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This sentence finally made the man react!

He suddenly looked at Rong Xiu with a bewildered gaze.

“What do you know!”

There was panic and fear in his voice.

Obviously, he was afraid and in awe of the person Rong Xiu was talking about.

Seeing his reaction, Chu Liuyue asked curiously, “Mo Shiqian… Why does this name sound familiar”

Rong Xiu raised his brows.

“Black Demon Holes Sect Master and also his former master.”

Realization dawned on Chu Liuyue. No wonder! I have indeed heard this name before!

But after a few years, she had lost that memory for a long time, so she didnt remember it immediately.

Only when Rong Xiu said this did she remember.

The black-robed mans expression turned even uglier.

He stared fixedly at Rong Xiu, afraid that he would say something shocking again.

But after Rong Xiu asked this, he ignored him, walked up to Chu Liuyue, and held her hand.

A gentle power quickly surged into her body, sorting out the violent and unbridled force in her body bit by bit while nourishing her injuries.

“Im here.

Theres no need to force yourself.” Rong Xius voice was low and gentle.

Chu Liuyue instantly heaved a sigh of relief.

Previously, she was indeed barely holding on.

After such a fierce battle, her strength had been exhausted.

Even with the help of external forces, her body still suffered considerable pain.

However, she had been tense and didnt dare to reveal anything.

It was only at this moment that she finally relaxed upon hearing Rong Xius whisper and felt the endless strength and heat in his palm.

“Did you have a good time fighting” Rong Xiu looked down at her and asked.

Chu Liuyue looked up slightly and met his eyes.

There were many things that needed no words, and a glance was enough.

A slow smile curved her lips as she nodded, her eyes curving into crescents.


I have finally returned everything I suffered previously!

I endured this anger for several years before I could finally let it out.

It feels great! 

Seeing that she was happy, Rong Xius thin lips curled up slightly.

“Thats good.

You can finally leave the rest to me, right”

Her face turned slightly red, but a warm current surged in her heart, warming her limbs and bones.

Others might wonder why Rong Xiu had not taken action from the beginning to the end.

Only she knew that Rong Xiu did this on purpose.

She had been pestered by this man for many years, and now, she could finally settle all her grudges.

After all, it was best to take revenge personally!

Rong Xiu was watching everything from the side.

It mustve been… very difficult to wait, right Chu Liuyue nodded slightly and couldnt help but say, “Leave his life to me.”

Rong Xiu held his forehead helplessly, and the smile on his lips deepened.

“I know.”

Apart from helping her kill someone when they first met and making her unhappy, he had never made the samemistake again.

This was also the reason why he didnt attack even though he had a few chances to kill someone in the middle.

Chu Ning also followed.

“Yueer, are you alright”

Even though the outcome had been decided, he still felt lingering fear when he thought of what had just happened.

Seeing her pale face, his heart still ached.

Rong Xiu let go of her hand.

“Go and accompany Lord Chu Ning.

Ill interrogate him.”

It isnt easy for this father and daughter to meet, so they need more time to get along.

Chu Liuyue glanced at Rong Xiu. This man… can always guess what Im thinking and take good care of my feelings.

She nodded and looked at Chu Ning.


This shout made Chu Nings nose sting.

He sized Chu Liuyue up carefully.

She was right in front of him, and he clearly had a thousand words to say.

But when he really saw the face he had been thinking about day and night, he suddenly couldnt say anything.

After a while, Chu Ning said, “Good, good! Yueer… Yueer has grown up…”

This face was still as familiar as he remembered, but it had changed drastically.

The inexperience between her eyebrows had quietly dissipated.

In its place was a commanding heroic spirit.

Moreover, she exuded an indescribable noble aura.

It was an aura that came from her bones.

Just by standing there, she made people subconsciously submit to her.

Chu Ning looked at her without blinking.

She was clearly very familiar, but… she was clearly different from the person in his memory.

Seeing how agitated he was but didnt dare to go forward, her eyes suddenly turned red.

“Father, Yueer has made you suffer.”

Seeing the tears in her eyes, all the messy thoughts in Chu Nings heart instantly flew away, leaving only heartache.

He quickly reached out to wipe her tears.

“No, no, our Yueer is the best! Dont cry, Yueer.

Dont cry.

Daddys heart aches.”

Actually, Chu Liuyue rarely cried.

Although her eyes were red, she had been enduring it.

But when she heard this, she suddenly couldnt help but cry.

She quickly held back the rest of her tears.

It was already a blessing in life to be able to see her again.

He was overjoyed, let alone anything else.

This time, the last invisible barrier between the father and daughter was shattered.

Tuan Zi grabbed Chu Liuyues clothes with one hand and looked up at her, then at Chu Ning.

She grinned.

On the other side, Rong Xiu stood in front of the black-robed man from above.

The black-robed man became even more nervous.

Rong Xiu raised his eyebrows and said with a faint smile, “If he knew that you were snatching things from him, what do you think his reaction would be”

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