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Chu Liuyue agreed without hesitation because she knew very well that this was the greatest concession the other party could give.

Although she had only obtained the time before Tuan Zi matured, as an ancient legendary fiend that had inherited the Ancestral Soul, it was clearly very rare.

She wasnt someone who would push her luck, so she naturally agreed coolly.

“Seniors, dont worry.

Tuan Zi has followed me for many years; were already as close as family.

No matter what, Ill protect her.”

Chu Liuyue spoke seriously.

Only then did Yi Zhaos expression ease a little. Shangguan Yue is quite smart.

There are some things I didnt say in detail in front of Tuan Zi, but fortunately, Shangguan Yue understood them.

It is indeed extraordinary to be able to reach this stage at such a young age.

At the side, Yi Gong was instantly shocked.

“Clan Leader—”

“Its settled then.” Yi Zhao ignored him and walked out of the hall.

“Come with me, Tuan Zi.”

Chu Liuyue roughly guessed something and put Tuan Zi down.

Tuan Zi was a little reluctant at first, but after being repeatedly persuaded to follow him, she finally relaxed and followed Yi Zhao.

Elder Yi Shang was stunned for a moment.

In the end, he could only smile helplessly and follow her out.

The elders followed.

Chu Liuyue walked at the back.


The heavy and dignified door opened!

The brilliant afterglow instantly surged in, illuminating most of Godly Phoenix Hall!

As the door suddenly opened, the originally noisy square fell silent.

Everyone looked up at Godly Phoenix Hall!

Curiosity, excitement, agitation, concern…

All kinds of emotions surged in everyones hearts.

They all knew very well that since the door of Godly Phoenix Hall had opened, it meant that todays matter had finally come to an end!

Countless eyes landed on Yi Zhao, who was the first to walk out.

His face was as serious and cold as ever.

It was impossible to discern anything.

The atmosphere was cold, and many peoples hearts pounded.

Then, five elders walked out.

The expressions of these people were also very complicated, especially Elder Yi Gong.

His expression was so gloomy that water could drip from it.

Some people looked at each other. From the looks of it, could it be that… the matter hasnt been resolved successfully

At this moment, another small figure walked out from the depths of the hall.

The bells rang, and her skirt swayed.

Everyones hearts tightened. Shes here!

Then, they saw Tuan Zi walk to the clan leaders side and stand still.

Against Yi Zhaos tall figure, Tuan Zi looked especially petite and exquisite.

However, she stood there calmly and sincerely.

There was also an indescribable noble aura.

Compared to the dignified Yi Zhao beside him, she actually didnt lose out much.

Quite a few people sighed. As expected of someone who has fused with the Ancestral Soul.

How could a child have such an aura

Yi Zhao looked around, his deep gaze sweeping across everyone.

Unknowingly, an invisible pressure enveloped him.

The crowd grew quieter, and the huge square was so silent that one could hear a pin drop.

Yi Zhao said in a low voice, “Tuan Zi is born with the purest bloodline and has already transformed into human form.

Moreover, she has consecutively opened up to the fourth meridian and is indeed a role model among the younger generation today! Coupled with the fact that she was chosen by the ancestor and fused with the Ancestral Soul, shes the best choice as the young mistress!”

“Therefore, from today onward, Tuan Zi will become the young mistress of our family! When she becomes an adult, she will inherit the position of clan Leader!”

He paused.

“Because shes still young, she will continue to cultivate with Shangguan Yue for a period of time until she reaches adulthood.”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyone was stunned for a moment.

Then, gasps sounded one after another!

What does the clan leader mean!

Tuan Zi will become the next young mistress.

Moreover, after she reaches adulthood, she will directly become the clan leader!

But more importantly, she has to continue following Shangguan Yue until she reaches adulthood Doesnt that mean that they have yet to break the contract!

How—how could this be!

After a short silence, the square was in an uproar!

“Clan Leader, Im afraid this isnt appropriate, right”

“Thats right.

No matter what, we cant let a bloodline that has contracted with the human race bear this heavy responsibility, right”

“Tuan Zi is very talented, but shouldnt we choose another more suitable person as the young master…”

Yi Zhao looked up.

“Are you so against it because theres a better candidate, or… do you want to violate the ancestral order”

These calm words successfully shut everyone up.

The ancestor had already made his choice.

Even the clan leader wasnt qualified to say anything, let alone them.

“The Ancestral Soul has already fused into Tuan Zis body.

She will breathe the same breath as our race and share our fate.

She will naturally fulfill the heavy responsibility of revitalizing our race seriously.”

Yi Zhao frowned as he spoke.

“Why are you all still standing there”

Someone was the first to react and hurriedly said, “Greetings, Young Mistress!”

This instantly reminded the rest of them.

Everyone bowed.

“Greetings, Young Mistress!”

No matter what they thought, the matter was already set in stone and could not be changed.

In that case, the only thing they could do was obey.

Behind the crowd, Yi Ran looked at the small figure standing beside Yi Zhao from afar, and his ears buzzed.

He finally couldnt hold on and collapsed.

Yi Zhao glanced in that direction.

He was the clan leader.

Everything that happened in the square was under his control.

He knew what was happening there, of course, but he didnt care.

“Clan Leader, someone seems to have fainted over there,” Tuan Zi suddenly said.

After hearing Yi Zhaos words and confirming that she could continue following Chu Liuyue in the future, Tuan Zi finally felt relieved and felt much better.

Although her eyes were still red, a brilliant smile bloomed on her small face, and her voice was clear.

When everyone heard this, they subconsciously turned around and saw that Yi Ran had fallen to the ground unconscious.

Many people secretly exchanged glances and saw the shock in each others eyes. Were so close, but we didnt even notice.

How did Tuan Zi know

Yi Zhao knew that Tuan Zi had fused with the Ancestral Soul and was different from ordinary people, so he wasnt too surprised.

He only turned to look at Yi Gong.

“Yi Gong, bring him back to rest well.

Perhaps he can recover early.”

Elder Yi Gong could only agree.


But just as he took a step, he heard Tuan Zis voice again.

“He wont recover.”

Elder Yi Gong suddenly turned around and frowned.

“You—Young Mistress, Yi Ran is at least a little older than you.

How can you curse him like this”

Tuan Zi blinked.

“Im telling the truth.

His third meridian is broken and cant be mended.

If you dont believe me, go take a look yourself!”

Elder Yi Gong originally didnt think much of it, but when he heard the last sentence, his heart skipped a beat.

He turned at once and hurried over.

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