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The scenery here wasnt much different from what they had seen when they came.

Even the surrounding aura was equally cold and lonely.

However… Chu Liuyue indeed felt that this place was different from the previous tombs.

Rong Xiu narrowed his eyes.

“Are you sure”

Chu Liuyue nodded lightly.

Rong Xiu looked around, his expression still calm and composed.

He then raised his eyebrows and chuckled.

“Even if this is really the tombstone area of legendary warriors, there doesnt seem to be much movement now.

Theres no need to worry.”

As he spoke, he found a flatter spot beside him.

“In a few hours, it will be the agreed time.

He wants to see us soon, so well just wait here.”

Chu Liuyue pursed her lips with worry on her face.

She knew that Rong Xiu was right.

The other party was here for the water droplet in her body and had even taken her father hostage.

Before the two sides fought head-on, he would definitely not do anything to her father.

However… she was still worried.

In Country Yao Chen, her father could be considered a top genius and an absolute powerhouse.

However, that cultivation level and strength werent enough outside of Country Yao Chen, not to mention that they were still in a place like the God Residence Realm!

It had been too long since her father had been abducted.

She knew that he was still alive, but… she didnt dare to imagine how much pain and torture he had suffered in the process.

Now that she had finally recovered her strength, she could fight the other party completely! But the closer she got, the more she missed him.

And Shangguan Jing… Who knew where he had been carried by the space turbulence

Rong Xiu walked over and gently rubbed her head, kissing her between her eyebrows.

“If you cant sleep, Ill play chess with you.”

Chu Liuyues heart tingled.

In the past, when she was in a bad mood or her emotions were in a mess, she could basically calm down as long as she played chess with Rong Xiu.

Ever since she regained her memories, the two of them had indeed not sparred.

She paused and nodded slightly.



The two of them stood facing each other, ten steps apart.

Rong Xiu waved his sleeve, and a stream of light instantly flew out of his palm!

In an instant, the stream of light dispersed into several silver lines.

In mid-air, they intertwined and condensed into a huge chessboard!

“Yueer, you go first.” Rong Xiu placed one hand behind his back and smiled.

This was the unspoken rule between the two of them.

Most of the time, if she did not specially make a request, she would be the first to make a move.

Even so, she still lost more than she won.

Besides… even she couldnt figure out how lenient Rong Xiu was being.

The faint light from the chessboard shone on her face, making her look incomparably beautiful.

Her clear black jade-like eyes were even more dazzling.

She raised her hand, and a red chess piece instantly landed on the chessboard.


With this subtle sound, the energy around the chessboard fluctuated.

Rong Xiu did not hesitate and placed a piece!


The energy fluctuation this time actually offset the fluctuation produced by her chess piece.

The huge chessboard quickly regained its calm.

Chu Liuyues eyebrows raised slightly.

Using force as chess pieces to compete with each other was a chess game the two of them often played.

This was even more troublesome than playing chess on an ordinary chessboard.

Not only did it consume a lot of force to condense each piece, but it also consumed even more energy to maintain the stability of the chessboard after each piece was placed.

Now that she had returned to being a true god, she could barely use this method to fight Rong Xiu.

As for winning or losing… it was unknown.

After all, even if she had made considerable progress in the past few years, Rong Xiu wasnt to be trifled with.

Time passed slowly, and the huge chessboard shone brighter!

On the other side, after Shangguan Jing was swept into the turbulent space, his surroundings fell into darkness.

He could not see anything clearly.

The only thing he could feel was that something seemed to have crushed him!

For a moment, Shangguan Jing even felt that all the muscles, bones, and flesh in his body had been completely crushed! Fortunately, this feeling did not last long.

After a period of struggle, a crack appeared in the darkness in front of him.

Only then did he take the opportunity to rush out of the space vortex.


The sky was bright in front of Shangguan Jing, and the dazzling light made him close his eyes unconsciously.

Then, his body suddenly landed on air, and he fell to the ground.


The dull sound was even clearer in the quiet atmosphere.

Shangguan Jing endured the pain in his body and slowly got up to look around.

It was night, and everything was gray and gloomy.

But under the black dome, on the distant horizon, a wall stood so clearly.

The wall was completely black, very tall, and extremely long.

As far as the eye could see, it was impossible to see either end.

Seeing that wall, Shangguan Jings heart skipped a beat!

He had seen this wall before! When he first came to the God Residence Realm a thousand years ago, he had seen this wall by chance.

At that time, he only felt that it was strange that there was such an endless wall in the God-Killing Tumulus.

After all, everyone knew that the bloody battle tens of thousands of years ago was tragic.

Countless legendary warriors had died together, almost causing the world to lose its color.

And here, there was actually such a wall—it was indeed very strange.

Unfortunately, he had just been betrayed at the time and wasnt in the mood to think about anything else.

Therefore, after taking a look from afar, he quickly left in another direction.

Unexpectedly, when he came here a thousand years later, he actually… saw the same scene again!

There was nobody around.

It was so quiet he could hear his heart beating.

Shangguan Jing took a deep breath and walked forward! The God-Killing Tumulus is vast.

If Im not wrong, this place is far from the place I had come from.

It is probably not that simple to meet up with Yueer and the others again…

And in this wilderness, the wall is the only obvious landmark.

If they can see it too, perhaps… we can meet there!

As Shangguan Jing walked forward, he kept trying to search for their auras.

Fortunately, he didnt encounter much trouble on the way.

Although he had not sensed their auras, Shangguan Jing wasnt too discouraged.

On the one hand, Chu Liuyue had many trump cards and was extremely strong.

On the other hand, Rong Xiu would definitely protect her.

If it were before, Shangguan Jing mightve been a little worried about this.

But after seeing with his own eyes that Rong Xiu had only used less than ten days to refine a royal Yuan instrument, he knew that he had far underestimated the other party in the past.

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