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Chapter 1091: The Woman Was The Most Innocent One

“Have you looked for her Do you know where the womans home was A woman who left her husband would go home,” Jiang Yao said.

“I dont know where to look for her.

I heard that she came from Province A, but the exact address was not easy to find.

Furthermore, Province A is so big.

Where would I find her The fool did go to Province A in the beginning.

I heard that he searched many places for more than a month before he came back penniless.

After he was back, he waited outside his house every day.

He did not go anywhere and did not do any work.

Later, he ran to the train station and the bus station to wait for her.

He spent his time back and forth between the train station and the bus station.

At that time, he even knew that he had to go home at night.

After a long time, he slept at the bus station and did not go home.

Then, he gradually became like that.

He ignored everyone as if he did not even recognize his own mother.”

After Lu Xiaoxiao said that, she shrugged.

“That is the story of the fool and his mother.

Do you still think that hes pitiful I believe that the child who was buried alive was the pitiful one.

What was wrong with the child She was so young, yet she had to endure the pain of being buried alive.

That was even crueler than feeding the child a bowl of rat poison.”

“Ive seen people give their daughters away because they didnt want them.

Its really rare for someone to bury their daughter alive,” Jiang Yao said.

“It seems that they really did deserve it.”

“That old woman is also a woman, and she despises her granddaughter Had she not been a young girl” Lu Xiaoxiao said, “My friend said that a neighbor once asked that old woman to help with a babys delivery.

When she saw that it was a baby girl, she asked the neighbor if she still wanted the umbilical cord cut or if they should just let the baby die on her own Later, they did not ask the old woman to help with any other deliveries.

They were afraid that the old woman would instigate the other mothers-in-law to kill their granddaughters.”

“Those kinds of people are very rare.”

Lu Yuqing knew why Lu Xiaoxiao hated those who preferred sons over daughters.

It was because Lu Xiaoxiao was her fathers only daughter.

Ever since Lu Xiaoxiaos mother died, countless people mentioned that it was a pity that she was a girl, and they always said it in front of Lu Xiaoxiao.

Then, they also urged her father to remarry so that he would have a son to carry on the family line.

When Lu Xiaoxiao was young, she had been afraid that her father would find a stepmother for her.

Then, her stepmother might give birth to a younger brother.

After that, she would no longer have anything to do with that family.

“That fool did love his wife very much.

He also suffered a great blow because of his wifes departure.

However, that was what he deserved.

He asked for it.

When the old woman said that she wanted to throw the child away, he should have been a little tougher to protect the child.

His wife could not endure her daughters murder, and so she left that family.

He was too foolish to know how to love his daughter.” Jiang Yao curled her lips.

“He is not worthy of our sympathy.

His wife and child were the innocent ones.

His wife did not even hesitate to make a decision with her family to marry him.

She should have been able to rely on him.

If he did not know how to protect his wife and child, then they would have no one else to support them in this world.”

After they listened to what Lu Xiaoxiao had said, everyone understood why she would say that the fool and his mother deserved it.

It was karma.

Everyone had to face the consequences of what they did.

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