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1719 Nonsense!

When Elder Yi Yu heard this, he almost laughed out loud.

Nan Yiyi is really crazy.

She still dares to say such words when she is about to die She is afraid that she wont die completely!

In the current situation, the Nan family is already at a complete disadvantage.

Nan Yiyi has undoubtedly treated us as her last hope and is still hoping that we will help.

She hasnt thought about it.

Even if we are really here to cause trouble for Shangguan Yue, what does it have to do with her We cant be bothered with Rong Xiu cutting off her tongue.

Yi Zhao frowned slightly and finally revealed an impatient and frustrated expression.

Nan Yiyi thought that she had persuaded the other party.

Just as a hint of joy rose in her heart, she heard Rong Xiu laugh and ask, “Clan Leader Yi Zhao, are you going to help them”

Yi Zhao spat out coldly, “What do their life and death have to do with me”

The reason why he was impatient was purely that he felt it too noisy to listen to Nan Yiyi talk about this matter over and over again.

Rong Xiu nodded with a smile.

“Thank you for your understanding, Clan Leader Yi Zhao.”

The two of them had only exchanged two or three sentences before the outcome was decided.

One couldnt be bothered, and the other was determined to kill!

Nan Yiyi felt as if she had fallen into an ice cave! She never expected the other party to really be so indifferent!

Being forced into a desperate situation, Nan Yiyi almost went crazy.

She shouted at the top of her voice, “Clan Leader Yi Zhao, do you really not mind at all that Shangguan Yue secretly contracted the red-gold heavenly phoenix Even if the bloodline of the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan is tainted from now on, do you not care at all!”

Yi Zhaos eyes turned cold.

Just as he was about to speak, he suddenly sensed something and looked up!


There was the sound of tidal waves.

Everyone looked over in unison and realized that the natural energy around the black wall was surging rapidly into the huge and mysterious totem!

It was daytime, and the clear sky quickly darkened.

Dark clouds gathered and overlapped each other.

The sky was covered by thick clouds.

Everything between heaven and earth seemed to be covered in a shadow.

Only the totem on the black wall became brighter and brighter!

Then, with the totem as the center, the black on the wall suddenly began to fade toward the surroundings gradually!

The originally thick and mottled stones became transparent bit by bit, suffused with a crystalline light.

At this moment, the totem finally began to show its original gorgeous color!

Everyone was deeply shocked by this scene.

For a moment, they were shocked and didnt know how to react.

This wall still stood proudly after tens of thousands of years in the God-Killing Tumulus.

It was always deep and heavy.

Every stone piled on it was deeply engraved with everything that had happened here; it was solemn, ancient, and untouchable.

But at this moment, their appearance had completely changed!

Everyone could even see the mottled marks left on the stones, but the rich black color was gone!

Gradually, a slender and straight figure appeared behind the totem—

“Yueer!” Chu Nings eyes suddenly lit up, and he subconsciously took a step forward.

Who else can that girl in red be but Yueer!

At this moment, she sat cross-legged quietly and focused on a transparent page in her hand.

Her black hair fell, and her side profile was beautiful and quiet.

Her body seemed to be enveloped in an indescribable unique aura, easily isolating all the commotion around her.

From everyones point of view, it was as if she was trapped in a huge transparent space.

They could see her every move, but there was another wall between them, too far to reach.

The crowd was silent.

Suddenly, she tilted her head slightly and looked over.

Her eyes were calm, but they seemed to contain thousands of stars.

They were clear and bright.

Immediately, she frowned and said indifferently, “So noisy.”

Almost at the same time, a childish voice sounded.

“So noisy!”

Everyone was shocked when they saw a young lady not far away from her.

She had her hands on her waist and was looking over angrily.

She looked to be no more than three or four years old.

She was wearing a red-gold lotus leaf dress and had two buns tied with red string and golden bells on her head.

Her chubby, fair, and tender face was cute.

It was Tuan Zi!

At this moment, her big black grape-like eyes were burning with anger.

Warm and anxious… That was real fire!

“So noisy!” Tuan Zi was really angry.

Ever since she had been devoured into this inexplicable space, she had been searching for traces of AYue.

After searching back and forth for a long time, she finally saw AYue not long ago.

As soon as she saw AYue, she wanted to pounce on her.

However, she quickly realized that AYue seemed to be busy with something, so she waited obediently beside him.

But not long after, the originally dark space gradually lit up, and then—she heard a lot of noise, especially that sharp and ear-piercing female voice, which annoyed Tuan Zi to death.

This is disturbing AYue now! I will never tolerate it again!

“Ive said it before—” She raised her hand and pointed at Nan Yiyi.

“Youre really, really, annoying!”

Seeing Tuan Zi appear and directly criticize her, Nan Yiyi also panicked for a moment.

However, she quickly calmed down.

What is there to worry about The more this red-gold heavenly phoenix defends Shangguan Yue, the angrier Clan Leader Yi Zhao and the others will be! How can the incomparably noble red-gold heavenly phoenix tolerate their own kind contracting with the human race Moreover, she looks so loyal and sincere!

This time, I dont believe that Yi Zhao and the others can still tolerate it!

She sneered and turned away.

“Clan Leader Yi Zhao, did you see that Not only has Shangguan Yue contracted with your clansman, but she also orders her around and completely treats her as her slave! Can you really take this lying down”

She thought that Yi Zhao would definitely fly into a rage when he saw this scene and heard these words.

However, the latters reaction was completely beyond Nan Yiyis expectations.

Yi Zhao stared intently at Tuan Zi inside the wall.

After confirming that she was safe and sound, he let out a long sigh of relief.

Then, he turned to look at Nan Yiyi.

Meeting those cold and dignified eyes, Nan Yiyi suddenly felt uneasy.

“Youre talking nonsense.” Yi Zhaos eyebrows twitched slightly as he said calmly and authoritatively, “Tuan Zi is Shangguan Yues contracted legendary fiend to begin with.

Isnt it normal to speak up for her”

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