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Chapter 1046: The Perfect Timing

With that precedent, Old Master Chen would keep a closer eye on Chen Feitang.

As long as the old man was around, Chen Feitang would not be able to turn the tables.

Old Master Chen was in good health; he would live a few more years.

No one would know if Chen Feitang would still enjoy the same power and connections she had at that time.

“Third Brother, that is a pretty neat trick.” After Zhou Weiqi heard it, he complimented Lu Xingzhi sincerely.

“You have such a good ability to adapt when no one is convinced.

Let Chen Feitang bear the consequences of her own actions.”

“The Chen family will bring Chen Lanying to the army to apologize to me tomorrow.

Its best to let her clarify the rumors herself.” Lu Xingzhi reached out and pinched Jiang Yaos palm.

“I promise, my dear, this wont happen a second time.”

“Well, you only have one ex-fiancee—Chen Lanying.

I guess there shouldnt be a second.” Jiang Yao nodded; she believed him.

However, that ex-fiancee had made Lu Xingzhi feel stifled.

If he had known that he could marry Jiang Yao, would he have agreed so casually just because he wanted to deal with his family

“The woman agreed to get engaged without even meeting Third Brother; can we even call her an ex-fiancee What kind of fiancee is that This will only happen with the lu family.” Zhou Weiqi knew that Lu Xingzhi felt stifled, so he wanted to lighten the mood.

“Regardless of whether theyve met before or not, your third brother is now a second-hand thing.” Jiang Yao smiled wickedly.

“Ive been wrongly accused.”

A second-hand thing…

The sentence filled Lu Xingzhis heart with dread, but he could not refute it.

His wifes first relationship and engagement were with him.

However, before he was with Jiang Yao, he did have something to do with Chen Lanying.

It made sense to say that he was a second-hand thing.

“Even if Third Brother is second-hand, he is definitely a good second-hand thing.

Not only is he handsome, but he also loves his wife.” Even though Zhou Weiqi wanted to see Lu Xingzhi make a fool of himself, he thought about it and realized that if he did laugh, there was no guarantee that his third brother would not turn hostile and kill him mercilessly.

Therefore, he decided to put in a good word for the man.

“You made a late entrance, Jiang Yao.

If you had appeared earlier, Third Brother would have definitely decided on you a long time ago.”

“I was only 18 years old, and he had already decided on me.

How could it be any earlier If it were any earlier, he would have been a monster!” Jiang Yao got more worked up as she spoke.

“If it were any earlier, he definitely wouldnt have been able to marry me.”

Jiang Yao was very sure about that.

If Lu Xingzhi had gone to her house with a marriage proposal when she was 16 years old, her parents would have booted him from their house.

She might even hate him; they might think that he was only targeting young girls.

Therefore, Lu Xingzhi had waited before he went to the Jiang family with a marriage proposal.

Lu Xingzhi could hear the tease in Jiang Yaos words, so he did not overthink it.

However, it was very late, so he told Zhou Weiqi to go to bed.

Then, he took Jiang Yaos hand and led her to the room.

After he closed the door, Lu Xingzhi pulled Jiang Yao into his arms.

He had not hugged her because Zhou Weiqi was there.

Since they were the only ones in the room, he could hug her as much as he wanted.

Jiang Yao buried her face in Lu Xingzhis chest and rubbed against him.

She let him hug her and enjoyed that quiet and warm moment.

That man was there because he wanted to accompany her for such a short period.

He would rather return to the army the next morning than wait for her alone at home.

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