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Chapter 492: I Recognize Your Name

Chu Liuyue herself was also quite surprised when she said that.

She wasnt a sympathetic type of person; she was harsh, swift, and decisive most of the time.

But for some reason, she also felt upset when she saw Qiang Wanzhous lonely expression when he said that sentence.

This feeling was very rare.

She never willingly interacted with people unrelated to her in case she attracted trouble, but Qiang Wanzhou seemed to be different.

“Really” Qiang Wanzhou turned around when he heard her reply.

The brown eyes covered by the soft, golden hair were so bright that it seemed like fireworks exploded in them.

Chu Liuyue suddenly didnt feel conflicted anymore as her lips curved up, and she smiled.

“I always make good on my word.

But according to the agreement, you need to be my servant for a month.”

Qiang Wanzhou immediately nodded.


He then stretched out his hand and bent his pinkie.

“Pinkie promise.”

Chu Liuyues eyelids twitched.

“…What are you doing”

Qiang Wanzhou said matter-of-factly, “This is the highest standard of a promise between humans.

Since we have an agreement, you cant go back on it.”

Chu Liuyue was speechless.

Seeing Qiang Wanzhous convinced appearance, Chu Liuyue suddenly thought of something.

“That person taught you this too”

As expected, the youngster nodded.

“Before this, I had made a promise with only her.

Youre the second one.”

Why does this sound like he looks up to me, and thats why hes willing to hook pinkies with me Chu Liuyues eyes turned as she calmly stretched out her pinkie and hooked it with his.

The youngsters hand was actually as cold as ice.

Chu Liuyue looked at him silently. Its no wonder he said he needed the fire seed to live.

This youngster looks the same as others, but his internal organs have already been infiltrated by the harsh and sinister aura.

Most of his bodily force has already been frozen.

Even in this situation, he still has such strong combat power.

I really dont know how shocking his true standards will be…

“Come over.” After hooking pinkies, Chu Liuyue curled her finger toward him.

Qiang Wanzhou leaned toward her in confusion.

When he got closer, Chu Liuyue finally saw his appearance clearly, and she was dazed.

This was actually a very intricate and beautiful youngster.

His skin was very white, the kind that reflected light.

The pair of brown eyes under his golden hair was cold and arrogant but pure and clean like the snow piled up on a mountain.

He had a high nose, and his lips were as pretty as a rose petal, which curled up naturally.

His sharp chin also made him look more like a pure youngster.

If it werent for his skeleton and body structure that looked unquestionably like a young man, Chu Liuyue would almost suspect that this was a charming young woman.

Chu Liuyue raised her hand and messed up his golden hair.

Qiang Wanzhou was first dazed before he knitted his brows.

“What are you doing”

Looking at his messy appearance, Chu Liuyue smiled and wagged her pinkie.

“Since we already made a promise, then its effective, right Today is the first day that youre my servant.”

In other words, a servant must have a servants instincts.

So what was the big deal of ruffling his hair

Qiang Wanzhou stared at her for a while, and a tinge of anger seemed to flash across his pretty eyes.

But in the end, he didnt say anything as he turned around and sat up straight.

After a while, he coldly said, “Yes, I understand.”

Chu Liuyue almost burst out laughing. This Qiang Wanzhou seems like hes nonchalant and distant, but in actual fact, its very easy to coax him.

She now started to understand why that person would purposely use small lies to trick him.

Thinking of this, Chu Liuyues last bit of conflict completely disappeared. Coincidentally, Im alone and have no help in Xi Ling, so its good that I have another helper.

Not to mention others, but Qiang Wanzhous talent is pretty strong.

His current cultivation level should be a peak stage-five warrior.

According to his age, he can be considered an outstanding genius.

“Where are you from” asked Chu Liuyue.

“Nan Jiang.”

“Nan Jiang! Tianling Dynastys Nan Jiang!” Chu Liuyue widened her eyes.

Seeing Qiang Wanzhou nod, Chu Liuyue was even more shocked in her heart.

The Tianling Dynasty had a total of four regions, and they were all deserted islands.

Amongst them, Nan Jiang had the fewest people.

That place was filled with marshes, and poisonous items permeated throughout the air.

Normally, a cultivator who went there would just die.

He actually came from there!

“Who… brought you here”

This person went all the way to Nan Jiang to bring a cultivator with a Dijing Yuan meridian back.

This is too…

“Nobody brought me here,” said Qiang Wanzhou.

“I lived in Nan Jiang since I was young, but I came here because the lake started drying up.”

Chu Liuyues eyes widened, and her mouth was agape.

Seeing that she didnt speak, Qiang Wanzhou added, “Until today, it has been five whole months.”

Chu Liuyue took a long while to recover her senses.

“This means that you came to Xi Ling alone from Nan Jiangs Qian Wei Lake”

Qiang Wanzhou nodded.

Chu Liuyue was even more stunned. What kind of person is this A person in their teens can actually walk out of Nan Jiang on their own and journey thousands of miles to come to Xi Ling!

An idea suddenly popped up in her head.

“Y-you came to Xi Ling to find that person”

As expected, Qiang Wanzhou gave an affirmative answer.


This reply was much more determined and serious than before.

Chu Liuyue asked hesitantly, “But every competitor requires someone to bring them over.

Who… Who brought you to sign up at Xin Li Garden”

Given Qiang Wanzhous behavior, how could he have gone there on his own

Qiang Wanzhou knitted his brows.

“I think that person is called Yu Minhan.

I dont know him, but he told me that if I join the Wan Zheng Competition and take first place, Ill become famous and be able to find the person I want to find.”

Chu Liuyue instantly understood. That person called Yu Minhan mustve discovered Qiang Wanzhous talent, so he purposely pulled him in and lied to him to join the Wan Zheng Competition.

Qiang Wanzhou came from Nan Jiang and isnt very experienced with the world, so he naturally agreed when he heard that he could find the person he was looking for.

“Do you know what clan that Yu Minhan is from”

Qiang Wanzhous gaze focused, and he shook his head.

“I didnt ask.”

Chu Liuyue was speechless. This child is so honest.

He didnt even find out about the other persons identity, yet he crossed the Rubicon.

“When you signed up, he shouldve written his name and clan.

Did you not notice”

Qiang Wanzhou suddenly fell silent.

The strands of golden hair fell down and covered his eyes.

However, Chu Liuyue saw embarrassment for some reason.

His fingers slightly curled, and after some time, he said, “Im illiterate.”

Chu Liuyue reacted and thought that she was silly. Qiang Wanzhou has grown up in a place like Nan Jiang, and its very difficult for him to live until now.

Of course, he had no chance to learn how to read and write.

But when she was thinking of how to comfort him, Qiang Wanzhou suddenly raised his head and pointed at the black marble board.

“But I recognize your name—Yue.”

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