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Si Yang glanced at her from the corner of his eye.

“No!” It will definitely spell trouble if a spoiled missy like Gu Mingzhu joins our team.

Besides, cant she tell that Big Brother has no interest in her

Gu Mingzhu felt her face burn up when Si Yang outright rejected her in public.

She looked at Si Ting in grievance but saw that he did not look at her at all.

He even seemed nonchalant, as if he did not care about her.

Gu Mingzhu felt increasingly uncomfortable, and a fire burned in her stomach, causing her turmoil.

She tightly bit her lips and controlled her impulsiveness.

However, she became even more jealous and hated Chu Liuyue even more.

How can Chu Liuyue be invited by them, yet I was rejected when I asked Chu Liuyue can easily get what I badly want but cant have.

I do not believe that Chu Liuyue can continue to be so proud all the way.

Dongfang Qing quickly walked over.

The discussions in the room immediately died down.

Dongfang Qing happily smiled at the crowd.

“It seems like all of you are looking forward to the Fiend Tidal.

Theres still half a month left, yet youre all so excited.”


Dongfang, is it true that high-level fiends will appear during the Fiend Tidal” asked a student curiously.

Dongfang Qing stroked his beard.

“Hundreds of fiends will gather at Wan Ling Mountain during the Fiend Tidal.

If youre lucky enough, you might meet a high-level one.”

Once he finished his sentence, the students eyes lit up and filled with unconcealable excitement.

“If a cultivator can successfully make a pact with a fiend, it will undoubtedly increase their attacking power.

The higher the fiends level is, the more it can help you.

This is especially so for Xuan Masters.

Our bodies are relatively weaker, but we dont have to worry about it if we have fiends with us.”

Xuan Masters had a higher status than warriors, but their weakness was that they were not good at fighting.

They needed time and effort, especially when they were setting up Xuan formations.

If fiends helped them at that time, it would be akin to adding wings to tigers.

Thus, Xuan Masters were more interested in fiends than warriors.

“Some of you already have your own fiends, but most of you dont.

You can take this chance to find a suitable one for yourself.

Give it a shot!”


Dongfang, cant a cultivator only have one fiend”


Fiends are naturally temperamental and arrogant, so they wont serve a master who already has made a pact with one.

If you want to hunt for a new fiend, you need to release or kill your original one.

Once fiends have a master, theyll have a human scent on them.

So they will be ostracized, even if they return to their packs.

In most scenarios, they will only die if theyre abandoned by their Masters.”

The crowd nodded in understanding.

“Even though fiends are ferocious, it seems like theyre pretty prideful…”

Dongfang Qing emotionally sighed, “Yes.

Once a fiend recognizes a master, they will forever be loyal to them, living and dying with their masters.

Hence, you must be very careful and choose properly when hunting for fiends.”

The students were thrilled.


Chu Liuyue looked at the chessboard in front of her and suddenly stopped in her actions. Live and die with their masters… So, after I died…


“Okay, you should use the remaining time to work hard in your cultivation.

When your abilities are elevated, you can then hunt for higher-grade fiends.

Today, well be testing you on water formations…” Dongfang Qing waved his hand, and the chess pieces flew out to form a new formation on the board.

Chu Liuyue looked down and collected her thoughts.

Chu Liuyue was pretty distracted during the lesson.

Even though her eyes were glued to the chessboard, many different scenes appeared in her mind.

As the Tianling Dynastys heavenly princess in her previous life, she naturally had her own fiend.

However, it had coincidentally been breaking through to the next level and fell into a deep sleep when she was in trouble.

When she was betrayed and left in a perilous situation, she could only choose to commit suicide.

However, she did arrange for its lodging before she took action.

I dont know what happened to it after that…

Country Yao Chen was very far away from the Tianling Dynasty.

Based on her current status and ability, it was as hard as going to the moon for her to hear news from them, let alone going back there.

Perhaps she could only find out what happened when the so-called envoy came…

“Hm Chu Liuyue, havent you solved the formation”

After more than two hours, Si Yang solved the formation and noticed that Chu Liuyue was actually motionless and still staring at the chessboard when he turned around to look at her.

She had solved the formations not long after Si Ting the first few times.

At first, everyone was still shocked, but they were all used to it happening now.

He did not expect to come in second this time, in front of Chu Liuyue!

Chu Liuyue recovered her senses.

Gu Mingzhu also solved the Xuan formation at this point, and the pieces loudly fell into place.

She glanced at Chu Liuyue and sneered.

“Pfft! One can only see a horses power by traveling long distances.

Everyone will know if one truly has the ability after some time.”

Chu Liuyue was too lazy to care about her weird behavior.

She lowered her head and started to place her pieces instead.

Her actions were very fast, like a moving cloud and falling water.

It was as if she completely did not need to think about it.

After making a few moves in such a manner, the Xuan formation sounded and unlocked.

Afterward, she did not even look at the surrounding weird stares and directly stood up.


Dongfang, can I leave now”

“Sure, of course! Tomorrow is a holiday, so you can go home earlier.” Dongfang Qing readily agreed since he also noticed Chu Liuyue looking somewhat off today.

Chu Liuyue thanked him and left.

Gu Mingzhu coldly shouted, “Whats there to be happy about”

Si Ting looked up but could only see the corner of her clothes floating away. Whats… wrong with her

In his mind, Chu Liuyue had always been calm and collected as if nothing could move her.

She could decisively sever her ties with the Chu family and live independently.

Chu Liuyue was definitely much stronger than what she looked like.

This was the first time he saw her so distracted.

Si Ting turned around, and his gaze landed on the fixed chessboard as his brows knitted tightly.

If I did not remember wrongly… Chu Liuyue seemed to have taken only one look at the chessboard before directly placing her pieces.

The academy had a break every five days, so Chu Liuyue just lightly packed her items and went home.

Chu Ning had not returned yet, so Chu Liuyue ate dinner on her own and went back to her room to rest.

Once she lay down on the wooden chair, a weird noise sounded from outside the window.

Chu Liuyue looked over and saw a huge white head stuck at the window.

A pair of icy-blue eyes stared straight at her.

It was actually Xue Xue.

Chu Liuyue looked at it and broke into laughter.

The window was not that big, so almost half its head was gone with its head sticking through it.

“Xue Xue, why are you here” asked Chu Liuyue as she walked over.

Xue Xue placed its paw on her hand and looked at her pitifully.

Only God knew how busy it had been outside the past few days.

It missed her like crazy.

“Quick, come in.” Chu Liuyue patted its head and moved backward.

Xue Xue wanted to barge in eagerly, but the sound of wood splitting was heard.

It immediately stopped in its actions and had a stiff expression.

Chu Liuyues eyes turned, and she noticed that the edges of the window were broken.

Her eyelids twitched.

“Y-Youre stuck”


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