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Night, Palace.

A black figure that looked like a shadow quickly disappeared within Huayang Palace.

This figures movements were silent and quiet, not causing a single wave of force to spread.

Due to this, the figure didnt attract the guards attention.

The moon hung brightly and shone down.

The night was cooling like water, and the surroundings were quiet—so quiet that Shangguan Wan could clearly hear her heart beating wildly.

She held her chest and closely leaned against the door as all the blood in her body seemed to have frozen with a harsh icy aura that stiffened her limbs.

Not daring to breathe loudly, she widened her eyes as blood filled them.

Her forehead was clearly covered with tiny beads of sweat, and her lips were pale.

If someone came in now and saw her in this state, they would definitely think that she had seen a ghost.

Also, her mind was blank. Just now… Just now…

“Just look at you.” A hoarse, icy voice sounded beside her ear and had a tinge of high and mighty mockery and contempt.

“You just absorbed someones Yuan meridian.

Is there a need to behave like this Useless!”

Shangguan Wan swallowed a mouthful of saliva with much difficulty, wanting to suppress her horror but couldnt.

Everything that previously happened replayed clearly in her mind over and over again.

She considered herself a ruthless person, and she had used all sorts of methods to arrive at this point today.

Even when she settled all of those people at the Mystic Forest back then, her expression didnt even change.

But… Even when such a her recalled what happened previously, immense fear still overwhelmed her.

“I, I cant—urgh!” Shangguan Wan still wanted to defend herself.

But the moment she opened her mouth, the intense bloody aura surged up from her stomach and made her almost vomit.

She bent down and gagged for a while until her face flushed red and tears filled her eyes.

It was only then that she got a little better.

But with such a struggle, her entire body seemed to be disjointed as she collapsed on the floor slowly and weakly.

If it werent because a barrier was already set up in this house in advance, her movements would definitely attract people….

A chuckle sounded beside her ear.

“This is just the first day, but youve already become like this.

I think theres no need to continue, right”

“No! No!” Shangguan Wan immediately reacted and hurriedly yelled, “Im fine! I can do it! Ill definitely do whatever you want me to do!”

“You know what you need to do.” After leaving this sentence behind, that voice disappeared.

Shangguan Wan took a few deep breaths and calmed down with much difficulty.

The horror in her eyes gradually dissipated, leaving behind harshness and determination that slowly appeared. I came to this step with much difficulty.

Nobody can stop me!

She endured the disgust in her stomach and swiftly sat down cross-legged.

After that, she placed her hands on her knees, closed her eyes to focus, and started to absorb the Yuan meridian she had swallowed today.

The faint moonlight shone down.

The bloodstains on her hands were almost dry, but there seemed to be meat stuck in between her nails, looking terrifying.

A black symbol gradually appeared on her glabella.

The next morning, the Sky-Soaring Clan said that one of their disciples was missing.

The key point was that this disciple was a talent with a Dijing Yuan meridian that they had just accepted this year.

The Sky-Soaring Clan couldnt compare to top clans like Dragon Tooth Mountain, so they didnt have many talents with a Dijing Yuan meridian.

Therefore, when one suddenly disappeared, it immediately caused quite a huge commotion.

But Xi Ling City had many clans, and the Sky-Soaring Clan was one of the very unassuming ones.

So even if they lost a person, it didnt attract much attention from the rest.

Perhaps they ran away themselves, or they were delayed by something last minute

Even the people from the Sky-Soaring Clan had more positive attitudes and thought that they could quickly find the person.

But after a day and a night, they still didnt find any traces of the disciple.

The people from the Sky-Soaring Clan then realized that something was amiss, so they gathered their strength and started looking for the missing disciple thoroughly.

However, it was to no avail.

That disciple seemed to have disappeared into thin air!

But the more shocking thing was that another disciple from the Sky-Soaring Clan went missing the next day! And… That disciple also had a Dijing Yuan meridian!

One time might be an accident, but two times was definitely done on purpose.

Everyone in Xi Ling City partook in heated discussions.

They all suspected that the Sky-Soaring Clan had offended someone, so the other party took revenge against them in such a manner.

Also, the other party even specifically targeted their most outstanding talents!

This undoubtedly had a huge impact on the Sky-Soaring Clan!

After this, the entire Sky-Soaring Clan became even more guarded.

But two days later, the same thing happened again! The most infuriating thing was that they had set up all sorts of barriers, but the other party seemed to have completely disregarded them as they very easily broke through.

They didnt even know who the culprit was!

After losing so many talented disciples continuously, the Sky-Soaring Clans master finally couldnt take it and entered the palace to ask for help.

The Third Princess sent a team of Black Guards over.

Speaking of which, it was quite weird.

This was because the matter really stopped happening in the Sky-Soaring Clan after the Black Guards went over.

In no time, the Sky-Soaring Clan was very grateful toward the Third Princess.

When the crowd in Xi Ling City heard about this, they all praised her.

As Shangguan Wan didnt successfully retrieve the herbs His Majesty needed, she was criticized quite a fair bit previously.

When the Princess was around, she could calm Dahuang Swamp down.

However, the Third Princess could not even get a few plants back.

In comparison, they were worlds apart! As a result, Shangguan Wans reputation had been implicated to a large extent.

With the Sky-Soaring Clans incident, her reputation had now gotten slightly better.

However, there were still some people silently thinking that she was still different from the Princess back then.

No matter from what aspect, the current Third Princess couldnt compare to the Princess.

However, there was only this one suitable choice to ascend the throne in the Tianling royal family now.

There was nobody else to choose.

If His Majesty was still in a coma, it would be like this in the future…

As all sorts of things happened in Xi Ling, Chu Liuyue and the rest were busy heading toward the Red Moon Desert miles away.

After a period of traveling, the few of them finally arrived at the intersection between the three areas.

Looking over, the golden desert was endless.

The light it reflected when the sun shone down was bright and painful.

The heatwaves boiled, and it almost distorted the area.

Just by standing at the edge, the heat was already unbearable.

If they went in, it would be even scarier.

“All sorts of forces are messily mixed in the Red Moon Desert, and the suppression is extremely strong.

If we travel through the air, it will exhaust our bodies.

Therefore, its better to just walk.” Qin Yi looked at the desert ahead, and a hint of caution could be seen in his eyes.

Tuan Zi had already become palm-sized as it squatted on Chu Liuyues shoulders obediently.

Chu Liuyue nodded.

“Its quite dangerous inside.

Everyone, you must be careful.”

Then, she lifted her legs and walked forward first.

The moment her feet touched the yellow sand, a surprised voice sounded beside her ear.

“Yueer Girlie is back! Hurry up and come out to welcome her!”

Sha sha!

Shoo shoo!

A series of weird noises could be heard coming from all directions in the vast Red Moon Desert!


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