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“Impossible! There must be a problem here!” As he was agitated, Baili Chuns voice became shrill and sharp.

His old face was filled with shock and anger.

“Test again!”

Rong Xiu smiled, but his gaze was filled with cold nonchalance and harshness.

“Clan Leader, you clearly know that the sundial wont be wrong, so why do this again Jiang Zhiyuan doesnt have a drop of the Sky-Cloud Empires blood.”

Every single word was like a sharp knife that harshly pierced Baili Chuns heart!

His footsteps were shaky.

Patches of black appeared before him, and his entire body turned cold. How could it be… How is that possible! When Jiang Zhiyuan was born, I had specifically sent someone to guard her so that her identity wouldnt be wrong.

Then… theres something wrong with my daughter 

Back then, I had personally carried that child back! I also counted the time back then, so it should be my child! Could it be… A terrifying and ridiculous guess surfaced in Baili Chuns mind, causing his heart to beat wildly.

His blood also coursed around violently and almost exploded!

He breathed loudly and clutched his chest tightly with one hand.

The thoughts in his brain were messy!

The surroundings were silent.

Quite a few people recovered their senses and secretly exchanged glances.

Their expressions were strange as though they were holding something in. What a huge cuckold! What a good show! Thebiological granddaughter Jiang Zhiyuan, who Baili Chun kept thinking about and taking care of, has no relation to him at all! All these years, he raised someone elses child and didnt know it himself! What a joke! 

Originally, he thought that exposing Jiang Zhiyuan being his own granddaughter would be the most shocking news of the day.

He never expected such a reversal to happen!

It even happened in front of so many people—it directly slapped his face!

It was incredible! From today onward, Baili Chun would be the entire God Residence Realms laughingstock!

Nobody spoke, but those gazes landed on Baili Chun; they were ambiguous and conflicted.

Amongst them, the mockery and ridicule were plain obvious!

The air seemed to be frozen.

Baili Chun just felt that there were invisible forces in the surrounding that pressed on him, almost sealing him in this enclosed room!

His face was on fire, but the surroundings were icy cold.

Jiang Zhiyuan was dazed when she heard Rong Xius words. Im not the Sky-Cloud Empires descendant But didnt the clan leader say that Im his biological granddaughter What exactly happened 

Detecting something amiss, Jiang Zhiyuan felt a strong sense of uneasiness.

She opened her mouth and looked at Baili Chun to ask for help.


This word instantly triggered Baili Chuns sensitive mentality! He suddenly turned around and hollered, “Dont call me!”

Jiang Zhiyuan was taken aback.

Her body trembled, and she cried unwittingly.

“…C-clan leader, I…”

In her impression, the clan leader had never used such a frightening tone or expression to talk to her.

But what did I do wrong He said he was my grandfather, and he said he wanted to protect me, not let me suffer any grievances.

Now, everything has changed in the blink of an eye! I dont want such a test result either! Why am I blamed for everything in the end! 

In just a few moments, Jiang Zhiyuan fell from heaven to hell and was even harshly stepped on.

No matter how foolish she was, she knew what was awaiting her.

Her face turned pale, and her cracked lips trembled intensely.

“Clan Leader, since this is a misunderstanding… you wont have any objections to executing Jiang Zhiyuan, right” Rong Xiu asked very politely and courteously.

Some people turned their heads and laughed secretly.

Isnt Rong Xiu doing this on purpose! It was already humiliating for Baili Chun when it was proven that Jiang Zhiyuan wasnt his granddaughter in front of so many people.

By asking again, isnt he reminding Baili Chun how glaring his identity as a cuckold is!

Baili Chun was so angry that his lungs were about to explode.

He had never felt so humiliated and embarrassed in his entire life!

He flung his robe and turned around to leave! I cant stay in this place for another moment! 

“Clan Leader!” Seeing that he was about to leave, Jiang Zhiyuan was anxious. If he leaves just like that, what am I supposed to do 

“Clan Leader, this sundial is wrong! It must be wrong!”

Why wouldnt I be the Sky-Cloud Empires bloodline I must be—I have to be! 

Baili Chuns head hurt, and he turned around and berated, “Shut up!”

That child sundial was left behind by the Sky-Cloud Empires ancestors.

Even after such a long time, it has never been wrong.

Previously, he was too stunned, so he lost his composure and said such doubtful words.

But in his heart, he knew that the sundial was fine! Even he had no ability to tamper with the sundial, let alone Rong Xiu!

Jiang Zhiyuan was insane to say that!

Jiang Zhiyuan was so frightened that her entire body trembled.

However, she just hesitated for a moment before she cried even more intensely.

She looked at Baili Chun with watery eyes.

“…Grandpa Chun, no matter what, I grew up beside you.

Do you really have no feelings toward me at all Even if Im not your biological granddaughter, Ive really treated you as my own grandfather all these years!”

It was fine if she didnt talk about this, but once she did, the hatred and anger in Baili Chuns heart crazily surged up! Treat her well Brought her up beside me since young Wasnt all of that because I thought she was my descendant! 

But now that the truth was out, he realized that he was lied to for his entire life—tricked for his entire life! He had also become a complete joke!

There were many outstanding disciples in the Sky-Cloud Empire, even those that were better than her.

The reason why he doted on her alone was still—many years of feelings

All these years, the extent of how well he treated Jiang Zhiyuan and how much he cared about her showed how much pain he was in now—and how embarrassed he was!

Seeing that Baili Chuns expression wasnt right, Jiang Zhiyuan was rather scared.

However, she was even more afraid of dying.

Hence, she hesitated for a moment and still reached her hand out toward Baili Chun.

“Grandpa Chun, help me—”

At this point, she was severely injured and didnt even have the strength to stand up on her own.

Baili Chun was quite a few steps away from her.

Even if she stretched her hand out, she wouldnt have reached him.

However, this movement was extremely infuriating to Baili Chun! His eyelids twitched harshly, and he almost instinctively waved his hand.

“Get lost!”

What kind of wild thing has lied to me for so many years It actually has the cheek to ask for help now! 

His move was filled with anger and strength!

With one shot, he hit Jiang Zhiyuan until she flew backward and landed on the ground harshly.

Jiang Zhiyuan spat out a mouthful of blood, and her breathing was weak.

She tried to stand up with much difficulty, but it was to no avail.

She could only lie on the floor miserably like an ant.

She stared at Baili Chun as layers of hopelessness covered her eyes.

Finally, the corner of her lips curled up in an extremely sarcastic yet miserable and self-ridiculing manner. My entire life was just a joke… 

The next moment, before her smile could completely extend, she tilted her head and hit the floor.

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