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Chapter 78 – Bloodline’s suppressive might

The little one’s big eyes blinked, his face becoming stiff.

“Ah…….that……..did you make a mistake female devil! How could you make me deal with such a terrible man…..this one’s age is still young, and still wants to live a few more years…….”

Huang Yue Li raised her eyebrows: “What Was he that terrifying Do not give me such an excuse.

You must be deliberately refusing to help! Eating so many chicken legs, when I ask you to work a little, you are unwillingly.

Aren’t you a least a little bit ashamed Do you only know to eat and nothing else

“I am not someone who knows only to eat!” The little boy reasonably argued, “What I said was true.

That mask wearing man is really terrifying…….you do not understand, he has a very mysterious and powerful qi force.

It really suffocates people.”

Huang Yue Li looked at the little phoenix strangely and said: “Well then.

I also think that man holds extraordinary strength, but……..but you are a powerful and ancient phoenix.

Even if you are young and your strength may not be comparable to him, you wouldn’t be suppressed by his qi force.

Refusing to even reveal yourself”

“I……I do not know what was going on, but I really didn’t lie!”

The little phoenix was afraid she would hit his little ass, so he quickly covered his butt.

Moving to the side and hiding himself while crying out ai’s and ah’s: “As soon as the man appeared, an innate aura of overbearingness seeped out from his bones.

Nearly made me kneel on the ground to him.

That kind of aura, you mortals cannot sense, but for me it was really terrible.

So I did not come out!”

“Was it that horrible” Huang Yue Li asked suspiciously.

The little boy fiercely nodded his head, “It’s true! I think his bloodline must be very strong.

Only then, would he be able to let me experience that kind of feeling……”

“Bloodline” Huang Yue Li frowned, “What kind of bloodline can be stronger than an ancient beasts”

The little boy was also perplexed.

Tilting his head, he thought for a while.

“Truthfully, if you were in the God Realm, the bloodlines of some noble families are truly stronger than the bloodlines of us ancient beasts.

But currently we are in the Lower Realm…………I really can’t think of anything……”

Huang Yue Li’s brows wrinkled up.

According to the little phoenix’s statement, did that mean that the man held a bloodline that rivalled someone from the God Realm

But that was impossible ah.

Because it was said that tens of thousands of years ago, the passage between the Tian Ling Continent and the God Realm was sealed due to some particular reasons.

The profound qi within the environment also became much more sparse.

That was the reason why there were so few experts within Tian Ling Continent.

Moreover, if the man’s bloodline truly was that powerful, he would not be lingering in such a weak country like South Yue.

With his talent, any of the grand powers within Tian Ling Continent would be fighting for him.

Huang Yue Li thought for a while.

Even as her head started to hurt, she could not think of anything.

Shaking her head, she suddenly saw a tiny and suspicious figure from the corner of her eyes.

In tiny steps, the little boy was stealthily inching towards the door.

She coughed, “Wang Cai!”

“Damn!” The little boy immediately stood up straight, “It’s not……..I am saying………I am not called Wang Cai! I have the name, I am called………”

“Yesterday things I barely forgave you, but what is the deal with this box You have to explain it clearly for this sister!” Huang Yue Li interrupted him.

“Ah……..this thing……..” The little boy was itching to act pretentiously.

From the side, Huang Yue Li smilingly reminded him: “Little thing, you must consider it carefully.

You can not protect your sister, and if are also unable sister to open the box, then why do I need to feed you From tomorrow onwards, all your rights to chicken drumsticks will be cancelled!”


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