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Just based on that handsome, youthful, reversal of life face of Li Moying\'s could show that he was indeed very young.

But the imposing manner and extremely strong power that he gave off made anyone unable to imagine that he was only twenty years old.

Just standing at that spot, the Profound Energy pressure that was coming from him was at an unexcelled position which could repress all the top exponents there, making them suffocate as though their breathing would stop anytime and break out into cold sweat!

It was even more pressurizing than meeting with the Sect Master himself!

Even Jiang Tuxin whose cultivation was at eight stage realm, which was higher than his, was not spared!

It was until Jiang Tuxin and Ling Wenbin had escorted Li Moying away when the top exponents present were able to breathe feeling that the heavy pressure weighing upon their chests had finally been shifted away.

The few of them wiped the sweat off their foreheads coincidentally.

Heavens, I almost knelt down earlier, it\'s so terrifying! Th… That\'s Young Sect Master Isn\'t he only twenty years old How could he be so terrifying

You haven\'t heard of this, I heard that Young Sect Master had already broken through to seventh stage realm last month in the Sect! What\'s more, at that moment, both heaven and earth moved weirdly as the ground trembled and mountains swayed, almost splitting the entire rear mountain into half!

Are you telling the truth Young Sect Master is already in seventh stage realm He… He\'s only twenty! A twenty year old in seven stage realm…..

how is this possible How does he cultivate

I\'ve heard about this too, this matter….

is absolutely true! Young Sect Master\'s future is boundless and he will definitely be someone who will produce clouds with one turn of the hand and rain with another! His arrival at Celestial Light Academy is a huge opportunity for everyone here.

If anyone happens to fall into Young Sect Master\'s grace, then it would be a huge advantage in future but if anyone were to offend him accidentally...

Let\'s all be careful these few days!

Li Moying didn\'t bother about the people discussing behind his back.

He walked neither swiftly nor slowly forward as his deep gaze kept surveying the school grounds.

Even though Jiang Tuxin and the rest were talking, he listened absently but his heard had already flown towards a black bellied little fox.

Speaking of that, he and his Li\'er had been separated for close to half a month.

Logically speaking, Celestial Light Academy\'s enrolment examinations should have ended and based on Li\'er\'s potential, admitting into the academy shouldn\'t be any suspense.

He wondered if she saw him here, would she be surprised

Li Moying\'s expression was cold and he didn\'t say anything much so this made Jiang Tuxin and the rest flustered as all of them were on their toes not knowing if they did anything wrong.

When Mo Yi saw this he knew his Master\'s heart had already flown away and didn\'t hold any interest in entertaining any of these idle people.

So he had to make his appearance to help smooth things over as he started talking to Jiang Tuxin and the rest.

Principal Jiang, why is the academy so quiet What time is it now Why is there no one in the academy at all

This… This is an exception! Jiang Tuxin was worried that there was an misunderstanding as he hurriedly explained, Today something happened.

The new top student received over ten senior students\' battle invitation at one go and placed huge stakes on it! Protector Mo, you had stayed in Celestial Light Academy previously as well so you should know the difference between the new and senior students\' abilities.

This new student overestimated herself and had accepted so many battle invitations so this situations is rarely seen! So many of our students had gone over to the Martial Arts Stage to join in the fun.

When Li Moying heard the few words Top student, his brows moved slightly.-

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