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Tang Jinhua pulled Li Xue\'er over and whispered, Xue\'er, I will now introduce you the two Presidents so you must perform well!

Li Xue\'er perked herself up as she nodded, Yes! Master please rest assured!

Although Tang Jinhua was just a fourth tier Armament Master, but he was just barely forty years old and among Armament Masters, he was one of the younger ones and had many chances to advance further in future.

He was considered as one of the outstanding younger generation so in the Armament Guild, his status was not low at all.

After the two Presidents had met with Jiang Tuxin, they turned their gazes towards Tang Jinhua.

Jinhua, I heard that you had improved tremendously these days.

Not only have you started to refine fifth tier Profound Armaments, furthermore… you also nurtured an outstanding disciple! I think the most highly of you among the younger generations, you have a bright future ahead!

Tang Jinhua hurriedly smiled, President Hu, President Gong, thank you for your praises! It\'s all thanks to Celestial Light Academy and Armament Guild\'s help that I have today\'s achievements.

President Hu smiled, It\'s not easy these days to see someone so talented to be so modest and prudent! I really didn\'t think wrongly of you! This young lady beside you is…..

The two Presidents looked towards Li Xue\'er and she immediately puffed out her chest as she raised her head to reveal a smile.

Tang Jinhua introduced, This is Li Xue\'er, the female disciple who I had mentioned the other time! Today she will also be taking part in the Armament Master certification assessment!

Oh I heard she\'s only eighteen

 Before Tang Jinua had opened his mouth, Li Xue\'er already started to speak out, President Hu, I will be turning eighteen at the end of this year!

Then how much confidence do you have to pass today\'s assessment

This….. Li Xue\'er\'s smile was gentle and elegant but her tone was filled with self-confidence, The first tier Profound Armament percentage of success that I\'m currently refining is now ninety percent and above! I think in this way, passing the first tier Armament Master certification shouldn\'t be a problem at all!Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

The two Presidents revealed a shocked and joyous expression, That\'s great! Jinhua, where did you managed to find this armament refining talent She\'s not eighteen yet but already had a ninety percent certainty of refining first tier Profound Armament! Most experienced first tier Armament Masters only have a success rate of fifty to sixty percent! Miss Li\'s future endeavours is limitless!

Li Xue\'er hastily shook her hands, I do not deserve your praise, you flatter me!

Although she was saying this, but inside her heart she was overly complacent!

To be praised in such a way by Sky Cloud City\'s Armament Guild Presidents was such an honourable matter! Only an armament refining talent like her deserved such special treatment!

Li Xue\'er was indeed way too glamorous.

Seeing how she conversed with President Hu and President Gong, numerous spectators on the spectators seats shot jealous gazes towards her.

But no matter how envious they were, they had nothing to say.

An armament refining talent like Li Xue\'er was indeed rarely seen and even though many of them were not convinced, they could do nothing about it!

After the two Presidents were escorted to their seats, President Jiang proceeded on the judging panels seat.

Li Xue\'er bowed in respect as she stepped backwards, thinking of doing some preparations on the contestant\'s seats.

But at this time, another bustle came from the entrance of the Profound Weapon Chambers.

Furthermore, it was even more lively than when the two presidents appeared!

President Hu asked curiously, What\'s going on President Jiang, who else have you invited to be on the judging panel Don\'t tell me… it\'s those old monsters from Sky Emperor City

Jiang Tuxin went into a blank, There\'s no one else.

The judging panel whom I had invited have already arrived...

He raised his head and looked towards the entrance when he suddenly opened his eyes wide, Oh, it\'s actually him…..-

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