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This time, the red-gold feather moved very slowly.

It was completely different from the previous two smooth movements, but it still moved in the end!

Seeing it gently paddle in midair, the square in front of Godly Phoenix Hall fell into a short silence.

Then, all kinds of noisy discussions erupted!

“The Ancestral Golden Feather actually moved! Shangguan Yue really helped!”

“Yes, yes… I think it was only after she made a move that the Ancestral Golden Feather officially began to open that red-gold heavenly phoenixs meridians again… Just now, I thought that this fourth meridian wouldnt open!”

“Didnt they say that shes only a true god now Logically speaking, she shouldnt be that capable, right”

“This… Who knows! Most importantly, a human helped open its meridians.

Whats going on”

Everyone discussed animatedly, clearly stunned by this scene.

No matter how they thought about it, they didnt expect that the Ancestral Golden Feather would actually continue to open Tuan Zis meridians with the help of a human!

No one would believe it!

Yi Ran was stunned on the spot with a dazed expression.

The mocking smile on his face had yet to dissipate, and he looked very awkward and strange.

What was happening was beyond his expectations.

A moment ago, he was still waiting to see Shangguan Yue and that b*stard make a fool of themselves.

Unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, the situation changed!

He naturally couldnt accept it, and he wasnt willing to.

Hence, he could only stand stiffly in place as if his soul had been taken away.

Elder Yi Gong was no better than him.

At this moment, there was only one thought in his mind: Its over!

Only Yi Zhao stared fixedly in that direction, his eyes seeming to glitter.

It was indeed much more difficult to open the fourth meridian than before.

The energy in her body was being expended crazily, but there was still no movement from Tuan Zi.

If not for the fact that Chu Liuyue could sense its aura, she wouldve thought that something had happened to it.

Her eyes burned as she stared at the fire.

Red-gold light splattered.

Only a vague outline could be seen, but it was impossible to see the exact shape.

It must be waiting for an opportunity to change into its human form… she thought to herself.

Actually, she was also very curious.

Tuan Zi had been with her for many years and was already like family.

But before this, she had indeed never thought about what Tuan Zi would look like in human form.

After continuously opening its meridians, it was about to transform into a human.

In a single month, Tuan Zi had done almost everything others needed hundreds of years to do.

It naturally consumed more time and energy.

Suddenly, a faint sound came from the flames.

A thought flashed through her mind, but she suddenly felt a gentle force coming from it and pushing her away.

This was Tuan Zis aura!

Chu Liuyue only hesitated for a moment before obediently retreating with the force.

It wasnt until she was a distance away that she finally stopped.

She retracted her strength and looked up at Tuan Zi.

Right then, the red-gold feather finally finished drawing the complete line!

The fourth meridian was opened!

At this moment, everyone in front of Godly Phoenix Hall fell silent.

Yi Rans legs went weak, and he fell to the ground, his face pale.

Elder Yi Gong swayed, and his vision darkened.

Elder Yi Yu couldnt help but take a few steps forward.

His face was filled with excitement as he punched his palm.

“Its done!”

Although Yi Zhao didnt move or speak, the expression in his eyes had changed greatly.

The usual indifference and disdain had disappeared.

At this moment, it was replaced by unconcealed joy and excitement!

Elder Yi Shang was stunned for a moment before he couldnt help but shake his head and smile.

“It actually… It really did it… The purest bloodline is indeed extraordinary.”

He didnt deliberately lower his voice, so many people around heard him.

For a moment, countless pairs of eyes looked over in disbelief. Did we hear wrongly!

Yi Ran also seemed to have been struck by lightning.

He raised his neck stiffly and said in a hoarse voice, “…Purest… bloodline”

Elder Yi Shang smiled and glanced at him in surprise.

“What, didnt your master tell you before The day Tuan Zi returned, we already knew that it had the purest bloodline.”

Yi Rans ears rang, and his vision turned white.

It was as if a sharp hammer was repeatedly hammering his head, causing him immense pain and dizziness.

He glanced at Elder Yi Gong.

Elder Yi Gong no longer had any expression on his face and only slowly closed his eyes.

This was the last straw.

Yi Ran lowered his head and was silent for a long time.

Then, he actually laughed softly.

He was laughing at himself! Ridiculous! Hilarious! Embarrassing! I thought that I would sit firmly in the position of young master.

It turned out that they already had another candidate!

Purest bloodline… What could I use to fight the other party My only advantage has already been overtaken at this moment!

As he smiled, blood seeped from the corner of his mouth rapidly, quickly staining the front of his shirt.

But at this moment, nobody cared about him.

Everyones attention was on Tuan Zi. Purest bloodline—that is an existence that only exists in legends!

They did not expect it to appear today!

No wonder it could open its meridians consecutively.

No wonder it could open its fourth meridian!

After this, who can compete with it!

The burning flames were gradually engulfed by the ball.

Tuan Zis figure gradually appeared.

Chu Liuyue subconsciously clenched her fists in her sleeves and didnt even blink, afraid that she would miss something. Tuan Zi… what will it look like

At this moment, a chubby and tender hand suddenly stretched out from the flames!

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