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“This method can work.” Elder Bo Yan also expressed his agreement.

Previously, Shangguan Yue only entered the heavenly doctor board.

Even though they knew that she was talented in other areas, she had never tested it before.

“Coincidentally, she hasnt been going to the monthly tests for a long time.

With this method, we can see how her skills are now.”

A few months ago, she had just come to the academy, and her skills in all aspects were rather normal.

But after training during this period of time, her cultivation had been elevated by quite a bit, and it was time to test again.

Rong Xiu thought for a moment before nodding.


When Chu Liuyue walked out of the room, she saw Elder Wen Xi waiting for her.

“Elder Wen Xi, why are you here” Chu Liuyue was quite shocked and walked over.

Elder Wen Xi glanced into the room.

Chu Liuyue understood, smiled, and said, “Ancestor is resting now.

Are you looking for him”

Elder Wen Xi hurriedly shook his head.

“No, no.

I came to look for you.”

He waved toward Chu Liuyue.

“Come out and talk first.”

Chu Liuyue turned back and glanced hesitantly before she nodded, opened the barrier, and flew out.

“Elder Wen Xi, whats the matter”

Elder Wen Xi rubbed his hands together and felt rather embarrassed.

“Actually… Its nothing important.

Its just that we all feel that youve improved greatly during this period of time.

If its convenient for you, can… you try to enter the Qing Yun Ranking”

“Dont misunderstand! We just want to see what standard you are at now.

Additionally, we can also get the other students to treat you as a role model and improve diligently,” Elder Wen Xi hurriedly explained.

Chu Liuyue stared at him for a while, and her thoughts flashed really quickly.

She thought that she roughly knew what Elder Wen Xi was thinking when he came over.

After a slight pause, she smiled and nodded.

“Okay, lets go over now.”

“Now” Elder Wen Xi found it strange and glanced inside again.

“Then Senior Shangguan…”

“Its just getting a ranking; its nothing big.

Ancestor came from miles away and is quite tired.

We can take this time to let him rest.

Coincidentally… I also want to see what kind of ranking I can have on the board.”

Elder Wen Xi then felt relieved.

“Then… follow me.”

When Chu Liuyue reached Qing Ming Square, she saw that Elder Bo Yan and the rest were already here.

Rong Xiu—who was called over previously—was here as well.

However, they had specifically instructed in advance, and there was no additional person here.

Chu Liuyue walked forward normally and greeted the few elders.

Elder Bo Yan laughed.

“Girlie, youre here.

We didnt disturb you and Senior Shangguan, right”

Chu Liuyue smiled and shook her head.

“No, Ancestor is resting.”

“Thats good, thats good…” Elder Bo Yan nodded and explained, “Actually this isnt very urgent.

After all, you just experienced many things…”

Chu Liuyue blinked.

“Its not troublesome to test my ranking.

Besides, Im rather curious as well, so I came.”

Seeing Chu Liuyues mature and honest attitude, the few elders were rather hesitant. Could it… Did we really think wrongly 

“Lets not speak nonsense then.

Well start directly!”

Elder Bo Yan thought for a moment.

“Youre already an intermediate stage-nine warrior now, and its considered the aspect youve improved the most in.

Why dont we test the warrior aspect first”

First Chu Liuyue sharply captured this word.

An idea popped up in her mind, and she immediately understood. So I have to test on more than one aspect…

She smiled and smoothly walked to the warrior ranking.

The few elders looked over.

Even though their expressions were normal, the ripples in their eyes revealed that they werent as calm in their hearts.

Chu Liuyue raised her hand and placed it on the black, stone wall.

With the accompaniment of the black and dark stone wall, her hand seemed especially thin and white.

With the two extreme colors intersecting, it seemed to form a scene.

Chu Liuyue held her breath in.

The few elders became nervous unwittingly.

Suddenly, Chu Liuyue noticed a gaze that landed on her.

She tilted her head and met Rong Xius eyes.

His deep phoenix-like eyes couldnt be seen through.

With just one glance, it seemed like one was about to sink into them, forgetting everything and choosing to drown.

“Its just a test.

You dont have to be nervous; just do your best,” said Rong Xiu gently as an extremely faint smile flashed across his lips.

Chu Liuyues heart skipped a beat, and she nodded.

Then, she retracted her gaze and looked at the stone wall in front of her.

The next moment, she circulated her force, and it rushed out!

With a whir, the Qing Yun Ranking appeared with the command! Countless rays of light flashed across the black wall and rapidly formed names!

The warrior ranking appeared! Almost at the same time, the dark region at the top—which was purposely hidden—suddenly moved.

This movement was extremely small as if something was trying to break free from within.

But from the outside, one couldnt see anything amiss.

Hence, Elder Bo Yan and the rest couldnt detect this slight movement.

However, Chu Liuyues palm was on the Qing Yun Ranking.

She could immediately detect any slight changes!

She almost instinctively wanted to raise her head and look over.

However, this impulse just flashed across her mind.

She silently hid these emotions, and her force still rushed out continuously.

The sounds became more frequent and seemed louder than before.

Chu Liuyues heart seemed to beat intensely with this sound!

The few elders exchanged glances and saw the confusion and doubts in the other partys eyes. It has been so long.

Why has Shangguan Yues name not appeared here! 

Amongst Ling Xiao Academys students, an intermediate stage-nine warrior wasnt considered a high feat.

After all, their admission requirement was to be a stage-nine warrior.

Normally, intermediate stage-nine warriors might not even be at the end of the warrior ranking.

However, Shangguan Yue was different.

Her combat skills were clearly much stronger than that of other cultivators at the same level.

As long as she tried her best to test, she could definitely get onto the ranking! But now… why was there no sound at all

Elder Wan Zheng looked at the top and furrowed his brows tightly.

Over there was once a name that shone brighter than ever.

However, only darkness was left behind.

The other elders also followed his gaze and looked over, and their expressions and gazes became complicated.

Only Rong Xiu looked nonchalant, calm, and composed.

It was as if… he had no worries in his heart at all.

Chu Liuyue clearly felt that something was trying to rush out from beneath the seal, and she was extremely familiar with that force!

Her heart seemed to be tightly clutched by something. If this continues, Im afraid—

A loud sound was suddenly heard far away! This sound was earth-shattering, and it shocked everyone that they immediately turned around to take a look.

Chu Liuyue wasnt an exception.

The next moment, she widened her eyes in shock.

“Million Wine Mountain is in trouble!”

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