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Thinking of this, the glow in Li Moying\'s eyes grew dimmer as he stared longingly at Huang Yueli\'s delicate fair face.

For just a moment, he wanted to shake her vigorously to wake her up, forcing her to answer clearly who was the person she really liked was!

Then he would go and kill that man who dared to vie with him for her before confining this little thing up so that she could not go anywhere else except to stay by his side and become his woman only!

This impulse was so strong as Li Moying suppressed the urge and it started to hurt faintly and his fingers kept twitching.

But finally at last, he took a deep breath as he pushed Huang Yueli away.

He was really frightened, afraid that he would hear the scariest answer from this little thing\'s mouth….

If she was conscious when she said that the person she liked the most was not him…..

Just thinking about this scenario made Li Moying feel that he was on the verge of insanity!

Huang Yueli unforgivingly rolled over again.

Li Moying arose and stood up from the bed.

Huang Yueli found that she caught nothing and her expression reflected an extremely disappointed look as she pouted her lips.

That pampered look made the man by the bedside wanted to give her a kiss.

Her hands flew everywhere searching but after some time, she didn\'t feel that muscular, warmth male body that she was looking for.

In the end, she could only grab on to the pillow which Li Moying had slept on, rubbing it into her embrace and as her movements came to a stop, her breathing gradually slowed down, she gradually went into dreamland.

Li Moying stood by the bedside, not making a single sound, quietly watching her peaceful sleeping looks as his expression turned dark and gloomy.

Looking at her for a long, long time....


The next day.

It was very late in the afternoon when the scorching sun rays soared into the room when Huang Yueli finally woke up.

Her head was still dizzy and as she sat up, she felt dazed.

It was after a little while when she recalled what happened last night.

After she had won consecutively for ten over battles, Li Xue\'er\'s pursuer, a fellow called Lei something came to challenge her.

Right after she had defeated him, that guy had actually became angry from embarrassment, throwing out a seventh tier Soul Fixation Pearl causing a huge explosion in the Martial Arts Stage.

When she was affected by the effect of the explosion, she had fainted from it...

But she had never thought that when she woke up, she actually found herself in the room Moreover, it didn\'t seem like she had any injuries

What was happening Could it be that Soul Fixation Pearl was a defect and the impact of the explosion wasn\'t that huge

Moreover, after she had fainted, why didn\'t Lei Zichu take the opportunity to kill her And who was it who had sent her back to her room

Huang Yueli shook her head and suddenly, a scenario came to her mind!

She was hugging a man, proactively holding his neck in his arms and lifting her head to kiss him…..

The two of them were tangled together passionately and the clothes on their bodies were almost stripped off totally…..

The man\'s strong and robust body was pressing against her soft petite body.

The difference between the strong and the weak was evident, making her feel shudder from deep within her senses…..

The scenario from her memory was so clear that she could even faintly feel that she had seen Mu Chengying yesterday And even confessing to him loudly without any sense of shame

Huang Yueli\'s face flushed red and immediately pulled her blanket away!

Lowering down her head, her clothes were still worn on properly and the front hook was hooked on tightly!

She stood stunned for a moment.

What was the situation Could it be that….

yesterday she had an erotic dream-

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