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1732 Take Full Responsibility

A tone rippled thousands of waves!

The crowds expressions changed in unison!

Most of them had heard of Rong Xius name before, but the key was that the woman next to him was actually Shangguan Yue!

Recently, at Godly Dragon Island, this name was heard much more frequently than Rong Xius.

“Shangguan Yue Isnt that the person in Ling Xiao Academy previously”

“Its her! I heard that Shangguan Jing is her ancestor.

After our clans corpse was taken away by Shangguan Jing back then, it landed in her hands! She was the one who severely injured Elder Miao Yao previously!”

“Um… she seems like shes only a true god Elder Miao Yao is so strong.

Why would he suffer so much in her hands”

“Shh, be quiet! Cant you see how ugly Elder Miao Yaos face is!”

“…But what I said is the truth.

Im just curious as to whats so amazing about this Shangguan Yue,”

“Whats amazing about her… Hah, she directly came to Godly Dragon Island today.

A normal person wouldnt have her courage, right”

“Thats true! But Im afraid Elder Miao Yao wouldnt let her off so easily this time, right”

The crowd partook in heated discussions.

Even if they had lowered their voices, the strong warriors present all had incredible senses, so how could they not hear it

Miao Yao clenched his fists tightly, and his veins popped up on his forehead.

These peoples words are too horrible!

If it were in the past, even if they thought so in their hearts, they would definitely not dare to say it directly in front of him.

However, things were different now.

During this Thousand Summit, he was directly absolved of his responsibilities, and his power was rapidly taken away by the other elders.

Additionally, he had yet to fully recover after being injured previously.

Now, his status in the clan wasnt like before.

The clansmen treated him much more lightly.

Miao Yao was enraged.

In the end, he still pushed all the responsibility to the woman not far away! If it werent for her, how would I end up in this state! Shangguan Yue should suffer all the torture a hundred-fold!

Seeing the unconcealable hatred and vengeance in Miao Yaos eyes, Chu Liuyues originally nervous mood became much more relaxed.

Anyway, I have already thoroughly offended the great phoenix dragon clan.

What is the use of being nervous now Why dont I face them boldly and see what they can do With this thought, Chu Liuyues pressure became much lighter.

Her red lips curled up, and she smiled at Miao Yao.

“Senior Miao Yao, long time no see.

I didnt expect you to still remember me.”

Miao Yao was so angry that he almost choked.

What does this count for! She has caused me to end up in this state.

Not only is she completely unrepentant, but she actually said such words!

He coldly smiled and clenched his teeth.

Every single word seemed to be squeezed out of the cracks of his teeth with deep vengeance and hatred.

“Not only do I remember you, but I still remember clearly what you did!”

In other words, he hadnt forgotten a single grudge between them!

Chu Liuyue smiled with slightly deeper meaning as if she did not understand the implications of his words.

“Sorry for troubling you to remember me then.”

“You!” Miao Yaos face turned green.

Finally, he couldnt hold himself back and suddenly stood up! “Shangguan Yue, how dare you!”

Before Chu Liuyue could say anything, a calm and solemn voice came from the side.

“Miao Yao.”

When Miao Yao heard this voice, his expression changed.

In the end, he still clenched his teeth and sat back down.

However, his pair of eyes were glued to Chu Liuyue.

If a gaze could turn into a knife, Chu Liuyue would be shredded into pieces by him.

Chu Liuyue turned her head to look strangely.

The person talking was a middle-aged man.

His appearance looked normal.

At first glance, there was nothing special about him at all.

However, he stood high and mighty, and he clearly had an extraordinary status.

Chu Liuyues heart jumped.

This man…

Just when she was hesitant, Rong Xiu took a step forward, cupped his fists, and politely greeted, “Clan Leader Miao Yang, I have long heard of your name.

Now that Ive seen you today, you do live up to it.”

Its really him!

Chu Liuyue knew this name.

Ever since Tuan Zi broke through to become a red-gold heavenly phoenix, she had always paid attention to the red-gold heavenly phoenix clan and had read quite a few pieces of relevant information regarding them.

During this process, she had also conveniently understood quite a bit about the great phoenix dragon clan.

Amongst them, it naturally included the great phoenix dragon clans current clan leader—Miao Yang!

Speaking of which, this Miao Yang was a legendary character.

Rumors had it that his original talent wasnt outstanding, and he was just a very normal existence in the great phoenix dragon clan.

Suddenly, his bloodline power greatly increased for some reason, and he jumped to become a top elite in the entire great phoenix dragon clan.

Ever since that day, with his talent and his hard-working nature, he became increasingly outstanding.

In the end, he successfully became the great phoenix dragon clans clan leader.

The time he ascended to the position was only a few decades away from Yi Zhao.

To them, this timespan was extremely short.

Almost everyone, including himself, viewed the other party as their opponent.

The relationship between the two ancient legendary fiend clans was originally peculiar.

There would naturally be all sorts of comparisons between the two clan leaders.

It was a pity that Yi Zhao and Miao Yang hadnt truly dealt hands, and the number of times they met could be counted on one hand.

It was hard for the crowd to guess who exactly was the stronger one.

After meeting Yi Zhao and now meeting Miao Yang, Chu Liuyue couldnt help but secretly compare the two.

They were indeed different.

Yi Zhao was stern and cold, and he had a natural pride in his bones.

As for Miao Yang… He had a gentle expression and looked much friendlier than Yi Zhao.

Hearing Rong Xius words, he smiled and said, “I heard that the Sky-Cloud Empires His Grace Rong Xiu has outstanding talent and results.

Now that Ive seen you, you are amazing.”

His words were polite, and his attitude was harmonious.

However, Chu Liuyue secretly knitted her brows.

Even though she couldnt specify which detail, she felt that this Miao Yang was amiss.

After all, as the great phoenix dragon clan leader, his status was distinguished, high, and mighty.

Therefore, why should he be polite to them

Besides, this politeness was different from the fear and respect Nan Yifan had toward Rong Xiu.

It seemed like it was indeed the first time Rong Xiu and Miao Yang met.

Then, his attitude seemed even weirder.

“This person is… Shangguan Yue” Miao Yangs gaze landed on Chu Liuyue.

His gaze was sharp and firm as if it could see through everything, but… it did not cause one to feel an offending discomfort.

Chu Liuyue became alert.

This Miao Yang… isnt simple! He definitely isnt as gentle as he seems on the surface!

However, these thoughts just rapidly flashed across her mind.

She didnt show anything on her face.

“Junior Shangguan Yue greets Clan Leader Miao Yang.”

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