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Furthermore, these people could only run errands.

Towards really secretive matters, she would absolutely not let them find out about it.

Once the matters were completed, Huang Yueli was prepared to go out to look for a place to cultivate.

However, after she passed by the entrance, she suddenly realised that Li Moying\'s main door wasn\'t shut tightly and the array at the entrance had been moved by someone.

Huang Yueli\'s first reaction was: Surely it wasn\'t a case of theft right

Mo Yi was called away by Li Moying early in the morning so by right, he shouldn\'t be here at all.

Huang Yueli\'s alarms started to arose and she gently pushed opened the main door and walked right in.

Li Moying\'s courtyard\'s array was set up by her personally so when she entered, she didn\'t trigger any mechanisms, as though there were no movements.

Upon entering the courtyard, she heard Li Moying\'s voice coming from the main hall.

So this man had already returned

Huang Yueli heaved a sigh of relief but suddenly…..

Young Sect Master, this matter concerns Bai Ruoli so I cannot don\'t say this…..

She went into a blank as she recognised this voice as Celestial Light Academy\'s Principal Jiang Tuxin!

Why would Principal Jiang intentionally enter Li Moying\'s courtyard to look for him Moreover, he had specially mentioned her nameFind authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Huang Yueli\'s forehead started to crease as she just simply hid one side and started to eavesdrop…..


Inside the Main Hall.

Li Moying\'s expression turned extremely ugly.

It\'s already been three days! Three days ago, you had already returned from Celestial Light Sect but it\'s only until today that you came and tell me this If it wasn\'t because you had met with trouble, when are you intending to hide this until Besides that I had already ordered this again and again.

Anything regarding me and Bai Ruoli must not be revealed to Celestial Light Sect so how did news travel there In your eyes, do you even see me as your Young Sect Master

Li Moying\'s handsome face turned dark and sinister to the max as his might was unleashed even without his anger and the chilly intent that was coming out from him made the surrounding air froze.

Jiang Tuxin subconsciously shuddered as his heart went into an uncontrollable tremor!

Li Moying\'s imposing manner became even stronger as compared to when he first arrived at Celestial Light Academy, it had went up one notch higher.


couldn\'t have advanced again right

Young Sect Master had advanced into seventh stage realm first level just barely one month plus ago and he managed to advance… so quickly again

In the way of cultivation, the further they advanced, the more difficult it was to advance, especially upon reaching the seventh stage realm.

Every single small realm they advanced, it was as difficult as trying to climb to the skies but yet for Young Sect Master, it was….

actually so fast

Looks like Young Sect Master really had a bright future in front of him and no matter who they offended, they absolutely could not offend him!

Thinking of this, Jiang Tuxin hurriedly explained, Young Sect Master, it\'s not that I intentionally tried to hide this but….

only Eldest Young Miss\'s status is placed there so how would I dare to casually gossip about her Eldest Young Miss wanted me to expel Miss Bai from Celestial Light Academy and I had already said clearly that it was not possible and thought that Eldest Young Miss had no alternative and could only give up! So considering Eldest Young Miss\'s reputation, I didn\'t say it out earlier…..

Then what about now What made you want to say it out now Li Moying sneered.

Jiang Tuxin continued, I had absolutely not expected Eldest Young Miss to actually talk bad about Celestial Light Academy in front of Sect Master and held back the original resources which should have been given to us! I also heard that Eldest Young Miss had intended to apply to come to Celestial Light Academy with the reason being to supervise our work….. He carefully took a glance at Li Moying, That\'s right, I also heard a rumour….


What kind of rumour What\'s with the hemming and hawing Say it out quickly! Li Moying urged him impatiently.


it\'s related to….

Ughh, Young Sect Master, you and Eldest Young Miss\' wedding…..-

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