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Su Qingyue suddenly went into a trance and seeing that Huang Yueli was going to turn and leave, she hurriedly chased.

Younger Sister Li, earlier I heard you had some urgent matters so what was it that you needed to do Is there anything that I can help with Although I\'m not as powerful as you, but after all I\'ve stayed at the academy for two to three years so in certain matters, I\'m more familiar than you.

Huang Yueli thought that was probably so as well and replied, Then I\'ll have to trouble Sister Su.

I want to go to the core student enrolment centre to exchange my identity token before going over to the Profound Weapon Chambers and Scripture Depository.

Su Qingyue\'s eyes immediately lit up a hint of envy, Junior Sister Li, you\'re incredible! Not only have you entered the academy to become a core student, you also received the Principal\'s special approval to exchange for cultivation method and Profound Armaments! You really make one envious! I know where these few places are so let me bring you there!

Huang Yueli nodded her head and went along with her.

With someone who was familiar with the school\'s situation to lead the way, the efficiency for her to settle matters had indeed increased.

The farce that happened yesterday in the herb garden didn\'t happen today.

When they reached the core student enrolment centre, she smoothly exchanged her identity token.

The managing teacher was warm to her, inquiring about her welfare and said that if she met with any problems in the school, she could look for him to help!

This scenario made Su Qingyue extremely envious, Younger Sister\'s face is big enough! This Teacher Qian is usually very proud in school and towards ordinary students, he don\'t even want to bother with us but I\'d never expected him to butter you up!

Huang Yueli smiled, This is what means by ability determines status! Work hard and you\'ll also get the same chance!

Su Qingyue shook her head and showed a helpless expression.

After exchanging her identity token, the both of them headed towards the Profound Weapons Chambers.

Celestial Light Academy\'s Profound Weapon Chambers was extremely large and there were a total of five floors.

Each floor presented the corresponding tier of Profound Weapon and the highest was fifth tier.

Besides that, by the side of the Profound Weapon Chambers was where Celestial Light Academy\'s Armament Masters refined their weapons.

Ten over Armament Refining Rooms stood out in one line and occupied the area which had the most abundant fire attributed Profound Qi so just looked at it was rather magnificent.

From another angle, it could clearly tell Celestial Light Academy\'s ability.

When Huang Yueli walked into the Profound Weapon Chambers, the first thing she saw was Li Xue\'er who was arranging refining ingredients in one corner of the Profound Weapon Chambers.

As a disciple of the Armament Master Tang Jinhua, she had the same treatment as the other armament apprentices and had to rotate on duty roster every day to be a helper to the official Armament Masters and help arranging ingredients or the various Profound Armaments in the Profound Weapon Chambers.

Li Xue\'er raised her head and saw Huang Yueli all smiles as she stepped into the Profound Weapon Chambers as her expression changed.

Bai Ruoli! Why are you here! Only highly valued Armament Masters could come to a place like this Profound Weapon Chambers and not some vulgar and low levelled person like you could enter as you wish!

Her forehead was still bandaged so apparently the injuries that she suffered at the Martial Arts Stage had not fully recovered yet.

Huang Yueli slowly walked in and stood in front of Li Xue\'er.

Oh I\'m so sorry but I remember that you\'re not some highly valued Armament Master and just an Armament apprentice! If only Armament Masters could enter this place, then won\'t you have to get out from here immediately


Li Xue\'er didn\'t expected herself to say the wrong thing on and immediately was stuffed back the same things which she said earlier so she was extremely furious.

In the eyes of the other students, an armament apprentice held a high position but Huang Yueli had used a tone of contempt to talk to her, totally not attaching any importance to her at all.-

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