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“He might just treat me as a pitiful person!” Wen Ruoshui smiled self-deprecatingly.

Who would like another person for so long and not confess He definitely only treated her as his younger sister in his heart.

Yes, he had said before that she was like a younger sister to him.

He felt that she was pitiful and resembled a younger sister.

That was why he treated her well!

“Shui Shui, hasnt he confessed to you” Dongfang Chu could not believe it.

That was not right.

If he did not confess, why did he keep following Shui Shui wherever she went What was he after Then, the last time she had looked for him, he had been very determined to not to give up on chasing after Shui Shui because he liked her.

“Why would he confess to me” Wen Ruoshui pretended not to care.

However, Dongfang Chu had been with her for so many years, so how could she not see her emotions Often, the more carefree she appeared, the more she cared in her heart.

She pulled her away.

“You cant do this.

Come home with me to stay.

Otherwise, you can stay with Yuer.”

What she could not stand the most was seeing Shui Shui suffer.

She definitely could not let Yan Yuanfei keep hanging on to her.

Could that bastard have thought that he had Shui Shui in his hands and wanted Shui Shui to confess to him first

There was a saying that went like this: Whoever was the first to fall in love would lose.

Girls could not take the initiative and make men think that they could not leave him.

“Yuer” Wen Ruoshui stopped in her tracks.

“When did she come”

“She just came today.

She said she wanted to give you a surprise and didnt ask me to tell you.” Dongfang Chu took out her phone and took a look.

She muttered gloomily, “Why is it so late Not only did she not come, but she also didnt call me.”

“Could she have encountered some trouble She just returned to the country and is unfamiliar with the place.

Why did you let her run around” Wen Ruoshui took out her phone and called her.

However, Dongfang Chu got through first.

It was a mans voice, and he was quite arrogant.

“This is my friends phone.

What did you do to her” Dongfang Chu frowned, her heart hanging in the air.

What was wrong with Yuer She had promised to come and find them tonight, but not only had she not come, she had also lost her phone.

“Your friend” The mans magnetic voice was teasing.

“Shes in my hands now.

Ill give you two hours.

If you dont come over, Ill get rid of the phone.”

“Who are you Where are you” This was the first time Dongfang Chu had met such an arrogant person.

Her face flushed with anger as she warned him, “Dont touch Yuer.

If you dare touch her, Ill make you die without a burial place.

Well be there immediately.”

What kind of ignorant fool was he He was too arrogant.

Not only had he taken someone elses phone, but he had also dared to threaten them!

“What happened Where is Yuer” Wen Ruoshui was anxious.

Normally, Chu Chu would not be so angry.

Yuer had just arrived.

Could she have gotten into trouble Who had she offended

“I dont know either.

Hes very arrogant.

He said that Yuer is in his hands.” Dongfang Chu took out her phone and called the police.

“He must have kidnapped Yuer.

Just you wait.

Ill teach him a lesson.”

“What if we call the police and he kills the hostage” Wen Ruoshui grabbed her phone.

“Call him again and ask what he wants.”

Dongfang Chu was too agitated just now.

Upon hearing her words, she calmed down and asked him what he wanted first.

However, when she called again, he hung up and did not answer.

“Call the police.” Wen Ruoshui did not know who the other party was, how many people there were, or if they had snatched any weapons.

She was not sure if she could beat them.

The safest way was to call the police and ask them for help.

Dongfang Chu called the police and told them the specific situation.

Then, she rushed to the place the criminal mentioned with Wen Ruoshui.

The two of them had walked over and there was no car.

If Dongfang Chu asked the chauffeur to come over, it would take half an hour.

They might as well take a taxi over.

Just as they had taken two steps.

A black Maybach beside them slowed down.

The car window was winded down, revealing the mans elegant and gentle face.

He was a gentleman.

He looked at Wen Ruoshui.

“Shui Shui.”

Wen Ruoshui stopped in her tracks and looked at the man in the car.

She subconsciously wanted to ask him for help, but she stopped herself.

Yuer was her friend.

How could she trouble him

Dongfang Chu did not think too much about it.

Upon seeing a car arrive, she hurriedly said, “Yan Yuanfei, can you take us to the Changning Wine Factory in the suburbs”

Wen Ruoshuis expression changed slightly, and she wanted to stop her.

“Okay, come up quickly.” Yan Yuanfei could tell from their expressions that something urgent had happened.

Dongfang Chu pulled Wen Ruoshui into the car.

“What happened” Yan Yuanfei looked at Wen Ruoshui.

If he remembered correctly, the Changning Wine Factory had been abandoned for more than ten years.

Something must have happened for the two of them to go there so late at night.

“Our friend was kidnapped by a bad person.

He asked us to go to the winery to find him.” Wen Ruoshui told him everything.

After all, this concerned Yuers safety.

She had thought too much just now.

It was safest to ask him for help.

Her face was not as important as Yuer.

“Weve already called the police.” Wen Ruoshui hurriedly added and looked at him.

“Just drop us at the door later.

Theres no need to trouble yourself.”

“I understand.” Yan Yuanfei knew that she did not want to trouble him.

“Saving someone is very simple for me.

Your friend is my friend.”

According to them, the criminal who kidnapped their friend only asked the two of them to go over and did not ask for ransom.

It was not for money.

The car sped along the road.

Yan Yuanfei was afraid that something would happen if he was late.

He, who never liked to use his privileges, got someone to control the traffic and ensure that the road was smooth.

In order to ensure that they caught the criminals, the police sent special police officers over.

The troops there would cooperate during the mission.

Wen Ruoshui and Dongfang Chu finally felt a little relieved.

They had called the criminal countless times, but he had hung up the first few times.

Later, he had switched off his phone.

“Dont worry, your friend will be fine,” Yan Yuanfei comforted them.

The girl, who had just returned to China, had been kidnapped.

Such a horrible thing had happened in the political and economic center of China because they had not done their duty to protect the citizens.

The car was very fast.

An hour later, it stopped at the entrance of the wine factory.

Yan Yuanfei walked in front.

Dongfang Chu held Wen Ruoshuis hand and walked behind him.

Her attitude towards Yan Yuanfei had changed a lot.

He was just a normal man.

When he encountered such a situation, he would help without hesitation.

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