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At that moment, the air seemed to be frozen.

The surroundings were silent, and even breathing became earth-shattering.

The air seemed to contract silently and squeeze within the middle, causing one to suffocate.

Elder Meng had his eyes open and mouth agape.

Even if he had been dominating the God Residence Realm for so many years and witnessed countless storms, he was taken aback when he saw this scene. Rong Xiu and Chu Yue are actually hugging! The key is that it isnt an ordinary hug! Such intimacy looks wrong in all ways! Even if they really are biological brothers, they shouldnt do this, right! 

Even though Elder Meng didnt speak, his heart was in turmoil.

In comparison, Rong Xiu was calmer and more composed.

Hearing Elder Mengs voice, strangeness flashed across Rong Xius eyes.

However, it quickly disappeared, and his eyes returned to normal.

Elder Meng was stronger than him, and he placed all his focus on Chu Liuyue previously, so he didnt notice Elder Meng coming.

Rong Xiu lightly patted Chu Liuyues shoulders.

“Be good.

Go back and rest first.”

Chu Liuyue originally wanted to ask more about her father, but seeing this current situation, she knew she couldnt do it.

She nodded and removed herself from Rong Xius embrace as she turned and looked at Elder Meng.

“Thank you for letting me stay, Elder Meng.”

Even though Rong Xiu didnt talk about it, she knew that it was all thanks to Elder Meng that she and Rong Xiu could stay here.

Not to mention others, she was really much more comfortable here than outside, and it was more convenient for her to recuperate her body.

She had to say this word of gratitude no matter what.

However, how could Elder Meng take it in now! He nodded rather slowly and stiffly.

“Oh, its n-nothing much… Youre injured, so you should rest first…”

It seemed like he had lost his soul even when speaking.

Chu Liuyue obediently lay on the jade bed.

Rong Xiu stood with one hand behind his back and lightly said, “She just woke up.

I was just about to tell you.”

The corner of Elder Mengs lips twitched. Just about to tell me I couldnt tell that Rong Xiu had this intention at all! 

“Its good that hes awake.” Elder Meng took a deep breath in and swallowed his words with much difficulty.

“I coincidentally have something to discuss with you.

Follow me.”

Rong Xiu lightly nodded.


Elder Meng turned around, went up two floors, and couldnt help but turn around to glance at Chu Liuyue.

He met with that pair of black, gem-like eyes.

Chu Liuyue blinked.

“Elder Meng, is there anything wrong”

“N-no!” Elder Meng suddenly felt guilty for some reason as he hurriedly retracted his gaze and went upstairs.

His figure quickly disappeared in the stairs.

Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue exchanged a glance, and the corner of their lips curled up slightly.

After Rong Xiu left, Chu Liuyue was alone on the entire second floor.

Originally, she wanted to rest for a while longer, but she missed her father and couldnt calm her heart no matter what.

After thinking for a while, she swiftly took out the Physician Medicinal Guide that Elder Wan Zheng had previously left behind to read.

Ever since she came back from the Flood-Desert Northern Region and broke through to become a stage-nine warrior, a long crack had appeared on her black pyramid.

Just one more touch, and it would break completely.

She recalled quite a few things, including many advanced Xuan formations and medicinal formulas.

Now that she couldnt use her force, she could only read the medicinal guide.

After those memories came back, she seemed to be a master without a mentor as she naturally learned those items—especially the medicinal formulas.

Although they were as complicated as ever, she could memorize them smoothly.

Chu Liuyue faintly felt that she seemed to have reached the barrier to becoming a Physician.

But with the previous failure, she became even more careful.

Rong Xiu followed Elder Meng to the top floor.

Ordinary people had no right to enter here, but Rong Xiu was an exception.

On the one hand, Elder Meng—who was agitated—had lost his rationality.

Besides this place, he really couldnt think of another place he could talk to Rong Xiu properly.

On the other hand, Rong Xiu had come here before.

After walking to the top floor, Elder Meng raised his hand to seal the barrier and sat down on his usual seat.

Rong Xiu followed him and saw the door quietly floating in the middle.

He squinted his phoenix-like eyes slightly, and a ray of dim light flashed across his eyes.

Then, he silently retracted his gaze and stood five steps before Elder Meng.

“Elder Meng, you said that you have something to discuss with me.

May I know what it is”

Elder Meng lowered his head, and when he heard this, he couldnt help but look up and glance at him strangely.

“Do you really not know what I want to ask”

Rong Xiu was straightforward.

“Elder Meng, please enlighten me.”

“Hmph!” However, Elder Meng didnt fall for his trick and harshly grunted.

“Why dont you say whats going on with you and Chu Yue!”

If Rong Xiu doesnt make this clear, I will feel very uneasy the whole day! 

Upon hearing this, Rong Xiu smiled slightly.

“Didnt you see it just now He just woke up and wanted to go out, but he got up anxiously and almost fell.

Hence, I went to support him.”

Elder Meng half-believed his words. I didnt see the front and only saw their backs! Besides, was that supporting him The two of them were clearly hugging! 

Ive known Rong Xiu for a few years.

According to my understanding of Rong Xiu, he definitely wouldnt do such a thing unless… that person has an extraordinary status in Rong Xius heart! 

But seeing Rong Xius behavior, he clearly wont say anything more.

Thats true.

Chu Yue… is handsome, clean, has an outstanding talent, and people will fall for him when he smiles.

However, hes a true young man! Doesnt Rong Xiu already have a Princess Consort What is he thinking 

The two of them fell silent and faced each other.

After a moment, Elder Mengs gaze unintentionally swept across that door.

His expression suddenly drooped, and he looked lethargic.

He then swiped the dust and rubbed his brows.

“Rong Xiu, you… are already married now.

You need to know your limits in some things.”

Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows slightly. This sentence… 

“I heard from Bo Yan that you picked your own princess consort and that you seem to be very satisfied with her.

You… should like her very much, right”

Rong Xius expression became even more incredulous, and he nodded.

“Of course.”

Elder Meng hesitated for a moment and spoke with much difficulty.

“I know that when the girl left without coming back, she broke your heart.

When you went to find her personally later, you experienced life and death situations and came back filled with injuries.

However, those are matters of the past.

Since you already have your princess consort, you need to treat her nicely, and not…”

He sighed. It shouldnt be me saying these words, but if I dont say them, nobody will care about Rong Xiu.

Hence, no matter if Rong Xiu hates to hear it, I still have to say it! 

Thinking of this, Elder Mengs gaze became much more solemn as he said, “That kid Chu Yue is indeed quite similar to the girl.

However, its unfair to both of them if you treat him as that girls substitute!”

Rong Xius eyelids harshly twitched.

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