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Chapter 261: Danger Lurking Everywhere

The heavenly doctor competitions duration was the same as the Xuan Master competition, and they both lasted for a day.

But to the spectators, the heavenly doctor competition was much more interesting.

For the Xuan Master competition, every Xuan Master had to solve the Xuan formations on the chessboards in front of them, and this would take several hours.

Most people did not understand Xuan formations, so the competition would be more boring for them.

However, the heavenly doctor competition was different.

Every competitor had a cauldron in front of them, and they would extract the different herbs in the cauldron before merging them together—which was also the competitions highlight.

During this process, many people could directly differentiate the weak and strong heavenly doctors in the competition.

Hence, most of the spectators would watch on with much interest.

But these people did not include Chu Liuyue.

Out of all the competitors, only five people chose theadvanced formula.

This also meant that barely a few of them had the ability to produce pills.

Also, these five people might not actually be able to produce the pill.

There was no need to mention the remaining competitors.

Heavenly doctors were about the same if they couldnt produce pills.

Some people were not able to produce pills for their entire lives, so they could only be a physician forever.

They could not truly step into the heavenly doctor world.

Upon taking a closer look at the ingredients they were using, Chu Liuyue could already roughly guess the three medical formulas.

This made the competition even more boring.

Tuan Zi sat on her shoulders, and its head kept drooping as if it were sleeping.

Chu Liuyue hugged Tuan Zi in her arms, and it comfortably huddled into a ball as it drifted to sleep.

“Hey, Liuyue, your blood ferret is amazing! Where did you get it” Curiosity filled Si Yangs face.

“Many people went to buy blood ferrets these few days, and there arent enough blood ferrets in the entire Imperial City! But I think none of those blood ferrets can compare to yours!”

As the weakest third-grade fiend, blood ferrets were not in high demand.

At most, some aristocratic children would buy them as pets.

But blood ferrets were very hard to find, and they were very expensive.

It was not worth it to buy them.

Hence, very few people bought them as pets.

Tuan Zi became famous from one battle, and it instantly made blood ferrets popular.

Chu Liuyue raised her brows, and her palm lightly touched Tuan Zis tail.

The small little ball is really cute.

When looking at Tuan Zi like this, it really isnt different from other blood ferrets.

However, Tuan Zi is the most special one!

“I picked it up at Wan Ling Mountain.”

“What” Si Yang was stunned. She didnt spend any money and found such a treasure

“Your luck is too good!” His entire face contorted.

“Why dont these good things happen to me”

Chu Liuyue looked at him coldly.

“You didnt get surrounded and attacked by fiends.

Your luck is pretty good.”

Si Yang was speechless.

“Liuyue, Liuyue” A familiar voice was suddenly heard from the side while the two of them were talking.

Chu Liuyue turned around to take a look and saw that Zuo Rong was beside them.


Zuo Rong, how can I help you”

Zuo Rong gestured for her to come over.

Chu Liuyue stood up and walked to Zuo Rong.

Seeing that not many people were paying attention to them, Zuo Rong lowered his voice and asked, “Liuyue, are you really not participating in the heavenly doctor competition”

Seeing Zuo Rongs careful and expectant behavior, Chu Liuyue could not help but laugh.

“You came here to look for me because of this I didnt sign up for the competition, so I wont join it.”

It was most likely that Zuo Rong had high hopes for her because she gave that formula to Heavenly Pharmacy previously.

It is a pity that she isnt interested in it.

Looking at Chu Liuyues nonchalant appearance, it seemed like she had really made up her mind.

Zuo Rong could not help but feel regret.

“If you join…”

He believed that Chu Liuyues talent as a heavenly doctor was definitely outstanding.

However, she had always maintained a low profile regarding this.

He tried to convince her for a while longer, but he could only give up when he saw that Chu Liuyue really had no interest in it.

“… Okay then! Since you dont want to join, others cant force you.

If you still need any more herbs later on, just go to Heavenly Pharmacy and take them.”

Chu Liuyue thanked him with a smile, but she thought in her heart: Though I can take ordinary herbs from Heavenly Pharmacy, it is more convenient to take the special herbs from Zhen Bao Pavilion.

She turned around after Zuo Rong left, planning to return to her seat.

However, she suddenly froze.

Chu Liuyue had just felt a very dangerous gaze sweep past her.

She immediately became alert as her gaze quickly darted across her surroundings.

However, the harsh and dangerous aura quickly disappeared.

She looked around for quite a while but did not detect any strange happenings.

“Liuyue, whats the matter with you” Zuo Rong saw how Chu Liuyue turned around to leave but had suddenly stopped there. Did this girl suddenly change her mind

Chu Liuyue turned around and smiled at him.

“Nothing much.”

Then, she returned to her seat.

Her expression looked normal from the start till the end.

This insignificant event also did not attract anyones attention.

But Chu Liuyues body was still tense even after she sat down on her seat.

Her gaze also gradually became cold.

My intuition should not be wrong.

That frightening murderous intent indeed was directed at me! Chu Liuyue estimated that the other party must be very strong! For someone to exude such a suffocating suppression… That person must be a stage-six warrior at least! But who could it be

Even though she had offended quite a few people during this period, one had to know that a stage-six warrior had never appeared in the entire Country Yao Chen before!

Chu Liuyue slowly caressed Tuan Zi as a thought flashed across her mind. Hang on! I forgot that I had a hidden enemy—the one that poisoned Liao Zhongshu!

Chu Liuyue never knew when she had offended such a mysterious and formidable person.

The other party had set a lot of traps in secret and was waiting for Chu Liuyue to fall into them before completely killing her.

Perhaps… the mastermind came to this Qing Jiao Competition Upon thinking of this, Chu Liuyues gaze could not help but shift toward Chu Xianmin.

Chu Xianmin did not sit beside Rong Jin; she was sitting in Tian Lu Academys area instead.

Even though she had already married the Crown Prince and was serving Rong Jin personally, she had no right to sit beside Rong Jin on such an occasion since she was a concubine.

Chu Xianmin seemed to notice something and looked up.

Their eyes met.

Chu Xianmin could not help but shiver.

For some reason, she always felt that Chu Liuyues pair of eyes could see through everything.

Chu Xianmin almost touched her neck instinctively.

The wound left by the dagger had already formed a scab, and it was very rough to the touch.

Every single moment, it reminded her of how horrifying Chu Liuyue was.

She anxiously shifted her gaze.

Chu Liuyue squinted her eyes. Considering Chu Xianmins reaction, there seems to be something amiss…

Chu Liuyue pretended to look at her surroundings casually, but she made no discovery.

At this point, a low boom was heard from the arena.



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