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“Are you sure” asked Elder Wu Peng.

“Of course!” Nan Yuxing replied firmly. If it werent a disguise, it is impossible to explain why a three or four-year-old girl could have such horrifying physical strength! Its not that I have never seen an innately talented cultivator, but I havent seen one with such heaven-defying skills! She must be a strong warrior that purposely disguised herself! 

“As for how she suddenly appeared, she mustve instantly transported over!”

If not, how else could they explain it

Upon hearing this, Elder Wu Peng glanced at Elder Bai Tong and saw the disapproval in the other partys eyes.

“But when that girl appeared, there were no force ripples in the space…” Even a legendary warrior couldnt do such a thing when they instantly teleported.

Nan Yuxing was stumped, and his expression turned uglier.

“If thats so… t-then isnt that little girls appearance too strange”

Elder Bai Tong suddenly said, “Actually, I think that the girl appeared like a… fiend.”

Only when one summoned their own fiend could someone appear in such a sudden and silent manner.

Besides, a fiends physical strength was naturally greater than cultivators.

“How is that possible” Nan Yuxing felt that this guess was ridiculous.

“Only the two ancient legendary fiend clans can take human form in this world.

Even so, they are at least in their teens when they appear.

Why would one appear as a little girl”

The two elders didnt speak further.

This was also the part they couldnt figure out.

Other than this, everything else about that girl was indeed like…

Nan Yiyi suddenly took a step forward.

“Big Brother, now is indeed a good time for us to strike.”

Nan Yuxing glanced at her strangely.

“Whats the matter”

Nan Yiyi raised her chin.

“Look at what that woman is doing.”

Upon hearing this, the few of them looked over.

After a moment, Nan Yuxings gaze changed slightly.

“Is she preparing to break through”

“Thats right.

Besides… If I havent seen it wrongly, shes a Xuan Master,” said Nan Yiyi with clenched teeth.

Even though the two parties were quite far away, Nan Yiyi was a Xuan Master herself, so she was extremely sensitive about such things.

She guessed that the other party must be breaking through as a Xuan Master.

“I just dont know what level she is preparing to break through into.”

“Whats so important about that Anyway, after today, everything will be for naught!” Nan Yuxing sneered. Its great that shes breaking through! At this time, shes undoubtedly the weakest.

Although the man at the side is a royal armory refinement master, he is still alone.

He definitely wont be our match! There is no better time to act than now. 

Nan Yuxing glanced at the two elders at the side.

“Elder Wu Peng, Elder Bai Tong, you wont stop us again this time, right”

The two elders exchanged glances and nodded.

“Since this is so, we should settle them as early as possible.”

The few of them started walking toward Rong Xiu and Chu Liuyue.

This place had flat and wide ground, and the shattered tombstones everywhere werent enough to cover their figures.

However, they didnt think of these things and directly went over.

The opponent was nothing to be worried about, and they could just kill them directly.

Thus, why should they waste their time and energy on something else

Rong Xiu had naturally heard them coming over, but he didnt take it to heart.

He stood in front of Chu Liuyue and waited quietly and patiently.

It was definitely not that easy for her to break through to become a Great King Xuan Master from a King Xuan Master.

Hence, he would help her clear all the disturbances before she broke through.

“What a coincidence!” Nan Yuxing said coldly as his gaze shifted between Chu Liuyue and Rong Xiu, not hiding his murderous intent at all.

“I didnt expect us to meet here again.”

Rong Xiu ignored him and didnt even give him an additional glance.

Such nonchalance infuriated Nan Yuxing even more than mockery.

The smile on his face quickly faded away and was replaced by a layer of coldness.

“Im talking to you.

Didnt you hear me!”

Rong Xiu raised his brows slightly before he glanced at Nan Yuxing lazily.

“Dont disturb others when theyre busy.

Dont you know such simple logic”

“You! How dare you!” Nan Yuxing long knew that the other party was arrogant and domineering, but he didnt expect the latter to still be so daring under such circumstances! Is he too confident, or does he not realize what kind of danger he is facing 

“You must have some skills to be able to reach this stage… Its a pity thats all you have.” Nan Yuxing took a deep breath in and revealed a rather contorted smile.

“If you kneel down and beg me for mercy now, Ill leave you with a whole body.”

Upon hearing this, Rong Xiu raised his brows. I havent heard someone talk to me in this manner for a very, very long time.

“What if I say no”

Nan Yuxing was so angry that he laughed instead.

“You really dont know whats good for you… When you want to beg for mercy later, you wont have such a chance again!”

Rong Xiu suddenly looked up and glanced at the sky.

Then, he looked at the few of them in a seemingly smiling manner.

“You cant afford to cause trouble for me.

Im not interested in your lives either.

Considering Nan Yifans status, Ill let you off temporarily.

However… my patience is limited.

If this happens again, I wont be polite anymore.”

When Nan Yuxing and the others heard this, their faces changed collectively! That was because Nan Yifan was Nan Yiyi and Nan Yuxings father, who was also their master!

The few of them exchanged glances and saw the shock and doubt in each others eyes. This man… seems like he has long known about our statuses like the back of his hand! And hearing this tone, it seems like… his status is extraordinary! If not, he definitely wouldnt directly call Nan Yifans name. 

“Who exactly are you!” Nan Yuxings expression was extremely ugly.

Originally, he thought that the other party was a fearless nobody.

However, it now seemed like it was clearly not the case.

Elder Bai Tong suddenly thought of something.

“Rong Xiu… Rong Xiu… Wait!”

He suddenly looked up and stared at Rong Xiu in disbelief.

“Youre the Sky-Cloud Empires… Rong Xiu!”

Previously, they had heard that woman address him like this, but they didnt pay much attention to it.

On the one hand, they were not familiar with the Sky-Cloud Empire and Rong Xiu.

They never saw him before, so they didnt think of it.

On the other hand, there were countless people in this world with the same name.

They couldnt randomly ascertain ones identity just because they shared the same name, right

It was only when Rong Xiu willingly mentioned Nan Yifans name that they instinctively realized something was amiss.

Nan Yuxings expression changed, and he finally looked harsh.

“Hah, so what if youre the Sky-Cloud Empires Your Grace Since you know our identity, you shouldve kneeled down and begged for mercy earlier on!”

In the God Residence Realm, the other aristocratic families or clans might be fearful of the Sky-Cloud Empire, but we arent.

This Rong Xiu knows our identities, but he is still so arrogant.

If he doesnt die, who will 

Rong Xiu pinched his nose bridge. I now pity Nan Yifan a little as he actually gave birth to such brainless descendants. 

He looked up at the few of them and lightly asked, “So youre not willing to leave”

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