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Su Qingyue stared at her expressing a look which like she was almost about to faint.


seven o\'clock is your competition and if you\'re still here.

Do you know that many people said you\'re regretting accepting so many battles and you know that you\'re definitely going to lose, so….

until now you don\'t dare to go to the Martial Arts Stage! I was worried something would happen to you so I came over to look for you.

These people are really senseless…..

why bother about them Anyway as long as I arrive on time when the battle starts, it should be fine.

Arrive on time will do….

haven\'t you took part in any official battles before Everyone would normally arrive at the place beforehand! Don\'t tell me you don\'t need to do any preparation before the battle

What preparation Huang Yueli asked curiously.

There\'s just too many! For example, to adjust your mentality and mood, meditate and restore your condition and to get used to the battle grounds…..

To defeat a few clowns and to earn easy money, do I need to do so many unnecessary stuff Huang Yueli mumbled.


Su Qingye thought that she must have heard wrongly! Those who challenged Huang Yueli were core students whose ranking were in the top hundred, so which one of them were clowns

But before she could say anything, Huang Yueli had already stood up.

Let\'s go, it\'s indeed not early anymore and I don\'t want to be late.

After passing the main street, Huang Yueli realised that there wasn\'t a single soul on the street.

Even the usually bustling public squared were all empty.

Where was everyone Where had they all gone to

It was until they reached the Martial Arts Stage\'s empty land outside the entrance before Huang Yueli realised what was going on.

From the situation, the academy had been so empty because everyone was here to see her!

These bunch of people… were they that bored

Please move aside, move aside quickly!

Huang Yueli and Su Qingyue tried their best to squeeze inside but they were not able to do so.

There was simply too many people and because everyone was afraid they would be too far away and not be able to see the situation inside so they practically ignored the callings to move aside.

Seeing that the official battle time was nearing, Huang Yueli realised that she was unable to get into the battlegrounds.

What the heck, what situation is this Elder Sister Su, I realised that you\'re right.

We really cannot be late for the battle, otherwise… we can\'t even get into the battlegrounds! I really regret not listening to you…..

Su Qingyue, ....

She didn\'t meant it in this way but from why did Huang Yueli\'s words make so much sense!!


At this point in time, Celestial Light Academy\'s main entrance was another scenario.

Celestial Light Academy\'s Principal Jiang Tuxin, Vice Principal Ling Wenbin and several high management and sixth stage realm experts all appeared at the school\'s main door.

Moreover they had split into two lines, all of them bearing an anxious and terrified expression, peering towards the entrance.

For so many important people to appear together at Celestial Light Academy was a rare scene and even during the yearly school starting ceremony, many of the elders were not willing to grace the occasion.

But now all of them were standing here waiting.

If it hadn\'t been for everyone else who was at the Martial Arts Stage watching Huang Yueli\'s battle, this scene might have already caused a huge commotion and crowd.

As time went past slowly, the school main door was still empty.

Ling Wenbin appeared anxious as he nudged himself towards Jiang Tuxin and whispered, Principal Jiang, why have Young Sect Master not arrived yet Didn\'t the messenger say he will arrive at 7 o\'clock

Jiang Tuxin replied, You ask me, I ask who What status does the Young Sect Master hold, whatever timing he wants to arrive, it\'s not something that we can questions isn\'t it-

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