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Chapter 1012: Revenge

“My wife will carry the child, and I will drive the car.

We will chase after her and return the child to her.

She will raise her own son.

No one in this world owes her anything,” Lu Xingzhi said as he walked to the car.

When Jiang Yao carried the child into the car, he started the car and left the barracks.

Jiang Yao looked at the child in her arms, who was crying so hard that he was almost out of strength.

She sighed helplessly.

The child was probably hungry.

Chen Lanying was too cruel.

First, she had wanted to kill the child, and then she did not even feed him any milk.

She even left him at the entrance of the army barracks in the cold and alone.

“Who else knew that you pretended to be injured” Jiang Yao asked.

“Chen Lanying is accusing you of being unscrupulous to get her to break off the engagement so that you could marry me.”

“Only our family knows about that,” Lu Xingzhi said with a gloomy face.

“When I saw Chen Lanying during the day, I didnt think she knew anything about it,” Jiang Yao said.

“Maybe someone told her after that.”

Jiang Yao observed Lu Xingzhis expression and continued to say, “Would you believe me if I said that it might be Chen Feitang”

“Did you meet Chen Feitang during the day” Lu Xingzhi asked Jiang Yao as he focused his attention on the road.

“Mrs Yang took us to a noodle shop during the day, and we met in the windbreak shelter.

At that time, Chen Lanying was arguing with her husband.

Later, she argued with me.

Chen Feitang remained silent at the corner the entire time.

However, Chen Lanyings words were too extreme.

I got angry, and I left the noodle shop with Mrs Lin and the others and went somewhere else.”

Jiang Yao thought about it for a moment.

Then, she continued to say, “During the selection process for the special forces, you eliminated Chen Feitang first.

Its normal for her to hold a grudge against you.

I heard that Chen Feitang is going to get engaged after the New Year.

She definitely doesnt have much love for you now.

Anyone would want to take revenge.

If she has the heart to do something, and she happens to meet Chen Lanying, dont you think she would mislead Chen Lanying and lure her into saying that to the soldiers on duty”

“Then thats it.” Lu Xingzhi did not need to overthink to believe that it had something to do with Chen Feitang.

The three of them had met coincidentally in the morning, and Chen Lanying was at the army to say all ambiguous words in the evening.

“Chen Lanying would not have found out if I were seriously injured, but Chen Feitang might have known about it.

Chen Feitang and Chen Lanying said that it was entirely possible that I was not injured at that time.” Lu Xingzhis tone got colder and harsher toward the end of his sentence.

Chen Feitangs name rolled gently on his lips, but he did not make a sound.

Instead, he gave a silent sneer.

Lu Xingzhi drove to the intersection that led to Jin City, but he did not see Chen Lanying.

Jiang Yao hugged the child who had cried himself to sleep as she looked at the lights of the houses on the roadside.

Suddenly, she felt sad for the child in her arms.

“Its late at night, and its cold outside.

Its impossible for a woman like Chen Lanying to take the small paths in the mountains back to the city.

It has only been a few minutes.

We should have caught up with her when were driving.

It means that she might have come here by car.”

“Chen Feitang might have driven her.

Without someone to lead the way, it would not be so easy for Chen Lanying to find the main entrance.

There are so many forks on the road, and she did not get lost or take the wrong path.

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