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1737 Didnt Disappoint

Godly Dragon Island.

The square in front of the Great Void Temple was silent.

Countless eyes landed on the two figures standing in the middle.

Suspicion, doubt, indifference…

Even without looking up, Chu Liuyue could clearly sense the hostility in the surrounding peoples gazes.

She looked up at Rong Xiu.

He sat cross-legged, his expression calm.

It was as if the gazes of the people around him couldnt affect him at all.

In front of him was the shattered jade plate, and in his hand was the skeleton.

With a flick of his wrist, the skeleton flew up lightly and floated quietly in front of him.

Then, a cluster of golden flames suddenly surged out of Rong Xius hand!


The flames were hot and bright, dancing happily like fairies.

With a thought, the ball of fire flew out of his hand and landed on one end of the skeleton!

“This—” Seeing this, the crowd couldnt help but stir.

The corners of Chu Liuyues eyes twitched violently.

Burning the bones of their clansmen in front of the great phoenix dragons… Only Rong Xiu would do such a thing!

Miao Yangs dignified eyes quickly swept around.

The restless voices quickly subsided again.

However, those surging eyes indicated that their hearts were far from as calm as they looked.

However, Chu Liuyues brows twitched slightly as she quickly glanced at Miao Yang, who was sitting at the most important position.

I have long heard that Miao Yang has extremely high prestige in the clan.

Now that I see him today, he indeed lives up to his reputation.

Although he looks kind and polite… if he didnt have such lightning methods, it would clearly be impossible for him to sit firmly in his current position as the clan leader.

The moment Chu Liuyue looked over, Miao Yang acutely sensed this and looked up.

Their eyes met.

In the silence, there seemed to be a hidden tide.

The corners of Chu Liuyues lips curled up slightly into a polite smile before she retracted her gaze frankly.

A moment later, the feeling of danger quickly disappeared.

She heaved a sigh of relief and glanced at Rong Xiu.

The golden flame burned from one end of the skeleton and gradually spread to the other.

Wherever it passed, the skeleton seemed to become even more sparkling and translucent.

Vaguely, she could see a small amount of transparent liquid flowing slowly inside.

A majestic pressure spread from the skeleton!

Shock flashed across Chu Liuyues heart.

When I helped Zi Chen reconstruct his body previously, although I only used two wing bones, I had basically extracted the bloodline power in this entire skeleton.

I thought that the purest strength contained in it had been refined by me, but it now seems that some of it is still there.

More importantly, Rong Xiu has actually dug out the power hidden in every inch of bone so easily! Even I myself cant do this!

She steadily watched the burning golden flames.

I have always known that Rong Xius golden flames were extraordinary, but I have never carefully thought about them before.

However, I am now suddenly curious.

This was because she realized that the power of this flame didnt seem to be inferior to hers.

One had to know that she could summon two flames.

One was the red-gold heavenly phoenixs red-gold fire, and the other was the transparent karmic fire in the Heavenly Square Cauldron.

These two flames were extraordinarily powerful, not to mention that they were enhanced by the power within the transparent water droplet in her body—no, it should be the music score.

After experiencing the events in the God-Killing Tumulus, she realized how precious the thing she was carrying was.

The golden flames on Rong Xius body were actually not inferior to it…

Just as she was thinking about these questions, the golden flames had already burned to the other end of the skeleton!

Rong Xiu raised his hand, and the flames silently left the skeleton.

At the same time, the transparent liquid in the skeleton slowly seeped out and condensed into a longan-sized ball!

This ball was surrounded and roasted by golden flames.

Gradually, a shadow seemed to appear!

As she stood closer, Chu Liuyue could see more clearly than the others.

The shadow was only a blur in the beginning, but as time passed and the golden flames condensed, the shadow gradually became clearer!

Finally, at a certain moment, the shadow revealed its true appearance!

Chu Liuyue widened her eyes slightly.

It is actually—

A dragon! A great phoenix dragon!

Although the shadow was very small, she was certain that it was indeed a great phoenix dragon the moment she saw it.


A deep dragon roar resounded through the world! The pressure was deep and overwhelming!

Chu Liuyues heart jumped!

The surrounding crowd was also shocked.

They didnt expect Rong Xiu to be able to refine the remaining bit of bloodline power!

Then, Rong Xiu flicked his finger!

The golden flames wrapped around it and quickly pounced on the shattered jade disk! The fire was bright and hot—it instantly surrounded the jade disk!

Almost at the same time, the great phoenix dragon shadow in the liquid ball began to wander at an even more shocking speed!



A faint explosion sounded!

The liquid ball turned into countless tiny droplets that splattered on the jade disk! It was as if an invisible thread had begun to string the pieces together, perfectly matching them!

Under the intense and shocking dragon might, the cracks on the jade disk actually began to repair at a visible speed!

The golden flames burned even more fiercely.

Chu Liuyue could vaguely see that the cracks on the jade disk were disappearing!

Not long after, Rong Xius well-defined fingers tapped gently, and the golden flames instantly flew back!

A jade disk floated quietly in the air.

The cracks on it were all gone—it was as smooth as a new and perfect one!

Rong Xiu stood up and put the jade disk in his hand.

Only then did he look up at Miao Yang with a smile on his face.

“Clan Leader Miao Yang, it wasnt disappointing.”

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