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Chapter 1871:Blood Feud andOld Young ManTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Since Luke couldnt control Wanda with his ability, he did it with his words.

The moment Luke suddenly appeared outside the door, he started to create a tense atmosphere.

He then politely said that he wanted to talk to her, which threw her off slightly.

After entering, he took the initiative to draw attention to Pietros wound, which made Wanda believe that she had almost killed her brother.

Luke seized the moment to save Pietro, which put Wanda in hisdebt and made it much less likely for her to use soft tactics against him.


However, this impression of him as her brotherssavior wouldnt last.

Right after being rescued from a car crash, a person might feel that giving all their possessions to their savior wasnt enough to express their gratitude.

As long as the victim calmed down half an hour later, however, it would be hard for them to think like that again.

Thus, Luke struck while the iron was hot and used thelittle secret about his superpower to close the distance between them.

In fact, this little secret wasnt a big deal for the Avengers.

They had Life 1 and the Light Dagger, so they wouldnt be surprised even if they knew that Luke had a healing superpower.

Tony might think that Luke was using the Light Dagger in a different way.

Lukes methods werent complicated, but they were efficient and practical.

From shop owners or customers who used fake money at the mart to higher-level swindlers, and finally to psychiatrists, they all employed similar techniques.

The only difference was in the acting, prep work, and skills.

Lukes biggest advantage was that he wasnt afraid of the other party turning hostile after sensing something wasnt right.

If they really turned hostile, the other party would be the one to be beaten up.

This time, the witch was quite lucky.

She obediently took the bait and accepted beingrecruited andsupervised without much hesitation.

She and her brother hence didnt have to enjoy Lukestorturous teaching.

Back then, the supergirl trio had suffered from bad luck for months.

It was only after Stacy almost went bald from banging her head on walls that Luke removed the bad luck from them.

Now that he thought about it, Stacy had probably suffered this backlash in advance from hooking up with his sister.

If you want to wear a crown, you need to have a hard head first.

A person would need a hard head to hook up with his sister.

After waking up, Pietro got a rough idea of what happened after he passed out, and he had no objections to his sisters decision.

He knew that if Ultron succeeded in turning Earth into a mass graveyard for mankind, Wanda would still feel tortured even if she survived.

Taking revenge on Tony Stark had become an obsession.

But the siblings werent murderers, nor did they want to be accomplices who killed billions of people.

Luke took them back in his Quinjet.

It took more than five hours to reach the underwater base.

That was plenty of time to have a good chat with the two kids.

As they chatted, he learned more about the siblings.

When they were ten, the family of four was having dinner when missiles made by Stark Industries suddenly fell from the sky.

The first missile smashed through the floor and the basement, burying the siblings parents along with it.

A second missile then landed in front of the siblings.

The siblings, who were still kids, trembled in fear at the sight of the second missile.

They dug carefully for two days before they were able to crawl out of the ruins.

The strange thing was that both missiles were duds, or the first one wouldve already killed the entire family.

Sitting in the Quinjet, Lukes expression was a little strange when he opened his helmet.

Tony would make two sh*tty duds in a row Even the tycoon himself would be embarrassed to sell something of that quality!

Pietro and Wanda were twins.

Pietro, who was born twelve minutes earlier, was the older brother.

They were both born in 1990, so would have been 10 in the year 2000.

Luke thought for a moment.

Obadiah had already been privately manufacturing and selling weapons during that time.

According to Tonys own investigation, Obadiah secretly sold real weapons from Stark Industries on one hand, while on the other, he sold weapons from his ownworkshop on the black market.

It was especially easy for Obadiah to sell knockoff versions of his own companys products to the rogue armed forces and terrorists who found the real products too expensive.

Also, he didnt have to share this income with the rest of Stark Industries.

He settled a lot of underground deals with dirty cash.

There was basically no risk in using intermediaries.

The important thing was that Sokovia was in the middle of Eastern Europe.

For the sake of its reputation, Stark Industries didnt have any military dealings in this zone.

It certainly wasnt to clean up Tonys identity as an arms dealer.

Most of the weapons sold or distributed in America were used to create chaos, and arms dealers were accomplices.

However, the two Stark Industries missiles that the witchs family had encountered might not be the real deal.

There might still be hope for thisblood feud.

Tony had now turned over a new leaf and was a 2-star teammate, while the siblings were temporary members who had to redeem themselves after the crimes they had committed.

There was no way Luke would use Tony as a way to build rapport with the siblings.

However, he also didnt want the situation to blow up in his face.

Luke hesitated as he wondered if he should say anything.

This could be considered a test.

He didnt need the witch to play nice with Tony, but she couldnt screw the tycoon over again in the future.

The tycoon was a magnet for trouble in the Marvel world; it would be too dangerous if the witch poured oil on the fire.

This was only the first time, and Ultron had already sworn to destroy the world.

The next time, the entire galaxy might be destroyed, and the next time after that, the entire universe might be destroyed.

As Luke mulled over this, Wanda told him what had happened to the siblings in recent years.

The missiles which destroyed their home when they were ten killed their parents.

The siblings could only roam around Sokovia as orphans.

Three years ago, they were captured by the Hydra branch in Sokovia and sent to that secret base as test subjects.

Hydra had tried to use Lokis scepter to create superhumans, but failed.

The siblings were the only ones to gain superpowers and survive.

Wandas ability wasnt purely mind control.

She could also use it in physical attacks, which was similar to Lukes Telekinesis, but much more powerful.

As for Pietro… he could run fast

Looking at the young man with long gray hair, Luke was silent for a moment. Young man, what have you been through all these years

A clueless Pietro gave a small demonstration.

Luke looked at the stats the armor generated.

Pietro was indeed astonishingly fast, but it couldnt be considered a very strong ability.

At Pietros speed, most people would only see a shadow flash by at most.

However, Selina would basically be able to see his movements in her complete symbiotic form; it wouldnt be hard to deal with him.

Luke wasnt interested in bullying this kid with an old mentality.

It wasnt easy to lock onto Pietro with Telekinesis, but Mental Interference and Real Dream worked on him.

As long as Luke got the timing right, it would be an instant kill.

As for setting up aslice and dice trap with Elementary Annihilation to cut this youngster to pieces, that would be too ruthless.

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