had hit a bottleneck.

Within this short period, it would be difficult to continue upgrading to another level at one go.

Huang Yueli was disappointed but after thinking, she felt that it was understandable.

Her advancement this round was an accident.

Under the double effects of Liu Buyan\'s medicinal bath and Celestial Light Academy\'s array, the breaking and establishing rebound effect was her coincidental advancement to the third stage realm.

But this situation was obviously not perfect.

According the > recorded requirements, the standard operation was definitely not the same, so some flaws were to be expected.

Looked like she could not afford to be lazy this time if she wanted to perfect the ninth transformation in >, then she would need to collect all the medicinal herbs recorded and find a suitable timing to go into closed door cultivation before she could fill in the remaining portions to make it complete.

As for now, she could only accept this imperfect ending.

Huang Yueli kept her frustrations away as she slowly walked out of the array boundary.

Outside the array, plenty of people were waiting for her appearance as the gazes all held different emotions.

Some were envious, shocked, jealous, unreconciled…..

But above all and without exception, there was a sense of reverence, hidden in the innermost part of the heart!

It was because when the fire cloud appeared earlier, the examiner carelessly slipped his mouth, Heavens, this is the sign of breaking through to third stage realm! This lass… she\'s about to breakthrough to third stage realm! This is simply a miracle!

Third stage realm!

She was actually going to breakthrough to… third stage realm!

At that moment, even the cold and aloof Song Yaru who felt that she was a cut above the others was also dealt with a huge blow as her expression turned extremely ugly.

This young lass from the small country didn\'t looked very outstanding.

Even though her results in the previous two rounds were still alright, but as compared to her, the cream of the crop, she could not be comparable at all!


did she suddenly become so strong.

Not only had she crushed herself in the third round of assessment, she also managed to advance in the middle of the assessment!

Third stage realm… this was third stage realm!

Even Song Yaru herself felt that it was impossible for her to breakthrough to third stage realm before she was seventeen.

But this fourteen year old lass had actually did it!

Under the complicated gazed of the crowd, Huang Yueli didn\'t make any noise and quietly walked to her original position.

She had originally not intended to show off but now that it\'s already clear for all to see, then it was really nothing at all!

The crowd\'s investigative glares could not affect her any single bit!

Huang Yueli turned her slights onto the examiner and said, Mister Examiner, I should be the last one to leave the array right Now that the third round of assessment should have come to an end, please announce the results of the assessment.-

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