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An air-piercing sound came, and Tuan Zis body glowed.

Instantly, it turned from its petite appearance to a large figure!

Its wings flapped, and the winds howled!

It directly rushed forward! A red-golden fire suddenly burned around it!

The next moment, that fire rushed out crazily and formed a wall of fire that blocked the overwhelming waves!

The fire and the seawater intertwined, letting out an ear-piercing sound!

Chu Liuyues heart tightened. This clearly isnt ordinary seawater as it contains tremendous suppression.

Tuan Zis injuries have just healed.

It is clearly not easy for it to deal with this situation. 

Suddenly, Tuan Zi changed direction and rushed toward the wave!

The red-golden figure forcefully barged through the middle!

An opening was suddenly ripped apart in the wave.

With that area as the center, the fire started burning even more crazily!

The seawater started evaporating quickly.

Not long later, the waves subsided, and the water surface gradually calmed down.

Tuan Zi flew back to Chu Liuyue as it reliably blocked her behind it.

“Your bloodline power isnt bad.” That voice sounded again as if it were judging Tuan Zi.

Its words had a hint of shock that was hard to detect.

“Youre not born as a red-gold heavenly phoenix, so your bloodline skills and powers are naturally weaker.

Besides, you started as a nine-colored heavenly pheasant.

You have immense luck to be able to break through to your current cultivation level.

However, you cant return to the clan just because you broke through.”

This tone was still high and mighty.

An idea popped up in Chu Liuyues mind.

She then understood that the previous formation was an opening gambit and the other partys evaluation test for Tuan Zi.

The red-gold heavenly phoenix clan emphasized bloodline power strictly.

If one wasnt born a red-gold heavenly phoenix and broke through the pinnacle as other legendary fiends, they would actually be discriminated against here.

This was especially so for Tuan Zi, who wasnt even a legendary fiend in the beginning.

In their eyes, this was naturally despised.

But clearly, the skills Tuan Zi executed caused the other party to be slightly surprised.

However, Chu Liuyue didnt really care about these things.

Chu Liuyue sharply saw that Tuan ZIs body had two wounds and that blood was slowly seeping out of them.

She knitted her brows slightly, and coldness flashed across her eyes. We havent even officially stepped into Godly Phoenix Mountain, and Tuan Zi is already injured.

I dont know what it will be like when we are inside.

This journey… will probably be more arduous than expected. 

“Shangguan Yue, are you just going to hide behind in such a cowardly manner” That voice had a few hints of unconcealable mockery.

“If you have the guts, come over yourself!”

Chu Liuyue took a deep breath in and looked at Tuan Zi.

“Tuan Zi, come over.”

Tuan Zi did not move.

“Listen to me.” Chu Liuyues tone became more serious.

Tuan Zi then turned around and moved back reluctantly.

She took a step forward, and her hand lightly rubbed Tuan Zis body.

“Senior is right.

Since youre my fiend, I should be responsible for everything.”

Tuan Zis gaze flickered as it lowered its head and rubbed its head against her palm.

Chu Liuyue looked forward.

“Senior, since I have brought Tuan Zi over today, it means that Im bent on clearing up this matter.”

The surroundings fell silent for a moment.

Then, that voice boomed, “You are pretty confident.”

Chu Liuyue didnt say a word.

She knew that since the other party wanted her to come over, they definitely didnt want to show her a simple opening gambit only.

“If you want to clear this matter, its very easy.

You just have to cross this ice bridge and come to me personally.

Ill naturally give you a chance to speak.”

Shangguan Jing knitted his brows. This sounds rather uncomfortable.

What does it mean bygive you a chance to speak Does it mean that if we dont go over, we wont even have the right to speak to them 

However, Chu Liuyue agreed immediately.


“Yueer—” Shangguan Jing said worriedly.

“Ancestor, dont worry.

Ill be right back.” Chu Liuyue knew that he was worried, so she smiled at him kindly.

“You also know that I dont think about anything that Im not confident of.”

Since she dared to come, she had already done all the preparations!

Shangguan Jing gazed at her calmly and felt very conflicted.

After some time, he then nodded.

“Ill wait here for you.”

Chu Liuyue smiled, calmed herself down, straightened her back, and walked forward.

Tuan Zi followed closely behind.

Chu Liuyue stepped onto the ice bridge with one leg and already felt a scorching heat wave coming from below!

She looked down and took a glance.

Below the clear and transparent ice layer, red-golden sparks kept exploding into fires! The terrifyingly high temperature came from here!

She paused in her tracks, and red-golden fire burned around her—this was naturally Tuan Zis fire.

With this layer of fire as protection, the scorching feeling beneath her feet was blocked outside.

Chu Liuyues expression didnt change as she continued walking forward.

She didnt walk quickly, but her steps were very stable.

Every single step was like carrying tons of weight, landing on the ice bridge.

Determined and stubborn, she walked forward!

Godly Phoenix Palace.

It was solemn within the magnificent hall.

An elder stood in the middle of the hall with his hands behind his back.

A gigantic light ball floated before him.

An apparition appeared in the light ball.

On the vast and borderless sea, a woman slowly walked over.

Behind her, a red-gold heavenly phoenix followed closely.

“As an ancient legendary fiend, it actually bent down and obeyed the humans every command.

How humiliating! Clan Leader, thats just a nine-colored heavenly pheasant that broke through to become a red-gold heavenly phoenix.

Even if it has our clans bloodline power, it should be mediocre.

Why did you spend so much effort in luring them over”

Behind him, a few elders from the clan stood with faces of disapproval.

“Such behavior is akin to betraying the clan.

I think we should just kill the person and the fiend together!”

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