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Chapter 751: Come Back!

The golden light wrapped around Chu Liuyue, and the terrifying force was instantly separated outside.

Chu Liuyue was stunned.

“Is this… a crystal barrier”

She could feel that this was the strength from a crystal barrier, but why did the silver color become golden

Besides, crystal barriers had always been circular-shaped.

Chu Liuyue had never seen one that formed a protective layer according to the body shape.

Rather than saying its a barrier, it should be… Armor! Right, its armor! Given how its sticking close to the body….

Other than it not being an actual thing, its not too different from armor. Once this thought flashed across Chu Liuyues mind, she saw the golden glow on her arms suddenly manifesting.

She didnt notice it at first, but when she saw the strange patterns surfacing, she finally realized that something was amiss. Why does this pattern look familiar…

Chu Liuyue stared at it for a while and then glanced at her surroundings.

She then indeed discovered that the golden light was solidifying in other areas from top to bottom!

A ray of silver light suddenly flashed across her chest.

Chu Liuyue lowered her head, and her eyelids harshly twitched—a protective plate had suddenly appeared in front of her chest!

She blinked, and disbelief overwhelmed her heart. This is… This…

As if to confirm her guess, the surrounding golden rays started solidifying even quicker.

Not long later, they completely formed the appearance of armor.

This armor wasnt brand new, and there were many scratches on it.

It seemed like it had gone through numerous intense struggles.

The faint golden light was warm and real, thick and heavy.

It perfectly stuck to Chu Liuyues body as if it were specifically made for her, bringing out her perfect curves.

Chu Liuyue was dazed for a while as she looked at the armor that suddenly appeared on her body and held in her breath.

There seemed to be blood overwhelming her ears as they started beating wildly like a heart.

Chu Liuyues breathing became intense, and her entire person seemed to be ignited as her cheeks burned while her eyes sparkled like the dazzling night sky. Pure gold armor! This really is the pure gold armor! I thought that it was already taken away by Shangguan Wan, but I didnt expect it to appear here on my body!

Stars shone in front of her.

Chu Liuyue looked up.

The countless rays of golden light gathered and finally formed a helmet—it was the pure gold armors helmet!

Chu Liuyues heart was about to jump out of her chest! She stretched out her hand gradually and held the helmet.

It was cold to the touch, but it had a tinge of heat.

The extremely bright light slid across the top of the helmet, and then the light was as bright as a fire as it illuminated the pure gold armor on her.

At that moment, everything was clear as if the wind blew the clouds away.

The pure gold armor glowing with an ancient color started becoming brighter at an observable speed.

It was as if a layer of dust was wiped away from it, thus revealing its original color and light!

The pure gold armor recognized a master again!

Chu Liuyue had never expected that the pure gold armor would return to her in such a manner! At that moment, countless thoughts flashed across her mind. The pure gold armor didnt recognize Shangguan Wan as its new master most likely because my soul was still around.

But… How did it come here

Chu Liuyue recalled the previous scenario and was suddenly stunned. Could it… really be related to that crystal barrier

Thinking of this, she tried to summon the crystal barrier.

The pure gold armor shone brilliantly, and it gradually became transparent! It was like a layer of transparent and colorless soft armor that perfectly covered Chu Liuyue.

Only when one took a closer look could one see the faint and intricate patterns on it.

This is a crystal barrier, but its also the pure gold armor! It seems like… Its like the crystal barrier changed after it met the pure gold armor! These two invisibly merged into one and finally appeared in front of me in such a manner! Chu Liuyues heart shook.

A scene suddenly surfaced in her mind.

The day before I left Country Yao Chen, I played chess with Rong Xiu and told him that I was about to leave and head for the Tianling Dynasty.

Rong Xiu told me that the crystal barrier he previously gave me was damaged, so he gave me another one.

Back then, I didnt pay much attention to it because the second crystal barrier was exactly the same as the first one! On the outside, they didnt look any different.

It was only until I reached Xi Ling, joined the Wan Zheng Competition, and entered the Tianling God Realm that I realized that this crystal barrier seemed different—its defensive powers were extraordinary.

Even though I was curious at the time, the situation was urgent, so I didnt think much about it.

Later on, I gradually forgot about this incident.

If it werent for this crystal barrier appearing on its own and protecting me, I might not even remember this items existence.

Now that I think about it, there was already something wrong since the start—what kind of Yuan instrument can easily defend against the Long Yuan Swords sword aura Even though crystal barriers are split into varying grades, this kind of ability is too shocking! Even though Ive seen the best crystal barrier in my previous life, I might not even be able to do this!

“Rong Xiu…” muttered Chu Liuyue softly, and her gaze was complicated.

A bold thought then suddenly surfaced in her mind. Does Rong Xiu… know something!

Tens of thousands of kilometers away.

Two people sat opposite each other in the room.


36 Respected Elder Ming placed the last piece down.

On the chessboard, victory was finally determined after an intense killing between the black and white pieces.

36 Respected Elder Mings eyes lit up.

“Hehe! Ive finally won against you this time, Your Highness!”

Rong Xiu placed the chess piece in his hand back to the container, looked up, and smiled slightly.

“Respected Elder, your skills are amazing, and I lost fair and square.”

He said it nonchalantly as if he had already expected this ending.

36 Respected Elder Ming was originally laughing and stroking his beard.

However, his heart skipped a beat, and he accidentally pulled off three strands of his white beard when he saw Rong Xius expression.

“Y-you—Your Highness, did you purposely let me win”

Rong Xiu raised his sharp brows.


I was thinking too much, so I lost this round.”

“Dont pretend! Do you think I cant tell if you let me win” 36 Respected Elder Ming glared at him grumpily.

He had almost never won against Rong Xiu in chess.

After studying so bitterly for so long, he didnt expect that it was still the same outcome.

His elation was discounted, but a thought popped up in his mind.

This ending should be normal, so 36 Respected Elder Ming felt at ease.

“You began learning chess at five, and you rarely had competitors at six.

After you were seven… Even I couldnt win against you! Hmph! After losing for so many years, do you think that I cant afford to lose”

Im long used to it, okay! Rong Xiu let me win in a very obvious manner in the beginning, but later on, he became very good at hiding his skills.

“If you want, you could definitely beat all the chess players in this world!” 36 Respected Elder Ming sighed deeply.

However, Rong Xiu suddenly laughed lightly, and his thin lips curled up.

He leaned against the chair and lazily said, “I might not.”

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