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Early this morning, Tang Jinhua along with Jiang Tuxin and Ling Wenbin stood at the entrance of the Profound Weapon Chambers as they waited to welcome the VIPs from the Armament Guild.

Besides that, what was different from last year was beside Tang Jinhua was Li Xue\'er who was dressed in the Armament apprentice\'s robe.

Li Xue\'er raised her chin up high with a dignified and solemn expression.

If one were to take a careful look at her, one would be able to see the unconcealable delightfulness and arrogance deep within her eyes.

This was not an ordinary occasion.

At such an important event, for her to be selected as the students\' representative, following beside the Principals in the academy to welcome the Armament Guild\'s VIPs, this was a huge glory! This was also an enormous recognition towards her armament refining standard!

Thinking that after today, she would become a true blue Armament Master and by then she would attain the academy\'s true special privilege level, Li Xue\'er couldn\'t help but revealed a smile.

In reality, it was exactly so.

Those students passing by were firstly shocked, followed by envy and jealousy when they saw Li Xue\'er standing right next to the Principal as they started to discuss about her.

Look, isn\'t that Li Xue\'er How is it possible that she\'s standing right next to the Principal

That\'s right! Just two days ago, I heard that Li Xue\'er and Senior Brother Li\'s relationship isn\'t good at all and had even been slapped by Junior Sister Bai! Why is she still enjoying such privileges in the academy

As the saying went, good news don\'t leave the house but bad news travelled thousand miles.

Many others were not accustomed to Li Xue\'er\'s usual arrogant and despotic ways and after being taught a lesson by Huang Yueli and Li Moying that day exposing her swindling tricks, news of it was spread throughout the entire academy and very quickly, everyone found out about it.

It was rumoured that she had not left her room for three days because she felt ashamed and resentful.

In the end, the minute she left her room, she became so glamorous so how would it not make others feel jealousy and hatred

Shh, lower your voice! Someone who knew what was going on cut off their discussions, Have you all forgotten that Li Xue\'er is a high levelled armament apprentice! I heard that among the students taking part in the Armament Master certification today, she is the youngest and moreover, there is ninety percent and above chance that she would be able to pass it! Do you know what this means

What How can that be possible Li Xue\'er is not yet eighteen right

An entry level Armament Master is the toughest among all the different occupations.

For her to become an official Armament Master at such a tender age, her future is boundless!

Ai, no wonder she\'s so complacent today.

As long as she becomes an Armament Master, she will no longer be on the same level as us…..

Isn\'t that so! So that\'s why I\'m asking you all to lower your volume! If she hears you and uses her status as an Armament Master to exact revenge on you in the future, then what should you do Really envy Li Xue\'er.

Even though Senior Brother Li refused to be her backing, but she\'s still so powerful…..

This time, no one else dared to say a single word.

Li Xue\'er stood at an eye-grabbing position at the entrance and although she could not hear what the spectators were saying, but she had roughly guessed the contents which they were discussing about.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

She puffed out her chest and tidied her robe, trying her utmost best to make her deportment stand out even more perfectly.

This was a day which she was destined to become famous and everyone could only throw those envious gazes onto her! So what if Bai Ruoli was complacent After today, she would be even more glamorous that that wretched lass! Perhaps even Li Moying would regret his actions and come begging her to admit their sibling relationship!

Just then, an uproar was heard from the main entrance.

The Vice President of the Armament Guild had arrived.

Jiang Tuxin and the rest hurriedly went up to welcome them.-

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