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The news of Chu Kuangren defeating all the sky-prides and Prodigies had spread across the Interstellar Arena, shocking countless sky-prides.

An Immortal Halls Imperial Commander in violet robes was watching the replay of Chu Kuangrens battle with Buddhas Sword and the others through the Vision Recording Rock.

The Holy Violet Imperial Commanders expression turned bitter as he watched Chu Kuangren slaughter his opponents.

“I didnt expect Chu Kuangren to be this powerful.

With my current strength, I might not have the confidence in winning even if I run into him.”

He actually planned to ambush Chu Kuangren during the battle because the latter had killed a few of the Immortal Halls Heavenly Champion sky-prides.

Yet now, it seemed like he had underestimated his opponent.

Based on what the replay showed him, if he could be Chu Kuangrens opponent, he might not even be able to match his strength, let alone ambush and kill him.

Perhaps he should thank the Buddhas Sword and the others for testing out Chu Kuangrens strength for him.

If he ambushed Chu Kuangren foolishly, he would have found himself at a disadvantage, and he might even have died in the battle with Chu Kuangren.

“It seems like I have to plan this meticulously,” the Holy Violet Imperial Commander murmured.

All of a sudden, he sensed something and looked into the distant galaxy.

He saw a pillar of fire bursting out from a certain planet, followed by a phoenixs cry that shook the universe.

“This energy… Its great! There must be some powerful Opportunity of Fortune there.

Could it be the Phoenixs Nest”

The Phoenixs Nest was an ancient force in the Immortal World, and its influence and the resources it possessed were only one step shy of that of the Immortal Hall.

The Holy Violet Imperial Commander had always paid close attention to the sky-prides and Prodigies of that force.

“I should probably go and have a look,” he said.

With that, his figure flashed and disappeared from the spot.

In fact, not only the Holy Violet Imperial Commander, but the emergence of the Godly Phoenixs inheritance caused quite the commotion and attracted all the sky-prides nearby.

In a certain corner of the Interstellar Arena, a figure was enveloped in Buddhist Light.

It was a lady in white, surrounded by holy and pure Buddhist light.

She was as beautiful as a Bodhisattva.

The lady Bodhisattva had a Vision Recording Rock, which was also playing the battle with Chu Kuangren.

She frowned when she saw Chu Kuangren slaughter the Buddhas Sword and the others.

“This person is so powerful that he might not meet his match in this Interstellar Arena.

Even I might face difficulties in trying to match him.

However, he has killed two Buddhist disciples from the Buddhist world, and I heard he also possesses the Papiyas Might, making him an enemy of Buddha… I have to come up with a solution to deal with him.”

Firelight suddenly shot up into the sky.

The lady Bodhisattva stared at the burst of light and murmured, “The inheritance of the Godly Phoenix Lets go have a look.”

On the other hand, a man in crimson armor was refining an Immortal Herb on a certain ancient planet.

The man with the domineering energy presence wielded a red spear, and every move he made released scorching heat that could burn heaven and earth.

More importantly, the man had red hair and a pair of dragon horns.

He was from the Dragon Tribe!

Judging from his crimson hair, he should be from the Crimson Dragon Tribe that wielded the power of fire.

The crimson dragon opened his eyes and stared in the direction of the burst of light.

Surprised, he said, “Oh The emergence of the Godly Phoenixs inheritance I didnt expect the Phoenixs Nest to beat the Dragon Tribes great ones in revealing its inheritance.

I wonder which sky-pride is lucky enough to acquire the Phoenixs Nest inheritance”

He pondered as he flew toward the source of the phoenix cry.

“Who Who is it How is someone faster than me in acquiring the inheritance of the Phoenix great one!”

On another ancient planet, a beautiful lady cultivator reacted coldly to the burst of light.

The ladys name was Huang Yuyi, one of the Prodigies of Phoenixs Nest.

She came to the Interstellar Arena to train and also search for the inheritance of the Pheonixs Nest great ones.

However, she did not expect that someone else had beaten her at finding the inheritance.

“Phoenix Maiden, weve contacted the rest of the sky-prides and confirmed that none of them have acquired the inheritance,” said one of the Phoenix Maidens who came with the status update.

“Its not one of ours who got the inheritance In that case, who could it be Someone from another tribe” A cold gleam flashed across Huang Yuyis eyes.

She could not allow someone other than the Phoenixs Nest to stain the inheritance of the Phoenix Tribes great ones.

“Go! I want to know who has the nerve to snatch my inheritance!”

Huang Yuyi believed she was the only one in the whole Interstellar Arena worthy enough to acquire the inheritance.

Even if she did not get it directly from the great one, she could snatch it.

Back at Heavenly Celeste Star, Chu Kuangren had just come out of closed-door meditation.

His cultivation level remained the same, but his aura had become even more unpredictable.

Even Ye Zhu, a Prodigy, was scared of him.

“Brother Chu, what state have you achieved”

At that thought, the battle intent in his bones was growing restless.

Moreover, Chu Kuangren also possessed the Green Leaf Sword Vision, so he was curious to know the difference between them.

“Brother Ye, cant hold back anymore, huh”

Chu Kuangren sensed his battle intent and curled his lips into a smile.


May I have the chance to spar with you”

“If Brother Ye is in the mood for it, of course, Ill spar with you.” Chu Kuangren smiled.

Cao Yun, Wang Chentian, and the others from the Three Clarity Daoist Sect were intrigued.

Both Chu Kuangren and Ye Zhu possessed the Green Leaf Sword Vision.

With them both having one of the Honorable Supreme Immortal Physique, everyone wanted to know what would happen if the two of them fought.

On a spacious ground at the Sword Immortals Tomb were two giant swords erected from the ground — one black and one white.

The two swords trembled violently as two figures descended above the hilt respectively, emanating a vast sword qi.

They were Chu Kuangren and Ye Zhu.

The sword qi they released affected more than half of the Sword Immortals Tomb.

Countless other sword cultivators were excited when they sensed the battle between the two of them.

“Oh my gosh! Two hosts of the Green Leaf Sword Vision are going to fight This has never happened before!”

“Yeah! The Honorable Supreme Immortal Physique is rare even in the old times.

Its even rarer to have two of the same Immortal Physique exist in our times!”

“The battle between the two Honorable Supreme Immortal Physiques will be a battle worthy to be written in history books!”

With that, all the sword cultivators gathered to watch the battle.

Chu Kuangren and Ye Chu stared at each other on top of the giant swords.

One of them looked calm, while the other looked motivated.

That was not their first spar.

When Shang Honghua was bullied by the Three Clarity Daoist Sect, Chu Kuangren challenged the Heavenly Champions of the sect and was paired with Ye Zhu.

However, the two of them were not as strong back then as they were now.

Considering that, this battle would be greater and more earth-shattering than the previous one.

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