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He was agitated, and his blood rushed up to his head.

The moment he said this, he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood!

“Big Brother!” Nan Yiyi retracted her gaze.

Seeing her brothers increasingly pale face and the fresh red blood by the corner of his lips, her heart was a mess.

“Its all my fault—all my fault!”

As Nan Yiyi spoke, her tears welled up again.

She bit her lips tightly, and a metallic taste filled her mouth. If I wasnt so stubborn, Big Brother wouldnt—

“Eldest Young Master, your body is still very weak now.

You dont have to rush the revenge.

When youve healed, its not too late for us to pursue them and kill them.” Elder Wu Peng still didnt have any expression, but his voice was colder with thick murderous intent.

Nan Yuxing slowly wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth.

Staring at the two figures for a long time, he said with vengeance, “Okay! Ill let them live a little longer!”

Anyway, were already at the God-Killing Tumulus.

No matter what, those two people cant escape from our control! 

Elder Bai Tong and Nan Yiyi helped him to the side to rest.

Then, Elder Bai Tong took out a pill again and gave it to Nan Yuxing.

“This is the last Yu Qing Pill.

After you eat it, Wu Peng and I will join forces to help you clear the remaining poison.

Your body can approximately recover by 50% to 60%.” As Elder Bai Tong spoke, an orange fire emerged in his palm!


He hit the back of Nan Yuxings head!

The hot warmth immediately spread throughout his body!

Nan Yuxing grunted.

His originally colorless face instantly flushed red!

At the same time, Elder Wu Peng walked to his side and took out another two silver needles.

“Eldest Young Master, bear with it for a little.”

As he spoke, he had already rapidly and swiftly stuck the two silver needles into Nan Yuxings index finger.

Very quickly, black-red blood flowed out from Nan Yuxings hands and dripped down along the silver needles.

Nan Yuxing closed his eyes tightly.

His body was icy for a moment and burning hot the other, torturing him to the point he kept shivering.

Nan Yiyi watched from the side and whimpered softly.

Seeing her big brother being tortured, she couldnt help but turn around, her bloodshot eyes filled with vengeance! I have… to take revenge! 

Rong Xiu was originally watching Chu Liuyue cultivate when he suddenly heard noises by his ear.

His gaze turned slightly, and he glanced over nonchalantly. Oh, so its them… They really never go away. 

Murderous intent flashed across Rong Xius eyes before it instantly disappeared.

Then, he retracted his gaze and gazed at Chu Liuyue again.

He whipped his sleeves, and a golden string swam across the ground!

That golden string was extremely thin, and it buried itself in the ground.

Without taking a closer look, it wasnt easy to detect it.

After about an hour, the blood dripping down Nan Yuxings hands finally turned from black to red.

On the other hand, those two silver needles had turned completely black.

Elder Wu Peng took the two silver needles out, and force turned in his palms.

The hard silver needles directly turned into powder.

Elder Bai Tong finally removed his hands from the back of Nan Yuxings head and heaved a long sigh of relief.

“Okay, the poison in Eldest Young Masters poison can be considered to be totally removed.

As long as we carefully treat it, he can recover in ten days.”

At this point, Nan Yuxing was totally drenched because of the pain, and he looked especially disheveled.

“Ten days…” Hearing Elder Bai Tongs words, Nan Yuxing lowered his head and muttered, clenching his fists slowly. Ever since I broke through to become a true god, I have never suffered such a serious injury! And this time, I was tricked by two people that I dont even know the names or statuses of! How can I take this lying down! 

Elder Bai Tong had followed him for so many years, so how could he not know what Nan Yuxing was thinking now His lips moved as he said, “Actually, the leaves in Red Soul Woods are very poisonous.

Luckily, Eldest Young Master, you always take medicinal baths, so you can last till now.

If it were an average person, Im afraid it would be hard for them to handle it.”

Hearing this, Nan Yuxing did not feel comforted.

To him, he felt that he wouldve long left the Red Soul Woods successfully if not for Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu.

Why would he suffer such an injury!

He completely forgot that they caused trouble for them first.

Nan Yuxing took a deep breath in and suppressed his tumultuous emotions.

Then, he stood up and looked forward.

Suddenly, he knitted his brows.

“Why are there only the two of them there Wasnt there also a man with them previously Oh yes, theres still that little girl…”

He said the last sentence with gritted teeth.

As he said that, Elder Bai Tong and the rest also noticed that something was amiss.


Did they hide”

Elder Wu Peng looked over and shook his head.

“Theres indeed only the two of them nearby.”

“Did they go missing Or…” Countless guesses surfaced in Nan Yuxings mind.

Then, he sneered.

“No matter what, they deserve it!”

The minority cant fight against the majority.

In such situations, it will be even easier to handle the two of them! The God-Killing Tumulus is dangerous everywhere.

Its very normal for an accident to happen or for someone to go missing.

These people dont know whats good for them, so who can they blame 

Just as he was about to go forward, Elder Wu Peng stopped him.

“Eldest Young Master, lets wait a while first.”

Nan Yuxing knitted his brows.

“What else are we waiting for”

The two of them are just in front.

It would be easy to just directly go over and kill them! What is there to hesitate or wait about 

Elder Wu Peng glanced at him.

“Have you forgotten where this place is”

Nan Yuxings expression changed slightly. Oh right, this is where the legendary warrior tombstones are located.

Its extremely hard for an ordinary person to enter this place.

Even a legendary warrior might not be able to reach this place in such a short amount of time, let alone the two of them.

The more important thing is that the two of them dont seem injured. 

“Could it be… that they also have a way to come to this place directly They indeed came for that thing!” Nan Yuxings expression changed.

Elder Wu Peng paused for a moment.

“I cant confirm this now, but… the only thing we can confirm is that they indeed have some skills, or they have some extraordinary treasure.”

If not, it was impossible for them to reach this place safely.

“Besides, I dont have a clue about that little girls identity.” Speaking of this, Elder Wu Peng furrowed his brows tightly. This problem has bothered him for a long time, but I still cant find an answer.

That little girl looked like she was three or four, but her combat skills were shocking.

Without circulating force, she used one punch to make Eldest Young Master fly back.

And the most important thing was that the little girl had never revealed her face before then.

Yet, when Eldest Young Master wanted to kill that woman, she suddenly appeared! Its really too strange. 

Nan Yuxing clenched her teeth.

“That little girl… definitely disguised herself!”

I still remember the taste of that punch to this day! 

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