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The managing teacher looked at the two young ladies in front of him and was still hesitating, thinking of ideas on how he could reject Huang Yueli.

He was doing it out of kind heartedness because he had heard their conversation and believing that Huang Yueli would definitely lose so he refused to register for her!

Teacher, just let her register! Anyway, there are always people who think too highly of themselves and by the time they threw their face away, it was also her own fault for bringing trouble to herself so it had nothing to do with you Li Xue\'er sneered as she continued talking.

Both of you ladies, please stop arguing…..

Tang Jinhua walked over and interrupted them, It\'s alright, since Miss Bai wants to take part in the assessment, then do the registration for her!

But, Master Tang…..

Li Xue\'er cried out in joy, Master! You\'re the most reasonable person, Bai Ruoli, aren\'t you going to register Surely you\'re not going to regret right

You\'re thinking too much! Huang Yueli shot her a glance and signed her name on the registration form!

She speedily completed filling in the form and passed it over to Tang Jinhua.

Tang Jinhua\'s face was all smiles, Miss Bai, previously I wanted to take you in as my disciple and you mentioned that you\'re not interested in armament refining so I\'d not expected you to change your mind so quickly! After today\'s assessment, feel free to come and look for me.

Don\'t worry, as long as you learn from me properly, at most two years, you\'d definitely become a true blue Armament Master.

Don\'t be too anxious today, just familiarise yourself with the scenario.

Huang Yueli gave a noncommittal smile, not saying a word.

Li Xue\'er, on the other hand, clenched her teeth silently!

Why hadn\'t Master still given up on the idea of taking in this wretched lass as his disciple What\'s so good about this wretched lass that made her Master kept pestering her but in the end she couldn\'t care less about it!

But no matter, as long as that wretched lass made a fool out of herself today, then in the future, she would not have any more interest in armament refining!

Managing teacher tried several times to talk but he wasn\'t able to tell Tang Jinhua anything at all and was extremely frustrated.

Finished, it\'s finished, Master Tang didn\'t know what these two lasses betted on! And he didn\'t know the severity of this matter! This time round, the academy\'s most reputed cultivational talent…..

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But saying anything now was all too late.

They had already dragged on for some time so the minute the registration was completed, all the contenders started to go to their seating.

Tang Jinhua also took quick steps back onto the stage and acting as the emcee, he officially announced the start of this year\'s assessment!

Right after President Hu and Jiang Tuxin\'s speeches, Tang Jinhua announced the rules and regulations for the assessment.

As always, First tier Armament Master certification assessment is split up into two sections: theory and practical assessment.

We will first proceed with the theory assessment and will give out the examination paper to everyone.

The duration of this assessment will last two hours and there is an hourglass in front to count the time.

Saying that, he specially reminded, Everyone must take note: Number one, the assessment timing is very short and there are a lot of questions.

So everyone must grab hold of the time properly and pick those questions which you know how to do first.

Don\'t waste too much time on the minute details and end up having not enough time to finish up.

Number two, theory assessment is equally important as those who are able to obtain the minimum of sixty points will be able to enter the next round of assessment, otherwise you will be disqualified! So everyone please place your utmost emphasis on this!

Now, the assessment will start!

Managing teacher handed the examination paper to every single person and Tang Jinhua personally turned the huge hourglass around to start the countdown.

The Armament Master certification assessment officially started!-

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